Unearthly Experience

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Marlena has an unearthly experience, Max and Mimi get closer, and Belle makes a startling discovery about John!

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At the penthouse, Roman and Marlena discuss how she will never give up on John. She doesn't think that John's brain is shutting down. Underneath all of those injuries and tubes, she feels that he understands what's going on. Roman thinks that John's brain isn't functioning, because of what the doctors told them, but Marlena wonders if the doctors could be wrong. She knows that he is in there and trying to tell her something. She is very confused and needs someone to talk to. She asks Roman to hear her out. Roman can't help but wonder if she needs closure, but she stops him. She asks him what she needs to do if she can't help John. He advises her to do the best she can but realize that she's not a miracle worker. He tells her that she and John make love look easy. She grabs his photo and tells Roman that she can't accept that all John will have to look forward to is blinking his eyes or whispering his name. She begins to cry. "I'm not giving up on him," she promises. Roman wants her to accept help, not defeat, he says. Roman tells her that she feels things that the rest of them miss. He promises to be with her day and night - as a friend. Marlena is happy to have him take care of her, and he tucks her in on the sofa while he goes to prepare dinner. Marlena wakes up as the doors to the balcony open up. Wind rips through the curtains and Marlena hears John call her name. She rubs her arms and says, "I can feel you! Oh, I can feel you." Suddenly it stops and she demands that he come back. Roman comes to her and grabs her as she reaches out to the sky, calling John. Roman is worried about her but Marlena yells at Roman, "John was here and you ruined it!" Roman decides that he can't trust that Marlena will be okay on her own and elects to stay with her from now on. Marlena starts to wonder if it was just a dream, when she notices that the wind is no longer howling. Marlena convinces Roman to leave and when he does, she notices a broken vase on the floor. The wind starts up again and she calls to John to give her a sign!


At the hospital, Belle hangs homemade pictures from Claire and talks to her dad about some things that Claire has been doing lately. She starts to cry and begs John to wake up and tells him that Claire was taken from her and Shawn. She expresses her concerns that Victor will take Claire away from them for good and begs John to, "Please come back." She pleads with him to give her a sign and as she weeps, John moves his fingers near to hers. She gasps when he touches her with his pinky finger! Belle yells for the doctor to come and she starts to laugh as she tells him, "I miss you so much!" He continues to touch her finger with his pinky finger. Dr. Tucker tells Belle that John touching her was just a muscle spasm. Belle demands a second opinion and asks that he call her mother.


Bonnie and Connor scope out the morgue. While Bonnie hides out, Connor goes to the morgue attendant and makes up a story that his aunt passed on and he's looking to identify the body. The morgue attendant says his aunt Dorothy Johnston isn't on the list and after he goes upstairs to check if she has arrived yet, Bonnie and Connor break into the morgue to locate the skeleton! Inside the morgue, Bonnie wonders aloud where the bones could be. She starts to open the body storage lockers and finds a few stiffs. She gasps in horror but moves on to the next, until she realizes that bones wouldn't need to be refrigerated. She looks in a body bag that is on an autopsy table and finds the bones. Someone comes to the door and she quickly gets under a sheet. Another morgue attendant comes into the room and notices Bonnie's red heels sticking out from the white sheet. She is surprised that the shoes weren't removed and pulls them off. When she wipes down Bonnie's feet, Bonnie holds in laughter and kicks a leg up! The startled attendant whispers that it must be "Rigor mortis" and puts her shoes in a plastic bag, then rushes out of the room. Bonnie gets up, grabs the body bag with the bones inside, and runs out of the room to Connor! She runs outside before Connor and he is stopped by the first morgue attendant. He came back to tell Connor that he can't find his aunt anywhere! Connor says, "Well, what do you know? Maybe she's not dead?!" He then runs outside with Bonnie and the bones. Bonnie hasn't decided where to put the bones yet, so the two discuss what their next plan is. Bonnie asks Connor to bring "Bo Jangles" to the car.


At Max's place, Mimi and Max get cozy on the sofa. They kiss and agree that they feel good together. They begin to passionately kiss on the sofa, and as Max lifts Mimi over his shoulder to take her into his bedroom, Shawn walks in! A disheveled Max and Mimi ask Shawn to start announcing himself from now on! Shawn tells them the news about he and Belle losing Claire. Mimi hugs him and apologizes to her friend. He and asks them to sign a petition as a character witness and the two agree to help in any way that they can. Once he is gone, Mimi has a hard time getting Shawn and Belle out of her head. She stops the proceedings, and Max is supportive with her. He tells her that they don't have to do anything. She's surprised. She has heard that he was a player! He admits he was but has changed - for her! They kiss some more and then they both go to bed - alone.


Back at the hospital, Dr. Tucker tries to convince Belle not to call Marlena because of an involuntary muscle spasm, so she asks him to explain this to her. He tries to convince her that he has seen hundreds of patients react this way but knows that it's not him inside. Belle gives her father a kiss on the head as Dr. Tucker leaves. Shawn shows up to ask how John is doing. She explains what happened with John and what the doctor advised her but she isn't sure she believes Dr. Tucker. Shawn feels for her. She remembers being young and they couldn't wait to grow up. Now they realize it is not all that it's cracked up to be. She hates that Victor is winning against a terrific man like John. She worries that they'll lose Claire for good. Shawn comforts her and reminds her that people are going to stand up with them in court. Belle is comforted knowing that all of their friends and family will be there for them in court, but she doesn't want Marlena to be there. She worries about her mom's state of health. Shawn tells her that he understands because he isn't going to ask his grandparents to be there, either. Belle cries as Shawn consoles her.

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