I Leave In A Week.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Brady continues his vigil, Sami wants a job, and Gabi tries to snare Will.

I Leave In A Week. image

At home Sami talks to Johnny on the phone while Rafe pours celebration drinks. She kisses him and thanks him for dinner. She wants to go back to work. They flirt and he asks what job she has in mind. He requests that it doesn’t include breaking and entering. They kiss passionately. She knows it will be difficult but their home is now a doubt-free zone. They keep kissing and drinking. Later in bed, they discuss what they will do with the money she will earn and the chores they’ll need done. Rafe offers to do the laundry. They make love by candlelight.


Chad, Will, and Sonny are working on their website at the pub when Gabi interrupts Will for a game of pool. She wins the game and suggests their date be at a secluded spot by the lake.

At another table Abigail and Melanie talk about Carly’s progress. Melanie feels lucky to have met her brother. She has a real family now. They go over to Gabi and Will. Gabi tells Melanie that Dario has never been happier working for Brady and it’s good because Brady hasn’t left Chloe’s side since she got attacked. Dario arrives and tells them he got an internet job. The girls hug him. Melanie tells him he really deserves this. They sit for a drink. He wants to prove his worth to her family. Sonny announces they got full funding for their proposal. When they are alone in a darkened part of the bar, Dario and Melanie dance, cuddle and kiss. Back at their table Sonny, Will, Gabi and Abigail talk about funding. Kinsey joins them and tells them Chloe’s still in a coma. Sonny tells the ladies to be very careful. Sonny goes to the bar and Dario gets a call. His new job is in Argentina. He leaves for Buenos Aires in a week.


Nicole sees EJ at Chez Rouge. She says he looks like a loser eating alone. He tells her he's not eating alone. She is his guest. She reluctantly sits for a glass of champagne, then asks him what the hell he wants. She brings up his tryst with Taylor. He’s stumped about what they saw in each other. They drink and giggle a little. It gets somber and she decides she needs to leave. She goes and EJ looks disappointed and leaves.


Brady and Kinsey are at Chloe’s hospital beside. He asks her to fight for Parker's sake. He explains that he never stopped caring for her. For her safety Brady suggests a driver. He leaves to arrange that and she tells Chloe that Brady is terrific. Kinsey leaves and Brady returns and talks to an unconscious Chloe. He wishes she had confided in him about needing money. Nicole joins him and suggests he go home. She’s worried about him too. He’s not leaving.


EJ comes into the bar and playfully grabs Chad. EJ offers him his help but Chad doesn’t want it. He doesn't want the DiMera name attached to his project. "No thanks."


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Taylor tells Quinn he hasn't changed.

Quinn says he misses her.

When a topless Quinn opens the hotel room door, Vivian says, “Surprise!”

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