Agent Negative.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Sami applies for a job, Vivian spends time with Taylor, and Gus enacts a scheme.

Agent Negative. image

Rafe kisses Sami at the pub. She says she's going to get a job and when she's working full-time they'll have a chance to miss each other a bit. They look at job ads but everything requires experience. He urges her to keep looking and she finds one that sounds promising. He thinks it sounds sketchy. She calls him Agent Negative. He tells her to wait until he checks it out, and then goes. Sami applies for the job. Caroline comes over and inquires what she's up to. Sami admits she went against Rafe's advice to wait. Caroline lets her know that she's aware of the cysts she had removed - she's upset she didn't tell her. Sami apologizes and promises to lean on her next time. They discuss Bo and Hope's party and agree they can't figure it out. Sami gets a response from the job application.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie is bringing some color to the place. Victor is thrilled with her decorating and asks if she's decided whether or not they can make their living situation permanent. He fusses over her when she appears dizzy. Maggie tells him she thought about staying permanently. She says she loves him and thinks they make a pretty good pair. He says the idea of waking up with her every morning makes him very happy. She says it does her too, but she's old-fashioned and needs the real commitment of marriage. He wonders if she wants to wed. She says she's not ready, and can't live with him in the meantime. Victor is flabbergasted that she's turning him down. Maggie says she's leaving the house, not him.


At the station, Bo tells Hope that things are backed-up at the lab. He just hopes they come up with something that will help them put away this monster. Samples from the caterer arrive and Hope wants to choose the menu for their party. She feeds him pate that he declares tastes like cat food. Bo says people will remember more than the food at their party when the surprises start rolling out. They go back to worrying about the lab results. Hope tells him there is no change in Chloe's condition. They agree he will strike again and wonder what triggers his rage. Bo thinks it must be a woman in his life. Rafe arrives and they decide to look up incidents at the pier. Rafe mentions Sami is excited about the shindig, but they won't give him a hint as to the surprise. Bo learns the DNA results are in. The fax spits it out. Bo says, "Quinn Hudson."


Vivian greets Taylor and Quinn at the restaurant. They sit down and Vivian remarks on the change in Gus. Taylor and Vivian exchange compliments. Vivian says if she's trying to get on her good side - don't stop. Taylor invites Vivian to join her at the fashion exhibit at the museum. Vivian declines - she's too worried about Gus. Quinn says he has to go back to the hotel - he's misplaced his key card. Vivian talks to Taylor about her relationship with Quinn after he's gone. Vivian tells Taylor they could be friends, and then asks about how comfortable she and Quinn seem together. Taylor admits there's some history there. Vivian wants Taylor to tell her Quinn's life story.


Gus lets himself into Quinn's room and seems upset when he finds a card he received signed, 'Your adoring Mother'. He finds a photograph of Vivian and Quinn and tears it in half, destroying the half with Quinn. He looks at the half with Vivian and says someday she'll understand that he did this all for her. He takes a dry cleaning tag off a suit and says, "Just in case I need a little something extra." Turning on the light, he takes a baton from his bag and looks for a place to hide it where Quinn won't find it before the cops. He puts it in a suitcase in the closet and turns to go, but hears Quinn approach outside.


Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Hope wonders how they got a DNA match on the guy when he doesn't have a record.

Bo, Hope, and Rafe show up at Quinn's room with a search warrant.

Quinn angrily asks what they expect to find there. Rafe, searching the closet, says, "This."

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