He’s My Blood.

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Quinn is put in jail, Taylor is exposed, and Dario leaves a tearful Melanie behind.

He’s My Blood. image

Lexi and Abe are at Chez Rouge when Justin stops to talk. He tells her they have a suspect. Justin gets a call from Adrienne and leaves to take it. Lexi thinks solving this case will help Abe’s election campaign. He’s been thinking he shouldn’t run for re-election. Lexi doesn’t want him to run but then suggests she join him on the campaign trail. His cell rings and he is told that Taylor is connected in some way to the case. He leaves their table.


At the pub, Dario tells Melanie he can't go to Bo and Hope’s party now because he leaves tonight. Her jaw drops open. He’s sorry.


Bo and Hope pull Quinn into the police station. He’s arrested. Vivian and Gus arrive and she is aghast. Bo says DNA doesn’t lie and it’s Quinn’s. Gus remembers planting the evidence. Vivian protests. Taylor doesn't know how the nightstick got into Quinn's hotel room. Bo and Hope don’t believe Taylor. Vivian plans to arrange bail immediately. Gus suggests she look into the facts about her son. He's a drug dealer. She gets angry. She says, “He’s my blood.” She will never abandon him again. Bo shows her Quinn’s rap sheet. Taylor admits she was with Quinn when he was arrested. Vivian accuses Taylor of starting Quinn in the pimp business. Taylor says she had nothing to do with Quinn’s arrest. Bo tells them Taylor got arrested for civil unrest. She recalls that Quinn altered her record. Bo and Hope claim Taylor started working at the police station to gain information on her boyfriend. Taylor protests and says it isn’t true. They have no proof. Bo arranges visitation for Vivian. Hope sys they can hold Taylor for twenty-four hours while they find out the truth. In another part of the station they take him away. Bo and Hope converse quietly about Quinn and Taylor and their involvement together. Dario and Mel walk into Rafe’s office. He tells Rafe he got a promotion and Rafe congratulates him. He says it’s Argentina and he's going. It’s a big opportunity so he has to quit the police job. Rafe tells him not to take the job. He wants Dario to spend more time with the family, then changes his mind and hugs Dario. He says the opportunity is fantastic. Rafe’s cell rings. He has to leave to do some work on the case. The kids leave.

In his jail cell, Quinn tells Bo he’s not the guy they’re looking for and says Taylor will vouch for him. Vivian visits him and he says he has no idea how the nightstick ended up in his closet. Gus has a guilty look on his face.


The Kiriakis mansion is filled with racks of second hand clothing that Maggie has brought in for everyone to choose to wear to Hope and Bo’s party. Gabi, Abigail and Adrienne run from rack to rack going crazy. Justin walks in and asks what’s going on. Maggie explains it's a fundraiser. Chad and Sonny arrive. Adrienne says they need suits. Will arrives too and tells Adrienne his internet business won’t be launching for decades. Will hands Sonny the file of legal documents from the university. Adrienne looks over the file. She knows how to take care of it. When everyone hears Dario’s news, his friends are happy for him but sad he’s leaving. Melanie weeps quietly with Maggie. Maggie hugs her and says she put aside a lovely dress for her. She pulls it out and Melanie loves it. Justin arrives at the manse and Adrienne shows him the folder. Will rushes over and says he doesn’t need his help. Justin says they just arrested a suspect in the attacker case. Then he tells Will that the legal problem is no big deal. Sonny finds Justin’s wedding invitation in his suit pocket. Justin looks at it and reminisces. He shows it to Adrienne. She says he’s as handsome today as he was on their wedding day. He says he loves her even more than when they first married. They kiss. Will tells Dario he’s sorry he has to leave so soon and promises to take care of Melanie. As sexy music plays, the gals and guys parade provocatively in front of the older women dancing and wearing their fashions. Dario sees Melanie in her dress, goes to her and hugs her deeply. They begin to dance very slowly holding each other. He closes his eyes and her eyes are misty. He says it’s time for him to go. She walks him to the door as Gabi looks on. They say a tearful goodbye and kiss passionately. He says goodbye once more this time in Spanish and leaves. Maggie comes to Melanie's rescue and she cries in Maggie’s arms.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

In her hospital bed, Chloe remembers it all. Her attacker was Vivian's servant, Gus.

Roman warns Rafe, Bo and Hope that their suspect is unbalanced and violent.

In the police station, Gus pulls a knife on everyone. Roman shouts, "No!"

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