The All Knowing Doctor Carver.

Monday, April 11th, 2011

RoboRafe murders Faye, Vivian is caught doing a B&E, and Chloe sings.

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At the hospital, Carly throws away the drugs she stole as her hands shake. She finds Lexi at the nurse’s station and turns down an offer to work in OR tonight. In Faye’s room, RoboRafe makes a show of putting on rubber gloves. Faye hyperventilates and attempts to call the nurse. He puts a stop to that and explains that he likes Nicole and doesn’t want to see anything happen to Faye, but she knows his secret. She pleads with him to spare her life but he ignores her and smothers her with a pillow.


Vivian gushes on a park bench to Gus about how much pain Carly’s in. Gus laughs along with her and tells her nobody's home at the DiMera mansion so they can go break-in. They leave and later, Philip and Chloe find her scarf while walking. Vivian returns for it and gets in his face for hanging out with Chloe. Chloe offers to gather rocks for Vivian's pockets if he throws her in the water. Philip tells Vivian to mind her own business and wraps the scarf around her neck, reminding her of what she did to Melanie and Chloe. They leave and Gus calls Vivian to tell her the DiMera house is empty.


Outside the manse, Taylor and Nicole want to visit Faye but have car trouble. Inside, Chad's loud music causes EJ to cover his ears and whine to Stefano. The girls head inside and EJ offers to drive them to the hospital.


Nicole and Taylor return to the hospital and Carly tells them Faye's resting. Meanwhile, RoboRafe has left a dead Faye in her room and turns on her machines before running out. They start beeping and everyone rushes inside. RoboRafe, still in disguise, tries to take the elevator but almost bumps into EJ. He runs off and EJ comforts the girls while Carly and Lexi try to bring Faye back. Carly leaves Faye's room and sadly tells the family Faye's gone. Nicole and Taylor break down in sobs. Nicole lashes out at Carly and demands to see "The all knowing doctor Carver," who she blames for her mum's death. EJ tries to get Nicole to calm down but Nicole screams and demands to know why this happened. Carly thinks it was a massive stroke that had nothing to do with her fall. Later, Lexi privately asks Carly if she did anything wrong. Carly doesn't think so. Back inside Faye's room, Nicole snuggles her mother and tells her how sorry she is. EJ consoles her and tells her Faye died knowing how much she loved her. Nicole calms down and Taylor offers to call Brandon. She leaves a message for him to return her call when he doesn't answer and allows EJ to comfort her.

Back in Faye's room, Nicole is glad Faye was her mother, and vows to find out what EJ's secret is.


Chloe and Philip find themselves at the pub. He thinks she ought to do something for herself. She jokes about taking up macramé. He suggests she sing but she points out there's no Opera House in Salem. Jimmy wanders in to ask Chloe if she's going to sing at 'open mic' night. Chloe needs some convincing but gets up and sings "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child," by Van Morrison.

Vivian and Gus let themselves into the DiMera mansion. Vivi tells Gus to look around upstairs but not to try anything on. She's shocked to find Chad on the sofa eating an apple. He accuses her of breaking in but she denies it. They banter for a bit and Stefano arrives. Chad tells him Vivian let herself in. Stefano says she's made a very serious mistake. Chad goes off while Vivian claims the door was ajar. She suggests he get a watch dog. He suggests she get out and never return. She reluctantly takes off and Stefano gets a call that Faye's dead.


At SPD, Roman admonishes RoboRafe for leaving without his partner Josselyn. RoboRafe tells him not to get his panties in a wad. He can see where Sami gets her skills for chewing people out. Roman's shocked but a call from Dr. Carver comes in. He learns Faye is dead and tells RoboRafe about it. Robo hopes she rests in peace.


Vivian is thankful to find Gus on the pier. Stefano would have gone nuts if he learned he was hiding in Kate's closet. "Find anything you liked?" she quips and then becomes curious when Gus says Stefano has a jail cell in his basement.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"What's going on?" Stefano asks his son. "Something is not right," EJ says.

Nicole says, "My mom knew a DiMera secret and look what happened to her."

Mel gasps when a masked man comes up behind her and grabs her.

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