Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Jack and Jennifer kiss, John enjoys his freedom, and Stefano tells EJ the game with John isn't over.

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At Intensity, Quinn trains Daniel as Brady, Melanie, and Maggie walk in. Quinn shows Brady and Maggie around as Melanie asks Daniel why he's not on the surgery schedule this week. She's worried that he got positive results for Myasthenia Gravis. The tests came back negative and he's waiting for other test results from Lexi. Melanie is upset that he didn't tell her and makes him promise that he'll let her know when he gets his results so that they can fight it together. Maggie and Brady return. After Maggie and Melanie leave the spa, Daniel asks what Brady would do if he suddenly couldn't do the one thing he's wanted to all his life. Brady tells Daniel that he still has options once he gets the results back. Daniel just needs to figure out how to change his life. Quinn walks by and says if he could do it, so could he. While they stretch, Quinn tells Brady and Daniel that he came back to Salem to reinvent himself. As Quinn walks away, Brady says if one guy could change his life, it's Daniel. Brady asks if Jennifer knows about this health. Daniel doesn't want to worry her. Brady tells Daniel that he's a fool for letting Jennifer go and she's a fool for taking Jack back. Later, Daniel gets a page. His results are in.


At the penthouse, John kisses Marlena. He's free and thanks her for never giving up on him. After they make love, John asks how it all played out. It all started with Carrie and Rafe figuring out that the photo was fake. John's happy his release probably ruined Christmas for Stefano and EJ.


At Jennifer's house, Jack and Jennifer clean up Christmas decorations. Jack is glad to be home with his family and asks Jennifer if she feels the same. Jennifer says they're not where he wants them to be yet. Jennifer asks him not to keep checking with her if things are right, she'll just let him know. She’s not diving into the deep end again. Jack grabs a gift from under the tree and tells her to open it. Jennifer gets upset that he got four tickets to Hawaii. Jack got separate rooms and doesn't mean to push her, he even chose a time that will fit in everyone's schedule. He wants to make up for not making family time a priority in the past. Jennifer accepts the tickets, saying, "Aloha." Jack wants to tell the kids but Jennifer thinks they should finish tidying the house first. When Jack leaves the room, Jennifer sadly holds Daniel's ornament. Later, while Jack is on the ladder removing decorations, he tells Jennifer to freeze under the mistletoe. He leans down to kiss her but falls off the ladder and onto the tree. Jack gets up and stands under the mistletoe. While Jennifer hesitates, he kisses her.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Melanie they'll deal with whatever is wrong with Daniel as a family. Having Melanie, Daniel, and Victor as family has made this the happiest holiday in awhile. Maggie asks how Melanie and Chad are doing. Melanie can't act on her feelings for Chad because of Abby. Maggie says feelings and friendships can get messy. Melanie plans to get over Chad.


At the DiMera mansion, EJ wonders how somebody could find the information to clear John when he was so meticulous. Stefano says he wasn't meticulous enough and needs to figure out where he went wrong. There's no way EJ could have known that the French government shut the Internet down while he was faking John's transactions. Stefano thinks that's where he went wrong. EJ thinks someone pointed John's legal team in the right direction. Stefano wonders what EJ's going to do when he finds out who helped John. EJ will take care of it. Stefano warns the game isn't over now that John is free and is confident EJ will fix this. Stefano turns the TV on to John's press conference and tells EJ that he needs to decide what to do because the clock is ticking.


At the Brady pub, Abe, Lexi, John, and Marlena get ready for John's press conference. John thanks Abe for being a great friend. John can't wait to make the DiMeras' day with this press conference. The press conference starts and Abe invites John to the podium. John reaffirms his innocence as Stefano and EJ watch him on TV. John knows he's been framed by someone. Abe adds that authorities are still investigating the identity of the person responsible. Marlena looks into the camera and says that she will make the person responsible pay dearly. John adds that he will liquidate his company and assets to pay back all his investors until the investigators locate the billions of dollars. EJ shows up and congratulates John. He stands next to him and says he'll be happy to drop the lawsuit once John replenishes the pensions. EJ sincerely apologizes if he or his family has caused John harm. John places his hand on EJ and says he will make the people responsible pay. Sneering, EJ claps.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Holding a key, Hope asks, "This was hidden in the plaque, do you have any idea how it got there?"

John tells Marlena, Carrie, and Rafe, "If someone doesn't tell me what's going on here, I'm going to start getting a little paranoid."

Madison tells Sami, "I guess I should have fired you when I had the opportunity!"

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