There’s Only One Person Who Can Set You Free.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Roman plans a statement, Vivian makes Gus angry, and Chloe is unconscious.

There’s Only One Person Who Can Set You Free. image

Melanie sees Nicolas at the hospital. They chat, then go to see Carly together. Dr. Nolan walks into Carly's room and the kids soon join them. The doctor wants Melanie and Nicolas to stay for the session. This time she wants to focus on Melanie’s relationship with her mom. Melanie says they are fine but Carly doesn’t agree. They have lots to talk about. She tells her mom even though she gave her up at birth, she never gave up on her. Melanie forgives her. Nicolas agrees and is compassionate too. He knows she loves both of them. Carly cries and apologizes for the pain she’s inflicted and says honesty is paramount. Melanie cries as she talks about being given up. Nicolas tells his mom it doesn’t erase the pain but it makes forgiving easier. Carly is frustrated and walks out on all of them. They follow her. The doctor says she needs to set herself free. Until she forgives herself, there’s no moving on.

In another part of the hospital, Bo calls Taylor and asks her to bring the files on the case to the hospital. They need to catch this guy. When she brings the files, Daniel asks Bo and Hope to go easy on Mandy when they question her. Suddenly Brady runs in with a bloodied and unconscious Chloe. Kinsey and Nicole look on in shock. Lexi rushes into the examining room and begins working on Chloe. Brady asks so many questions, they kick him out and shut the door. He's not impressed and can't believe she was hooking. Kinsey tells him why she did it. Nicole comes along too. If this gets out Chloe will lose her chance to get Parker back and that would kill her. Bo and Hope talk to Mandy in an office. On the side he tells Taylor there was another attack. That victim is unconscious. Taylor leaves. Bo joins Hope and Mandy again. Mandy can’t find the attacker's face in the mug shot books. When they are alone Hope tells Bo their timing for the party is all wrong. Bo says by the time the party comes around the case will be solved. When they go back to Mandy they tell her there has been another victim. Hope suggests they get a sketch artist on it.

Brady sees Roman and tells him that Chloe was brought in. Brady wants to see Chloe. Lexi forbids it. Chloe is lucky to be alive. Roman says this attack doesn’t fit the profile. Brady blames Roman for not catching the guy earlier. Lexi is called to Chloe’s room and rushes in. Roman asks Nicole, Kinsey, and Brady what they were doing in that bad part of town. They explain that they were looking everywhere for Chloe. Brady lies and says as far as he knows Chloe didn’t have any reason to be in that alley. Roman hopes Chloe comes to and remembers everything and leaves them. Nicole’s not sure they should be lying to the police. Brady is sure they should. Lexi emerges and tells them Chloe’s in a coma. Nicole goes to her bedside crying uncontrollably.


Quinn and Vivian share a drink at the pub. Gus comes along and she tells him Quinn can do the impossible. Quinn got her an autographed copy of the book she wanted. She calls him amazing and Gus is annoyed. He got the same book unsigned. He goes to the bar and throws his book in the garbage. Quinn says bye to Gus who is very angry. Vivian surfs the net for a vacation in Amalfi but asks Gus to do it for her. She needs two rooms and he assumes he's invited. She’s bringing Quinn. She goes to the powder room and he opens the handkerchief.

As Quinn leaves the pub, he hears a siren. Taylor sees him and angrily tells him another one of his girls got hurt. He claims his business is in lock down. She’s sure he’s lying. He suspects this is about them not the hookers. They argue then kiss deeply in a fit of passion.

Jenn sees Daniel outside the pub. He explains that the victim is going through mug shots. He's glad to see Jenn and know she's okay. They smooch. They go inside and she says she misses work. He misses her too. She admits she had trouble working with Jack. Jack was part of her life for a very long time. She thinks Daniel is going to be a bigger part of her life. He kisses her sweetly.


At the police station Roman tells Bo and Hope the latest victim is Chloe. He wants to do a press statement.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

EJ tells Brady that Nicole is an opportunist and she slaps his face.

EJ asks Brady why he defends Nicole. She dumped him.

Brady says to Nicole, "Every night I'm with you, I wonder when the other shoe will drop."

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