Secrets revealed

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Philip locks Mimi in a trunk, Shawn and Belle need help in getting away, and Abe kicks Lexi out.

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Mimi helps Max pack a bag for Shawn and Belle, and she sees him off. She waits behind. Almost immediately she hears a knock on the door. It's Philip. "I want my daughter," he demands. He pushes his way into the door and tells her that he knows she helped Belle and Shawn take Claire away from him. He wonders if she's going to allow herself to take the fall for them. Mimi tells Philip that she's not selling out her friends, but he refuses to leave until he finds out the truth. Mimi tells him that he's changed and she doesnt want to know this side of him. Phil reminds her that he spent a lot of time being the good guy and now his world has been turned upside down. He quotes Victor and tells her that his new philosophy is to do whatever it takes to get what you want and this is the way he is going to live his life now. He says he didn't start this war but he's going to end it and 'take no prisoners'. Mimi tells him that all she wants is for Belle and Shawn to get justice. Philip throws her lies in her face, but Mimi tells him that it's not her fault that he lost her family. Belle didn't love him. He threatens her. He locks the door and tells her to tell him what he needs to know or else. He grabs Mimi's cell phone and calls Max's cell phone. He asks for Belle, so Max hands the phone over to Belle and runs home to Mimi. Philip tells Belle that he wants his daughter back now - no questions asked. He professes his love for Belle and tells her they can have a second chance. When she refuses his offer, he yells that it's her last chance and whatever happens is up to her. He throws Mimi's cell phone down and Belle tells Shawn to call Steve - pronto! Shawn calls Steve and asks him to get them to Canada. Steve tells him he'll call him back, and Steve gives a call to Bo, then Kayla and he leaves.


At the Brady Pub, Bo and Kayla discuss Shawn and Belle leaving town with Claire. Bo sadly tells Kayla that the best news would be if he never saw his son again. This would mean that they got away and are safe. Kayla asks him not to give up, and then Steve walks in. She runs to him and hugs him, then rants and raves that he shouldn't have gone off without her. Steve explains he found EJ in Mexico but wasn't able to convince him to come back to Salem. He did take EJ's "smell phone" (cell phone) and noticed a lot of calls to Stefano in Italy, and he found a Travel Visa in EJ's wallet. He says, "EJ can't travel without it so it looks like he will have to come back to the good old US of A!" Bo runs off to show Abe, and Steve hasn't heard the last from Kayla. Steve tells her that EJ knows about the episodes that he's been having, and Kayla says, "So the DiMera's do have something to do with this!" He goes on to say that Benjy has something to do with it too. Kayla beseeches him to go to the police, but he refuses. He also tells her to stay out of it. "I need to keep you safe," he says. She wants to trust him but asks how she can do so when he is lying to her. Steve is hurt that she doesn't trust him, but she tells him that it hurts her to admit that, but their lives are based on honesty. She asks to be there for him to see him through everything, and the two kiss.


Belle and Claire are in that abandoned church that Victor locked Max and Mimi in. They cuddle close to keep warm while Shawn fetches blankets. Shawn turns on a battery operated radio and they listen to an Amber news report about Claire. Belle wonders if they'll ever be safe. Shawn and Belle discuss what they've missed while Claire was taken from them. Shawn promises that they won't miss anything any longer, such as her first communion, tending to her scraped knees, etc. Max arrives with the bags of food, diapers, cash and sleeping bags and tells Shawn that Philip and Victor set up check points and road blocks. He has concerns that they won't make it out of town. Max tells them that their faces are plastered all over the place, so Shawn thinks maybe Steve can help them.


Lexi comes home to Abe looking at photographs with a magnifying glass. Lexi asks him if he has forgotten that Theo is spending the night at Celeste's place. They're supposed to be having a nice romantic evening. Abe tells her that there are some discrepancies in the police report of the night that John got shot. According to her statement, she was on the phone with him that night when she heard a noise and went to the boathouse. He tells her that it's not possible and asks for an explanation. Lexi tells him that she saw EJ shoot John. He shows her a cell phone bill. "You were on the phone with me when EJ shot John," he tells her. Lexi sticks to her guns but Abe isn't buying her lies. He asks her to come clean. Lexi sighs and tells him the truth, that Tek saw the shooting. Abe is angered and hurt but she tells the truth about how Tek jumped into her car and that she tried to get him to leave. She says that he came back after he saw EJ shoot John. Abe thinks that Lexi and Tek are lovers again, and nothing Lexi says changes his mind. He kicks her out of their home. Lexi starts to cry when he tells her it's over. Lexi tells Abe that she tried to be the type of person that he wanted her to be and apologizes for all the pain she has caused him. She packs a bag and unwillingly leaves their home.


As Lexi's leaving, Bo arrives. She tells him what's happening and declines his offer of help. She leaves and Bo asks if he should come back. Abe tells him to stay, so Bo does so and tells him that Steve took EJ's travel visa, so as soon as EJ crosses the border, they can nail him! Abe tells Bo it won't matter, because Tek was the one who saw EJ shoot John. Not Lexi. He thinks that EJ Wells is going to get away with murder. Bo thinks they can have Tek go on the witness stand. Bo gets a call from Steve, who relays what's going on. He gives Steve his blessing to help Shawn and Belle and hangs up without letting Abe in on what the conversation was about. Bo asks Abe if he can do anything to help him, but Abe refuses. "I want to be alone tonight."


Max arrives back at his apartment and finds Mimi bound and locked away in a trunk. Once he gets her out, she cries and yells that she told Philip where Shawn and Belle are. Max calls Shawn to warn him, but Shawn is on his cell phone speaking to Steve. Shawn tells Belle that Steve is coming to help them.


Tek picks Lexi up in his car and listens to what happened with she and Abe. He asks her to run away with him. She tells him that she doesn't want to go away with him and begs him to stop the car. The guy in the car behind Tek has his 'brights' on, and Tek can't see. Light shines in his eyes and he grabs Lexi as he loses control of the car.


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Sami worries that EJ may find out that Lexie and Tek saw him shoot John and killed them. She wonders if they're next on his list.

Steve tells Shawn and Belle that life on the road is not easy, especially with kiriakis on their tails.

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