Damn You To Hell!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Dario gets pepper-sprayed, RoboRafe gets one last job to do, and Chloe is caught.

Damn You To Hell! image

At the park Dario grabs Melanie from behind and she pepper sprays him in the face. He’s in pain and she comforts him saying that she is jumpy after her attack. He says all of this is all too dangerous for her and he’ll take it from here. She agrees sarcastically.


At home Philip says he wants to share custody of Parker with Chloe and thinks she is doing better. His lawyer points out that the entire issue is in the hands of the judge. Philip tells the man that Chloe is getting better. They both hope she is and Philip tells Parker he loves him.


At the hospital Stefano orders Max (his goon) to find his grandson. He has no confidence in Bo finding him. Max agrees to help and leaves. Vivian joins Stefano who tells her about his missing grandson. Vivian asks Stefano where his bride is. He’s annoyed and leaves. Gus comes along and tells Vivian that he’ll go to the lab and get the DNA of the prisoner in the DiMera basement. Soon they’ll know.


At the pub RoboRafe is told by Roman that he can’t guarantee his release. Roman’s niece Ciara is missing along with Stefano’s grandson. Rafe2 tells Roman that he has to get out of town asap. Roman tells him that the kids are missing together and wants him to locate them.


At home Nicole, Taylor and EJ discuss the funeral for Faye with the minister. They thank him for his eulogy. They are placing letters with Fay’s ashes. Nicole daydreams about hearing EJ and Stefano talking about Rafe. When Nicole is distant, Taylor complains that she is lucky to have someone to go through this ordeal with. Nicole tells her that she is there for her. EJ returns to the room and tells them it's time to go to the cemetery. He offers to take Mrs. DiMera. He hugs Nicole and leaves with Taylor.


A drunken Chloe reams out Kate over the phone but Kate continually defends herself. Chloe says, "Damn you to hell!" Kate asks where she is and she admits she’s at Cheatin' Heart. They continue to argue over Parker then Chloe threatens to leave with the child and go where no one will see him again. She says she will kill Kate if she does to Parker what she did to her own son. Kate hangs up on her after she obviously taped the conversation.

Nicole sits alone at the funeral home and talks out loud to herself. The minister walks in and asks how she’s doing. She wants to tell him something in confidence and begins her story about Fay wanting to tell her something important before she died. She’s really afraid of what that was. She tells him about overhearing the conversation about Rafe and that EJ desperately wants to know what she heard. She suspects they’ve done something with Rafe. She says she thinks her mom was right about EJ all along. She’s worried that if she finds out the secret, she’ll ruin the lives of many people. When the minister leaves she calls Rafe on his cell but Dario answers and tells her that Rafe left town.

In the limo Taylor tells EJ that she swore to her mom that was nothing going on between them and she wants to honor that. She says she can never be this close to EJ again and wants to move as far away as she can so that she can forget about him. EJ protests. He’s sure Nicole doesn’t suspect a thing. He tells her that it bothers him that he can’t be with her tonight. He says he loves her, the limo swerves quickly and she falls into him.

Troy knocks on Stefano’s front door and tells him that both he and EJ owe him, that he’ll be back to collect and leaves.

Melanie comes home as someone watches her outside through her window. She hears a noise and asks who’s there.

At Philip’s Kate plays the tape for him. He’s upset. Chloe comes home and Kate leaves. He plays the tape for her. Chloe is surprised. He asks her what the hell it’s about.


At Cheatin’ Heart Stefano sees Rafe's doppelganger and asks him to take care of someone before he leaves town and that Marco will tell him who he is and how to find him. RoboRafe throws the photo aside. He remembers pushing Faye down the stairs to her death.

Still at the hospital Gus returns with the results but tells Vivian that they're inconclusive. More tests are needed.

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