You’re Starting To Make Mistakes.

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Chloe has a seizure, Hope finds evidence, and Gus gets the advantage.

You’re Starting To Make Mistakes. image

Brady and Nicole talk about Chloe near the nurse’s station. She suggests they go home but Brady wants to check on Chloe one more time. Nicole gets an email. She lies that it’s her brother.

At the pub, Gus daydreams about planting Quinn’s hair at the crime scene when Quinn comes along and interrupts him. He says Viv wondered where he went. Gus leaves and Taylor joins Quinn. She has regrets and while Nicole hovers around the couple, she asks what her regrets are. Then she introduces herself to Quinn and asks how they met. He says it's none of her damn business. She asks him if he is one of Taylor's secrets and calls Taylor up for her tryst with EJ. Taylor admits she and Quinn were in a relationship in Europe. Nicole addresses him as Quinn Hudson. They ask how she learned his whole name. She says she knows all about them. She’s seen the mug shot of Quinn. She contacted the police in Europe and knows everything. She knows they were arrested at a human rights demonstration. Nicole leaves and Quinn admits he covered for her. He says he really cares for her. If so, why did he have her hooking? He’s says he was stupid. He goes to kiss her and asks if she’ll regret it. She says probably.


At Chez Rouge, Kate asks EJ if she can join him. He's not interested but she sits down anyway. He's working. She tells him to stop being an idiot. They argue. She’s hoping Chloe will be out of Parker’s life forever. She reminds him she can be ruthless. She thinks he needs a wife to soften his image. He reminds her he's divorcing Nicole. She admits she and Stefano have an unconventional marriage, then nastily goes over his history with women. She calls him a complete bastard. She doesn’t think he’ll ever find real love. He doesn’t want a wife and he’s sure everything will fall into place. He’s prepared to deal with any fallout. She thanks him for dinner and leaves. He calls someone on his cell and asks for an update. He hangs up, calls the waiter over and orders their finest champagne and two glasses. Just then, Nicole appears at his table.


While Roman, Hope and Bo look around the crime scene at the pier, Roman thinks the perp’s face looks familiar. They can’t find any DNA. In a hiding place, Gus looks on at the scene. Roman gets a call and they leave the area. Gus grabs a left-behind walkie talkie. Suddenly Hope sees a piece of hair and captures it. Roman thinks maybe they got the break they needed. Hope wonders how they could have missed this earlier. Roman calls for assistance on his walkie talkie and Gus listens in and learns their strategy. Bo starts coming on to Hope and suggests they go somewhere to get it on.


At her bedside, Lexi hears Chloe say something and asks her what she said. She doesn’t answer. As Chloe sleeps, she dreams about the attack. Brady holds her hand and asks her to open her eyes. They need to know what happened to her. She dreams again and starts convulsing. Lexi gets her settled and asks Brady to leave so she can examine her. Later, outside Chloe’s room Lexi tells Brady she was probably emotionally agitated. He wonders if Chloe can hear them. Lexi tells him to continue talking but not about the attack. Back in Chloe’s room he plays an opera aria and tells her they need her back.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Nicole asks EJ what the hell he wants.

Brady asks Chloe, "Exactly what is happening to you?"

When EJ calls Nicole, "The most devious, underhanded..." she interrupts with, "Thank you."

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