Abby puts two and two together!

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Abby confronts Nick, Steve agrees to see a 'shrink', and Shawn and Belle see a Lawyer.

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At the garage, Nick storms out on Chelsea, after telling her, "You've bossed me around for the last time." Chelsea snickers as Abby asks her what she has ever done for Nick. She tells her that she's not a good friend to him and then she too storms out. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea deserved to be yelled at and that he doesn't deserve to be treated as a slave. He agrees but admits, "I'm still in love with her." He figures that he knows the 'real' Chelsea. Abby says that Chelsea liked it when Nick yelled at her, and urges Nick to respect himself. He promises to do so and thanks her for the advice. He has to run to take down the Christmas decorations.


Inside the office of the garage, Chelsea receives a call from her mom. She jokes that whenever she puts on lipstick, Billie calls. Billie asks her to meet with her at the Brady Pub. She has some great news to share!

Chelsea comes back into the outer garage after Nick leaves and asks where the bad boy is! Abby again chastises her for her behavior but Chelsea doesn't seem to get 'it'! Abby jokes that Chelsea will get voted off of the island if she doesn't watch it! Chelsea tells her friend that she sounds like her mom, which reminds her that she has gossip to spill. As Abby cringes, she is told that yesterday Chelsea found out that her mom was with a man. She goes on to say that she found out when she noticed his belt under the sofa! Abby looks shocked and once Chelsea is gone, she flashes back to Nick losing his belt! She mutters to herself, "Nick and Chelsea's mom? Oh my god, he couldn't have. It's so disgusting!"


At Chez Rouge, Maggie notices that one of her Christmas decorations is broken. Nick walks into the restaurant to help her put ornaments away and helps her to fix the ornament. As they talk, she realizes that Nick is having woman troubles. She wonders with whom! She goes into the kitchen while Abby comes in to confront Nick about sleeping with Billie. He keeps quiet until she mentions that Billie's man left his belt behind. Nick looks guilty! Abby raises her voice, when she tells him that she can't believe it. She is disgusted.


At the Brady Pub, Shawn and Belle discuss Victor and Philip gaining custody of Claire. Shawn promises Belle on his life that he won't let Philip and Victor get custody. Hope and Kayla introduce a Lawyer, to the pair. He comes recommended by Frankie. Dan (The Lawyer) tells the two that Philip was deceived just as they were and is just as innocent. He left because he was hurting and in shock, but although he sides with them, he has to see both sides. Belle admits that Victor set her up and Dan agrees, "Victor played both of you," he declares. Shawn realizes that he has done some things that will go against them, such as living with a prostitute, but those are past mistakes. Dan tells them that they both need to show that they've changed. Victor has ammunition to show that Belle is not a good mother. Shawn demands that the counselor tells them what to do to fight back. Dan tells them that they're dealing with perception only right now. Shawn gives fact that Philip ran away from parenthood when he found Shawn to be the father, but Dan reminds Shawn that Philip went to war. He is in the hospital right now and may not show up for the court date. Dan tells Shawn to present themselves as loving and rational parents. He leaves, promising to be in touch.


Billie arrives at Brady Pub and tells Hope that she looks wonderful after the birth of her baby. She asks Kayla how she and Steve is and it's awkward but Billie tells Kayla that she got Steve's letter and is truly glad that the couple is back together. Kayla thanks her and tells Billie that Steve meant his words. Billie asks what the baby's name is. They explain that they're having a hard time naming her and have temporarily named her 'doodlebug'. Billie suggests "Ilene". Neither Hope nor Kayla like the name. They find that it sounds as though it's from an old movie. Hope runs to get a diaper change while Billie and Kayla offers Billie to hold the baby.


Hope wanders over to Belle and Shawn's table and tells Belle that they'll ban together with their love and faith to keep Claire. Shawn isn't so sure that they can go up against Victor and promises that he and Belle will run away with Claire before they let Philip take her from them.

At the table, Kayla thanks Billie for telling her not to give up on Steve and for handling this with grace. Billie admits she feels stupid and embarrassed. Kayla tells her that both Steve and Kayla are sorry for how she was hurt. Billie makes light of things but nods that she appreciates Kayla's words. She promises that she'll get over it.


At Child Protective services, a shaken Beverly calls the police on Steve, while Bo holds Steve back. His episode worsens until Steve finally comes to his senses and apologizes to Beverly for his outburst. Bo takes him outside of the office and demands to know what's going on with Steve. "I don't know.. . Nothing," he says. Bo threatens to kick Steve's 'Skinny butt' if he doesn't' start talking to him. Steve finally comes clean. He reminds him of Benjy and lets him know that the episodes started the night when he had dinner with Benjy and his wife at Chez Rouge. He goes on to say that he hears voices, banging and sees bright light. He says it's all in his head but can't seem to stop it. Just then a police officer arrives and Beverly asks that Steve be placed under arrest. Bo tries to get the police officer to allow him to vouch for him as his superior, but he's not able to do so. B pleads with Beverly and she agrees to let him go as long as he gets out and never returns. Steve thanks Bo and tells him that he feels like his mind is trying to reach something from long ago and asks Bo to promise not to tell Kayla what happened. Bo tells him that he can't keep that promise. Steve promises not to tell Kay if he agrees to see a "shrink". Steve finally agrees to it but won't tell Kayla. Bo is frustrated with his brother-in-law for lying to Kayla as he is worried that Steve could potentially hurt someone - including Kayla. Steve remembers that long ago Kayla trusted him. He wants her to do so again. He asks for time to get a "Handle on this craziness" Bo agrees to it.

Chelsea shows up to the pub and smiles brightly. "You adopted a baby!" Billie laughs and tells her that this is Bo and Hope's baby - her sister! Chelsea smiles brightly again, but before she goes to hold the baby, Hope comes back from talking to Shawn and Belle, to take 'doodlebug'. Chelsea is a little hurt, but Kayla tells her that Hope didn't mean anything by it. She didn't realize that she was going to hold the baby. Chelsea is happy once again when Billie tells Chelsea that they have a new apartment! Steve and Bo arrive back to the pub and Kayla tells Steve that Stephanie has invited them out to dinner to share special news. They leave, as Bo tells Hope that the day was a bust. "He then goes over to tell Shawn and Belle that Claire is in foster care. He asks the two to hang in there but as soon as he's gone, Shawn makes his plans to take Claire far away from Salem, if the judge rules against them.


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