I'm Sober.

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Nicole spars with Quinn, Will receives a gift from EJ, and Abe is shocked with another of EJ's dirty tricks.

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Brady massages Madison at Intensity spa, when the masseuse is late. Quinn gives them a discount and says the masseuse will be there soon. Madison shows him out, locks the door and rips off Brady's towel. She gives him a sexy massage and they make out.

At Alice's, Hope and Bo show Jenn the key to the safe deposit box listed under A Grayson. Jenn's astounded that Gran kept these secrets from them for years. "It's not her." Bo lets Abe in for his strategy session with Jenn. The men go off and Jenn talks about double-dating Daniel and Jack and how it didn't work out. She's "fickle." Jenn wishes her relationship could be easy like Hope and Bo's. Hope snorts. It's not easy and relationships aren't perfect. She confesses she and Bo are in therapy. Jenn's eyes widen. Hope talks about how hard it is drudging up old memories. Bo and Hope leave and Abe and Jenn get down to work.


EJ urges Nicole to get into Intensity for her self-defense class. She's reluctant. He wants her to keep an eye on Quinn. She doesn't like that idea but he wants her to watch his investment. Back at the spa, Nicole isn't happy that Quinn's her instructor. He tells her he's seeing a therapist and is trying to make a decent life. Nicole rolls her eyes and they start kick-boxing. A robed Brady bumps into Nicole by the water cooler later. She thinks there's something different about him. "I'm sober." They laugh and Madison interrupts. Brady goes to find fruit and Nicole is glad Brady's with someone who makes him happy. Madison's face falls. Brady returns and Madison returns to her room. Nicole and Brady say they like her. Brady thinks Nicole looks happy. She's thankful he hasn't made a crack about EJ. He's showing restraint. She makes him zip his mouth. Brady goes back to Madison. They ponder her job offer from Victor, flirt and start kissing. In the lobby, Nicole and Quinn spar. She does well and he compliments her. She decides he may have changed.


Rafe and Sami meet at the square for lunch, happy they don't have to brown bag it. They share their happiness with their jobs and bosses. "I have my eyes wide open about this," Sami says. Sami tells Rafe she loves him and becomes uncomfortable when she sees EJ nearby. They discuss work, Will and Rafe's job offer from Abe. They part ways. Will arrives and finds his contact. The man hands over the envelope and leaves without a word.


At the pub, Will is annoyed to get a call from EJ who has another job for him. He'll be right over. Moments later, he arrives and Will complains about his last task. EJ says he can think of the tasks as a gift to him so he'll keep his mouth shut about him. In fact, EJ wonders if Will's getting a kick out of these tasks. Didn't he feel a rush? Will reluctantly grins. "Stop," he says, while trying not to smile. EJ grins and urges him to come clean. EJ instructs him to meet some guy who has an envelope for him with further instructions. EJ thinks he might enjoy this assignment.


EJ arrives home to a camera set up in his living room. Will arrives with keys to EJ's fancy new sports car. Why did EJ have him pick it up? "Did you like it?" Will loves it. EJ throws the keys at him. "It's your car." It's a perk. He's representing him and the DiMera family.


Bo and Hope arrive at the bank. Mr. Simpson tells them the safe deposit box didn't belong to Alice alone and both parties must be present in order to open the box. The key is useless.


Rafe arrives at Alice's and Jenn offers him a job consulting with the other guards about crowd control and covering Abe's private detail. Rafe will try to fit them in his schedule. They turn on the TV and watch as EJ does an interview about the creation of new jobs. Abe angrily wonders how the hell DiMera got his hands on his plan.

At the pub, Sami gets a call from Kate, who asks her to bring a file by the mansion.


Sami walks in on EJ at the mansion, handing over the keys to the car and telling Will that this is just the start of what he can give him. "What the hell?" Sami asks.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Jenn tells Nicole that they need to talk.

Hope says to Bo, "That's not just a pattern, it's an MO."

Sami asks Will how he thinks Rafe will feel when he finds out Will wanted to work for EJ.

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