Cough Up That Fur Ball.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Kate gives Sami advice, Hope calls Susan Banks, and Chad gets a peek at Melanie in the nude.

Cough Up That Fur Ball. image

Gabi and Mel arrive at Intensity for a treatment. Chad spots them and flashes to kissing Mel. He turns to go but Melanie calls him over. Quinn comes by. Chad wants to sign up for his martial arts class. Quinn offers to comp their treatments today if they'll tell their friends about his spa. Quinn mistakenly assumes Mel and Chad are a couple. They share an awkward giggle and Mel leaves her cell on the desk before going for her treatment. Later, in the locker rooms, Melanie realizes her mistake and goes to the desk to retrieve her cell. She drops her towel accidentally just as Chad turns up. There's an awkward moment and laughing, Melanie grabs her towel and runs off, embarrassed. Chad shares what happened with Gabi later, and they discuss Will. Gabi wants to find someone who loves her the way she loves him. Chad sees Melanie return clothed, and tells Gabi that kind of love finds you when you least expect it.


On a run through the square, Austin bumps into Abigail and spills her coffee all over himself. Nearby, Sami shows up to her job late. Madison yells at her and takes off for a call. Austin gets advice from Abigail on what makes a good teacher. They bring up his past as a boxer and she tells him she may go into journalism. She invites him to her awards ceremony.

From home, Kate apologizes to Stefano for neglecting him while she's been working. He's getting a kick out of her resurrecting Countess Wilhelmina. Kate asks him to confide in her but though he appreciates it, he refuses. He keeps things from her in order to protect her and reminds her she keeps things from him. She laughs. "How do you know that?" He declares, "I am, after all, Stefano DiMera."


Hope and Bo sit at the pub and ponder Alice's newest mystery. They call Susan Banks and when Hope says she's calling about Stefano, Susan grabs the fabric on her pants and makes a growling sound. "I can't bear to think about my baby son being under the influence of that mean mean mean man, Stefano DiMera." They discuss Alice and after Susan lets something slip about Stefano going to Alice Horton after Elvis was well she realizes her mistake and pretends they've a bad connection. She hangs up, leaving Hope more curious.


Kate meets Chris in the square. He runs off at the mouth about how the CW gel is great for his hair, and they discuss business. He receives a text that has him looking concerned. Nearby, Madison returns and berates Sami for being late. Kate tells Chris to get them coffee while she eavesdrops on Sami and Madison. Sami explains she was late because she was waiting for their client to give them the right images. Madison blames her. Sami tries apologizing. Madison yells that she's late, disorganized and distracted. She goes off to take a call. Sami blows up when she leaves and Kate shows her face, calling Madison a bitch. Sami tries to get her to quiet down. Kate asks where Sami's backbone went. "The Sami I used to know would have chewed her up and spit her out in a Salem moment." Sami says that was before she had little mouths to feed. Kate gives Sami advice to defend herself. "I feel like I'm watching a champion giving up to a newcomer." Kate leaves and Sami tries to defend herself once Madison returns. "You can either cough up that fur ball that is making you so catty, or I will quit." From nearby, Kate smirks. That's the Sami she knows and loathes. Madison remembers why she hired Sami - for her passion.

Hope and Bo turn up on Stefano's doorstep. He knows they're there to discuss his so called bond with Alice. She sees the photo of EJ as a baby and comments on it. Stefano brings up the call they made to Susan. "Too bad there was so much static on the line," he gloats. Hope assumes he's tapping Susan's line but Stefano says maybe Susan called him with a tip. Hope wonders why Stefano didn't interfere when Susan went to Alice for help. Stefano felt no need. Alice had lots of connections. Stefano thinks she should let it go. Hope shows him the scroll. Why did her grandmother have it? Stefano's surprised to see it and wonders how they came upon it. Neither will say. Stefano tells them they'll get nothing out of him and leaves to take a call.

Gabi and Chad leave Intensity and Abigail shows up. Quinn hears about her award and offers her a free spa day. Abby tells Mel why she was delayed.


Chad walks Gabi to the square. He tells her again that she'll find her special someone and she gazes at him. He leaves, bumping into Melanie.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Rafe tells Hope and Bo, "There's something big going down at Salem U."

Someone tells Chad and Sonny, "They're going to kill us, that's what's going on."

A man tells Chad, "Try being the hero again and your girl gets it."

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