Scrapbook Packrat.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Carly loses it, Nathan leaves Salem, and Ciara plots to runaway.

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At the hospital, Carly and Nathan lose a young man while trying to save his life. Upset, she leaves the room and bumps into Bo, who wanted to get a statement from the kid. The mother rushes in and Carly tells the woman her son passed on. The woman bawls and rushes to her son's side. Nicole finds Lexi nearby and rants about what's going on at the mansion. Lexi thinks she knows about EJ and Taylor's flirtation and almost spills the beans.


Jennifer calls Alice a scrapbook packrat, as she and Hope look through photo albums. Ciara and Theo eavesdrop and Ciara overhears Hope saying how well things are with Bo. Maybe they don't have to run away. Jennifer tells Hope about her lack of matchmaking skills.


At the mansion, EJ tells Taylor he can't live in denial and begs her to tell him how much she wants him. They make out and start panting as they rip each other's clothes off. They've never felt anything like this in their lives and EJ says they don't have to hide it. Taylor's no longer in the mood when she sees a nearby wedding photo. She can't ruin things for Nicole. She assumes EJ will leave Nicole but he says she's got it wrong. Nicole doesn't need to know. Tay assumes he wants her to have an affair.


Hope takes Ciara and Theo to the hospital. Ciara whines about wanting a doll but Hope reminds her she's saving up for it. Bo greets them and Ciara starts whining about the doll and Bo hands over the dough. Hope takes him aside and reminds him of their deal with Ciara to buy the doll. Bo flaked out and apologizes. Nearby, Ciara watches and thinks she messed things up between her parents. She has to run away now. "If I don't, they won't be happy." Later, Carly makes a mistake on a chart and Nathan calls her on it. She feels responsible for the kid's death but Nathan says the bullet did too much damage. He suggests she take time off and tells her this is his last day. She apologizes for not going to his going away party and tells him he'll be missed. He mopes about Mel.

In another room, Nicole explains that Taylor doesn't want anything to do with a DiMera. She says EJ thinks Taylor taking the job with Brady will lead to disaster. Faye finishes up her doctor's appointment and tells Nicole she's proud of her daughter. Nicole admits she's happy and is in love with EJ. Maxine gives Faye a prescription and she admits she's feeling a lot better. Nicole wants her to move out of the guest house and into the mansion. "They've just remodeled the south wing," she teases. Faye agrees to it.


Abe stops by Java with Theo and Ciara. When Abe gets drinks, Ciara thinks it's time to run. Theo gets cold feet. He can't leave daddy. She tells him he should stay with his family. Abe returns with cocoa and Lexi shows up. Later, the kids are left alone for a moment and Ciara says she'll run away tomorrow.


Bo and Hope walk the pier and discuss Ciara what things will be like once she's a teenager. Bo doesn't think she'll want to date a hellraiser like him. Hope laughs and they snuggle.


Carly visits Jenn at Alice's and Jenn apologizes for trying to set her up with Daniel. Jenn wants to be there for her friend and wishes she could have been there for Carly when Lawrence was abusing her. Carly assures Jenn she's tougher than they come and will be fine. Nathan arrives after his last shift and Carly agrees to go to Chez Rouge with Jenn for dinner later. Carly says goodbye to Nathan and leaves. Jenn hugs Nathan goodbye and hands him an old photo of Alice and Tom. He hopes he's like their grandfather someday. Abby calls so Jenn takes the call and Nathan glances around the room one last time.

Back on the pier, Bo and Hope smooch and Carly comes upon them. She looks upset and runs off. Bo doesn't want to rush things but wants to take their physical relationship further. Hope's not ready but knows their best days are ahead of them.

Carly returns to the hospital a tense mess. Maxine's about to inject a patient with a tranquilizer for anxiety. Carly takes the drug since the patient's sleeping, and once Maxine leaves with the patient, Carly flashes to murdering Lawrence, to crying on Bo's supportive shoulder, and then to seeing Bo and Hope kiss. She breaks down crying and grabs the needle, injecting it into her leg with a thrust.


Nicole packs Faye up and is sure being with family will speed up her recovery.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Jenn tells Abby that great things are going to happen for them.

Stefano threatens Vivian. "Watch out or this last piece of cake will be your last."

Sami gasps and tells RoboRafe, "Don't you ever touch me again."

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