The bandages are off!

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Philip shows his face in court, literally, Sami gets good news, and Stephanie says goodbye.

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At Max's garage, Abby and Nick once again go into a discussion about how Nick should tell Chelsea the truth. Stephanie arrives to tell them that she is moving to Dayton Ohio to race cars. They're very happy for her but they're interrupted by Chelsea, who has news of her own. She tells them that she and her mother got a new apartment! She's happy that there will be, "No more crazy Lockharts." Stephanie finds Chelsea rude and tells her that the Lockhart's were good enough to give her a home when she was in need, so she should be thankful. She goes on to say that she's leaving town and finally has a chance to tell Chelsea how she really feels about her. She goes off on a rant and calls her a "Scared, angry little brat." Chelsea's sarcasm comes shining through and she feigns that she's hurt. She asks Steph why she isn't having a last bash, before she leaves but then stops short and cruelly implies that Stephanie doesnt have any friends. After rolling her eyes, Stephanie remembers who she's speaking with and refuses to exchange barbs with Chelsea any longer. She hugs Nick and Abby goodbye.

After she leaves, Nick and Abby tell Chelsea that they don't like how she treats people. A disinterested Chelsea changes the subject. She tells Abby and Nick that has a new strategy to get her online love to talk to her. She says, "I'll tell him I know his real name and if he doesn't talk, I'll stalk him!" Abby doesn't think much of Chelsea's idea and tells her that when she is slapped with a restraining order, they'll all be there for her! Chelsea asks Abby to get Max to give her a job. Even though Abby doesn't think that Max will hire her, she agrees to do it. After she leaves, Abby rhetorically asks Nick why she puts up with Chelsea so? Nick has his own thoughts. He promises he is going to dump Chelsea. Tonight!


Kate goes to visit Lucas in the hospital, and finds Lucas, Will and Sami outside the hallway playing around on Lucas' wheelchair! Will stops short, and Sami goes flying off of the chair, laughing. They're having a great time until Kate starts in on Sami for being 'classless'. Sami tells Kate that this is what families do together. They have fun! They all get Lucas settled into bed while Will shows them all a newspaper article about Sami's heroic efforts in saving Lucas.


Roman drops by to give Sami some good news! The Salem PD has bestowed a citation on her! She is given the "Order of the good Samaritan!" Kate snorts and says, "Now I've seen it all." Lucas asks Kate to keep quiet, and so she takes Roman out into the hallway to tell him that when she went into work today, the doors of her office were locked. He explains that EJ's assets were frozen. Kate thinks that this is appalling and wants access to her business accounts and her office. He tells her that she knew that she was in business with a known criminal yet she did nothing about it. Kate stomps off.

Will goes to the hospital gift shop to get more newspapers, while Sami tells Lucas that she needs to change her life, because she doesn't deserve all of this attention that she has been getting since she saved him. Lucas disagrees. "You got a chance to start over with everybody," he says. They half joke that she should try not to blow it this time!

Roman comes back into the room, and Will follows. He has an armful of newspapers that he wants to give away to his family and friends. Sami laughs as Will tells her that his friends think she's cool! Dr. Callaway arrives to tell Lucas that he can go home! Roman discusses the award with Sami and eventually agrees to have the award given to Sami at the Brady Pub so that she can impress her family. Roman hugs her and tells her he is proud of her.


In court, Victor introduces "Lt Philip Kiriakis from the USA Marine Corps". Philip makes a spectacle of himself when he slowly removes all of the bandages from his face. Belle and Shawn are shocked to see his face and they object, "That's not Philip Kiriakis!". Victor reassures everyone that this indeed is Philip, and goes on to tell them the story about how he lost part of his face in the war. He grabs a file to show the judge that Philip has had extensive surgery, and says he also has DNA tests to prove that this is his son, Philip.


Outside the courtroom, Beverly Healey shows up at the courthouse and is accosted by the family, who "Ooh" and "Ahh" over Claire. They ask to hold her but are forbidden. When Bo takes Claire right out of an indignant Beverly's hands, she threatens to get the bailiff, but Bo tells her "Go right ahead, lady." Beverly goes into the courtroom to get the bailiff and when she returns with him, she asks him to arrest Bo. The Balif refuses to, because Marlena has given Claire back. The Balif knows Bo, and this angers Beverly. She realizes that nothing will be done.


Back inside the courtroom, Philip tells the judge that he is Claire's legal father and that he has been keeping their relationship up as he recuperated. He feels that he has more to offer his daughter than Belle and Shawn. Shawn jumps up and starts to argue that Philip left town without a care for his daughter, but Dan holds him back. The judge orders Belle and Shawn to take a parenting class and better their lives within the next 90 days. In the meantime, he awards temporary custody of Claire to Philip! Claire will stay with Philip until then. Belle cries out and Shawn makes a grab for Philip but is held back. Court is adjourned for 90 days and they all go outside of the courtroom. Belle begs Philip to let her have Claire. When he refuses and makes his way toward the doors, "You can't do this you can t take my baby," she sobs.


As Mimi and Max stand outside the courtroom, waiting for court to be adjourned, they see Philip come out. They can't believe what they see. Mimi thinks that Victor must have had Philip hidden in his mansion this whole time! Bo and Hope are absolutely incredulous. They agree with Mimi and Bo says he also thinks that Victor orchestrated this entire thing, to make it a huge production. Hope wonders aloud what Victor is up to next.

Kate arrives at the courthouse and stops in front of Max and Mimi. Mimi asks her if she came there to gloat, but Kate acts innocent. Max accuses her of helping Victor kidnap him and Mimi, but she maintains her innocence and says that they are full of conspiracy theories and that they will have to prove it. She says that once they have kids, they'll understand. She goes off to be with Philip, and Mimi tells Max that she's going to pay a visit to Philip.

Philip holds Claire in his arms as Belle comes out of the courtroom. She goes to him and begs him again to "Please don't take my baby, Philip!" Philip apologizes. This isn't the way that he wanted things, he explains. He leaves with Claire and his parents.

Shawn follows them and overhears Victor tell Philip" Now that we have Claire, I'll make sure that Belle and Shawn never get custody of her."


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