I Won't Be The One To Break The Peace.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The war ends, another hooker is attacked, and Sami isn't pregnant.

I Won't Be The One To Break The Peace. image

At the hospital, Lexi informs Sami she's not pregnant. Sami flies off the handle in disbelief. Lexi tells her there's something else. Rafe interrupts, excited about the new baby. Lexi leaves and Rafe takes a call from Dario, who found a girl beat up. Rafe leaves and Lexi returns. Sami still doesn't believe her and leaves. In Maggie's room, she implores Victor to make peace with Stefano.


At the mansion, Kate learns Maggie's doing well after being taken off life support. EJ thinks it's up to him and Kate to end the battle now. Chad turns up. EJ has had his belongings packed up for him and they discuss Chad leaving his family.


Brady finds Dario and Melanie at the pub. Brady tells her he can't stop the war because he can't trust the DiMera's. Brady uses Dario as a messenger and once Dario leaves, Nicole overhears Melanie accuse Brady of trying to keep her from Dario. Melanie begs him to stop self-destructing and runs off. Nicole is jealous and asks what she means to him. He doesn't think the timing is right and takes a call before heading out.


Taylor informs Quinn at Cheatin' Heart that she's now working for SPD. She warns that she'll keep an eye on him but Quinn threatens that she'd better be his informant.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Justin discuss an idea to stop the vendetta. Sonny makes some calls.

Back at the mansion, EJ suggests Chad change their family from the inside. Chad takes a call from Sonny, who wants to end the war. Chad agrees to get EJ and Stefano to the hospital. Sonny has a plan and Justin's on board.


Rafe finds Dario with Mandy on the pier. She's been beaten and cries that she doesn't want to talk to the cops.


Melanie visits Maggie at the hospital. Mel cries that Maggie gave her a scare and doles out her medicine before leaving the room. Victor muses that Mel's like a daughter to Maggie. He lets her know about Chad's shooting. Maggie hopes this means Stefano wants to make peace. Victor knows life's too short and things have to change. Rafe and Dario bring Mandy in. She's nervous with Rafe being there. Dario leaves them alone and Rafe tells her in so many words that somebody's attacking prostitutes. She claims she's freelance but he can see right through her. She won't give up his name. It might be bad for her health. Outside her room, EJ, Sonny, Victor, Brady, Chad and Justin turn up. EJ shares that he couldn't get a hold of Stefano but the DiMera's want the war to end. Melanie listens and considering Maggie was shot, she thinks the redhead should have a vote in the war ending. Melanie apologizes to Brady for snapping at him and tells him it's been a rough day with her mom going into rehab. Brady feels for her. The men go into Maggie's room. Sonny says what happened to Maggie made everyone come to their senses. They all go around and tell Maggie "I won't be the one to break the peace." Stefano walks in and asks that they count him in to make peace. Maggie cries happily. They leave her room and Kate's there. She and EJ leave Stefano with Chad, who thanks his father. Chad says he can't be the son Stefano wants him to be. He can't live Stefano's life. Stefano thinks never is a long time. Nearby, Justin pats his son on the back for a job well done. Victor fluffs Maggie's pillows and asks her to rest. Chad and Sonny make a deal never to act like their parents. Rafe turns up and EJ tells him about peace and love between the families. Rafe calls Sami with news about the hooker.

Sami is at home when Lexi turns up. Sami has been doing more pregnancy tests but they've all come up negative. Lexi asks her to schedule more tests. She thinks something may be wrong.


Nicole barges into SPD ranting at the back of a chair that somebody needs to do something about the Kiriakis/DiMera war. Taylor turns to face her and Nicole gets a shock. Taylor explains she works there. Nicole assumes she's trying to protect EJ. They spar a little and Nicole leaves.


Taylor goes to Quinn at Cheatin' Heart and informs him there was another victim in the prostitute attacks. They threaten each other.


Brady returns home and tells Nicole that the families have called a real truce. They swore in front of Maggie, which is like swearing on the bible. Nicole scoffs but assumes she can leave the house now. They make out.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Quinn tells Chloe that she'd better pull herself together before her next job.

Kinsey worries about Chloe. "Three women have been attacked. Do you want to be the next?"

Chloe begs Quinn. "Just let me go. Please? Let me go."

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