You Did It!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Daniel brings Maggie back, EJ warns his brother to run, and Stefano collapses.

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At the manse, Stefano interrupts EJ's warning to Chad to get out while he can. Stefano's flabbergasted that EJ's defying everything they stand for. Stefano collapses. Chad runs to his side and feels for a pulse. There isn't one so he orders his brother to call 911. EJ stands motionless. Kate, who has heard bickering, runs in and tells the men Stefano's in shock. She goes to get his medication and Chad warns his brother that if Stefano doesn't make it, he's to blame. Kate returns and Chad injects Stefano and begs his father not to leave him. Stefano comes to and EJ tells Kate Stefano had an attack of remorse because he ordered the hit on Maggie Horton. Kate gasps and muses that she warned Maggie nothing good would come out of her relationship with Victor. Chad is upset that Stefano was trying to kill Victor, who was trying to promote peace. Chad leaves and EJ demands Stefano get his brother out of the house for his sake and theirs.


Will and Gabi finish having sex at the hotel. Gabi has to assure Will how good it was for her before they start heating things up again.


Roman catches Hope and Bo at the scene of the shooting. He yells that they shouldn't be there. It's a conflict of interest. They've something against the DiMera's. He tells them to take a hike.


At the hospital, Victor shares that Maggie's heart stopped. Brady assures Jenn that Maggie is strong and will be fine. Meanwhile, inside the OR, Daniel continues working on Maggie but Lexi stops him and calls time of death. Maggie's heart beats a few times so Daniel charges the paddles again and goes to work. Maggie's heart beats regularly and Lexi gasps with happiness. "You did it!" Daniel calls it a miracle. He updates the family that Maggie's still not out of danger. Nicole and Abby are there when Lexi informs that Maggie's on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. Victor demands Brady not to take revenge. He'll take care of it. Nearby, Abby looks concerned for Chad. She and Jenn head to Jenn's office. Outside Maggie's room, Victor asks Daniel to lie to him and tell him Maggie will be fine. Daniel finds Jenn and they agree to stay together, while Abby leaves to call Chad to lend her support. Later, Abby finds Victor and tells him Maggie wouldn't want him to blame himself. She sees the good in him and would be proud that he's not seeking revenge. Victor visits Maggie.


Taylor goes to Abe at SPD to ask about Maggie's shooting. Abe thinks she really wants to know if they've arrested EJ yet.


Bo and Hope argue outside the pub about Roman throwing his weight around. Hope tells him to let it go. Rafe said he had no problem investigating this case. "That's because he's not an idiot like my brother," Bo crows.


Bo and Hope turn up on official business after Chad leaves the mansion. Kate tries to give Stefano an alibi but Hope knows he's the one who called 911. He tells her he heard a gunshot and a woman scream and went to help. In the foyer, Bo grills EJ and offers a deal for immunity. EJ ignores the offer and takes off. In the great room, Hope gets an update about Maggie from the hospital. Stefano feels bad but Hope blames him and starts name-calling. Bo collects her and Chad returns, to witness the bickering. When Bo and Hope question him, Chad says he knows nothing.


At the Kiriakis manse, Brady talks to Dimitri about not seeking revenge but being proactive if necessary. Nicole overhears and warns him to tread carefully. Brady no longer wants peace.

Taylor finds EJ outside the pub. He heard an update about Maggie. It never should have happened. He decides to take full responsibility for Maggie's shooting.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"It would be a lot better for you if you turned your back on this rancid family," EJ advises his brother.

"I didn't sign up for this," Chad says to Stefano. Stefano replies, "None of us did."

Chad starts to say, "There is something I want to say and it's about time I said it."

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