Scratch The Itch.

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Daniel smashes Dario's face in, Jennifer worries about Chad being a DiMera, and EJ confesses.

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Chad drops by the Horton house to see Abby. He introduces himself to Jennifer and when Abby turns up, Chad goes to make a call in another room. Jenn organizes her papers for the new job and Abby can see she's tense. She admits Jack never called, and Abby's surprised to see Jenn removed her wedding band. Jenn explains she's moving on with her life and then starts in on Abby about getting into a relationship with a DiMera. Abby swears Chad's nothing like EJ, and he knows Stefano's bad news. Jenn hugs her daughter, still worried. Chad returns and Jenn takes off. Abby opens up about how close she is with her mom and how she almost lost her. Chad understands and babbles about Spanish class and then tells her he has decided to move into his father's mansion. Abby thinks it's a big mistake.


At the hospital, Dario flashes to Stephanie bashing Melanie and spies on her laughing with Daniel. He assumes she's after him and when Mel leaves, he approaches Daniel to warn him off Mel, stating she's a player. Daniel plays along, asking what that means and Dario tells him the gossip he heard. Daniel gets angrier and angrier and then lets out a growl before punching Dario's head in. Melanie arrives and Daniel explains he's her father. He gets more pissed when he learns Dario's the thief. Security pops up and hauls Daniel off Dario, who takes off, while Daniel tries to explain what went down. Mel feels bad for her past but Daniel calls her his perfect angel. "I'm so not," she replies, wearily. Later, Jenn arrives and notices Daniel's arm is bandaged. He tells her why and she thinks he's out of his mind. She blasts him, asking if he can still do surgery. He insists he's fine and brushes it off but Jenn's adamant that he should know better. She wouldn't be there right now if it weren't for him and tries to look at it. She notices his wedding band has been removed. They commiserate over how weird it feels to remove their rings.


At the loft, RoboRafe continues to blather on about he's him but he's not him. Sami's completely confused and when she calls him Rafe, he gets upset. "Don't call me that." He starts mumbling and instead of telling her the truth, RoboRafe begs her for sex. She turns him down and he attacks her, throwing himself at her. She pushes him off, angrily, and he yells that he can't take anymore of this. He feels woozy and sits down so Sami's guilt gets to her and she admits she gave him anti-anxiety drugs. She apologizes, though RoboRafe is flabbergasted, asking why she'd do this. He yells that nothing has changed and says he needs time to think. She goes into her room and he thinks about his close call. He passes out and Sami returns, feeling sorry for what she did but confused about how different he is. She wonders if it's too late for them to make it right.


Taylor and EJ argue at the DiMera mansion about his lies. She tries to fight him off as he pulls her to him but winds up winding her arms around his neck. He asks her to admit her feelings for him but she won't. She reminds him he's married to her sister, so he smashes a vase in anger and walks out on her. Later, she fantasizes that he's in her room kissing her.


EJ paces the pier, where Stefano finds him. He heard EJ was acting like a caged animal and thinks Samantha must know the truth. EJ reluctantly confesses that he's in love with Taylor. Stefano's confused, since he's been married to Nicole less than a fortnight. EJ fills his father in on their history, romanticizing as he goes. Stefano can see his feelings are lingering. Stefano suggests EJ scratch the itch. He has to make everyone believe he's happily married and give in to Taylor. Just make sure nobody finds out. EJ grins in understanding.


Dario bumps into Stephanie at Java. She notices his bruising and he lies that he walked into a door. He wishes she'd have told him Melanie's father was a doctor on staff. Stephanie grins, realizing that's where his shiner came from. He asks if Mel's rich. Steph says her husband is, then takes off, bumping into Mel on the way in. Melanie realizes where he got his information from and he tells her he thinks she really blew it with her rich husband. She calls him a jack-ass and threatens to call Justin.


Back at the mansion, Taylor leaves a note for Nicole, explaining that she's spending the night in a hotel. She heads to the door as EJ walks in, telling her he can't spend the rest of his life in denial. He pulls her in for a kiss.


Melanie returns to the hospital with coffee, hyper from drinking too much caffeine. Daniel grabs her third cup as she babbles and greets Jennifer.


Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"I'm not okay," Carly tells Nate.

Nicole says, "Everyone knows EJ and Taylor can't stand each other."

EJ and Taylor make out wildly at the mansion.

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