Tough Old Bird.

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

RoboRafe tries to kill Faye, Nicole vows to find out why Faye fell, and Dario hires an investigator.

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Faye wakes up to EJ looming over her in her hospital bed. She recalls his conversation with RoboRafe and panics. Her machines start beeping. He asks if she recognizes him and she hyperventilates and flatlines. There’s a code blue, so everyone rushes to Faye’s room. Taylor thinks Faye's dying. Carly and Daniel stabilize Faye and Lexi goes in to check on things. EJ and Lexi leave the room while Nicole asks Taylor what she was going to tell her before this all happened. Outside the room, EJ tells Lexi what happened while he was with Faye, leaving Lexi to wonder if Faye senses there is an attraction between him and Taylor. Lexi goes to see Faye and tells the girls to let their mother rest. Nicole vows to find out why she fell down the stairs.


Dario bumps into Melanie at Java and gives her a hard time about her fake date with Brady. She spots money sticking out of his pocket and comments on it. He tells her Brady gave it to him to get out of town. Some woman named Amy turns up and Melanie takes off. Amy tells Dario anything a client wants he gets. As long as he pays. He hands over some bills as Melanie watches. Later, Dario tells her the woman's a private investigator. Melanie gets an idea and takes off and later, Dario gets a call from Amy.


At the mansion, Chloe overhears Philip having a conversation with a representative from social services. The woman leaves and Chloe starts to freak out and accuses Philip of conspiring against her. He denies it. He met with Mrs. Hogan to ask if they could have joint custody but he wonders if that's a good idea. Chloe apologizes for jumping and thanks him for being supportive. "You've been my rock," she says.

At the loft, RoboRafe and Sami talk about the possibility of Faye dying. He flashes to throwing her down the stairs and says it sounded like she’s going to die. Sami wonders why he’s so callus. What happened to his optimism? They bicker and then compare Faye's "accident" to his own, which she calls a tragedy. Sami says she lost him after the accident. He's tired of arguing and cracks a beer. Sydney cries so Sami goes to console her while Robo wonders how he's going to keep Faye from talking. Later, Sami tells RoboRafe she learned Faye's doing much better. He acts as though he's happy to hear. She offers to pray with him at church. He tells her he's got a job to go to and makes a disparaging comment about her not having one. She calls him on his nastiness and doesn't think he loves her. He doesn't respond but says he has to get to work, leaving her devastated that he didn't tell her he loves her. Caroline arrives and Sami opens up about her marital issues. Caroline listens and agrees to care for the kids while Sami goes to check on Faye.


Daniel and Carly meet at the pub and Daniel admits he's worried about her. Carly insists she's fine but Daniel doesn't believe it. When Mel rushes in, she can see something's up. Melanie tells them about the money that Philip set her up with. She was going to return it but it could do some good. She says Dario has an idea to hire an investigator to find Ari's killer, so Mel wants to put up a reward for information on the hit-and-run driver. Carly and Daniel are proud of Melanie for being so selfless. Later, Mel has left and Daniel again asks what's going on with Carly. She admits she's having a difficult time dealing with her demons.


Melanie finds Dario at Cheatin' Heart and tells him she put up a fifty-thousand dollar reward. He knows, but isn't impressed.


Nicole arrives at the mansion and yells at Delia, saying there was no sign of sleeping pills in Faye's system. Delia's as confused as to what happened as Nicole is. They head upstairs and Nicole goes through Faye's bedding and finds the pills her mother was supposed to have taken.

Later, EJ, Taylor and Lexi leave Faye alone. RoboRafe goes into Faye's room and calls the unconscious woman 'one tough bird'. He takes out a syringe, saying a little air bubble will stop her from talking. In another room, EJ tells Taylor he thinks Faye's on to them. Sami arrives to the hospital and heads to Faye's room.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Dario tells Steph he thought it was time they got better acquainted.

Maggie asks, "Is everything alright?" "No," Victor says.

Nicole calls Taylor. "You're not keeping anything from me are you?"

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