Incompetent Cowboys.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Chloe wakes up and shocks Brady, Quinn is questioned, and Sami continues job hunting.

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At home, Sami searches for a job and Rafe tells her he's glad to put Quinn Hudson behind bars where he belongs. Rafe promises to look into the job she's interested in as soon as he has time. Sami rushes him out the door as Jennifer heads in. She asks for help. She has a job interview today. Jenn quizzes Sami on questions the interviewer may ask and Sami finds something to wear to impress. They gush about Hope's party and what little they know about it and then go over how firm Sami's handshake should be. Sami cringes when Jenn suggests she get background information on the company to discuss it during the interview.


At the SPD, Bo and Hope sneer at Quinn, who refuses to confess to a crime he didn't commit. They remind him they've proof and juries have convicted on less. Bo learns by phone that forensics have found the blood on the nightstick to be Chloe's. In another room, Taylor maintains Quinn's innocence. Roman wanders in and asks if she impeded their investigation. She admits she had certain access.


Vivian meets Gus outside the pub. He thinks this is the start of time without Quinn in their lives but Vivian's a mess and demands he help her find a lawyer for her son. They rush off as Nicole runs into the pub to ask EJ for help with Taylor.


Chloe wakes up in the hospital and says Brady's name. She opens her eyes. Lexi enters and examines her, declaring she's on the road to recovery. When Brady tells her Quinn's in custody, Chloe says Gus was the culprit. Lexi runs to call the police but is called into emergency surgery. Back in Chloe's room, Brady admits he knows she turned to prostitution. He explains how he and Nicole found out and promises it'll stay between them. Chloe's ashamed but Brady understands her desperation. Lexi returns and Brady leaves a message for Kinsey about Chloe waking up. Lexi leaves and Brady tells Chloe her hooker days are over. Chloe worries about paying the bills and supporting Parker but Brady has a plan for her.


EJ and Nicole arrive at SPD and EJ stops the interrogation as Taylor's lawyer. Vivian turns up calling the SPD incompetent cowboys and demands Quinn's release. In the interrogation room, Quinn refuses to say more without his lawyer. Outside, Nicole and EJ take Taylor aside. Taylor confesses she kept tabs on the investigation but maintains that Quinn didn't attack the women. In another room, Vivian promises to bankrupt the department, calling this case an embarrassment. Back in the interrogation room, Hope and Bo discuss the case alone and a quick search has them finding that a young boy, Augustine Pascal, was abandoned on the pier years ago. They rush to tell Roman. Rafe and Bo think Gus could have planted the nightstick and hair. Hope thinks Gus could have turned to Vivian as a motherly substitute after being abandoned. They realize they've the wrong guy. As Abe tells Vivian to get Quinn a lawyer, the cops slowly surround Gus, who jumps with a knife and yells at them to stay away. They try to calm him down. In the interrogation room, Nicole and Taylor realize they've more in common than they thought. They agree to work on their relationship before Nicole goes to the main room. There, Gus threatens to slice his own throat. Hope tries to calm him but he claims nobody cares about him. He confesses to the crimes and Vivian gasps. Gus tells them he was smarter than any of them gave him credit for. He can't go to jail. Madam would be lost without him. Nicole wanders in and Gus grabs her and holds the knife to her throat. Nicole's in shock as the cops plead with Gus to let her go. Meanwhile, in the cells, Taylor goes to Quinn, who promises he didn't hurt those girls.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

EJ and the SPD attempt to stop Gus from taking Nicole with him.

Gus holds the knife to Nicole's neck and screams at the cops, "Stop!"

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