The lap dog retires!

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Sami gets Billie and Chelsea a place to live, Victor pays the Brady's a visit, and Steve has another episode.

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In the hospital, Lucas sees that Sami is in the paper. He reads the paper to her and tells her that she's a hero, but she laughs it off. She thinks about EJ forcing her to have sex with him. Kate grabs the paper and agrees with Sami that everyone gets their 15 seconds of fame and then it's over. Billie walks in and calls Sami a hero and Kate changes the subject to ask about Billie's living situation. Billie shares the news that she was kicked out of Bonnie's home, so Kate offers to put them up. Billie appreciates it but Sami doesn't think it's a good idea. She has a better idea. There is an apartment for rent in her building - Lucas'. (The guy who was to take the apartment didn't work out.) Sami starts to make a few barbs to Kate but stops herself and promises that it's a great idea for Billie and Chelsea move in next door. Billie thanks them and hugs Sami. She runs home to pack! Kate is the only one miserable! Someone from the Spectator comes to ask to take a photo of Sami and this further annoys Kate. He takes a photo of Lucas and Sami while Kate runs off. The photographer takes a few shots. Afterwards, they play nerf basketball and then start to 'make out', and have a tickle fight. Lucas tells Sami he loves his little hero, and we see Kate walk in.


At Salem PD, Connor arrives with a police officer. He seems jovial and asks his 'momma' for a little sugar! He has a southern accent and is wearing a cowboy hat. Bonnie tells Connor that he's in trouble. The fines he has accumulated add up to $1000. Mimi offers to pay for the fine and Connor tells the two that he has been in the rodeo when he was supposed to be getting his GED. Connor tells the ladies he's "Just like dad. 'A working stiff.'" Bonnie cringes when Connor gives Mimi a letter from their dad, who calls her by an old nickname, "Moo Moo".

Mimi leaves for a moment and Bonnie reminds him that he is there to protect the family. He thinks he should "Get it over with." But Bonnie doesn't want to tell Mimi the truth. Mimi comes back and asks what's going on and Connor lies and says that they're talking about school. Mimi is supportive and promises to help him pass his GED, this time. They go home.


At the garage, Nick spills the beans that although he had intended on telling Chelsea the truth, he lied to Chelsea. He told her that a Dr. Shane Patton is 'Lonely Splicer'. Abby thinks he's nuts, but he tells her that the timing was off. He flashes back to making love to Billie. Abby asks him where his belt is, but he changes the subject. He promises her that he has things taken care of, but she offers to tell Chelsea the truth that he is 'Lonely Splicer'. Nick throws her feelings for Max back in her face and reminds her that she hasn't exactly come clean with her feelings for Max. She tells him that she would but she knows that he thinks of her like a little sister.

In her room, Chelsea argues with Stephanie about Dr. Patton. Stephanie thinks that he is playing her and but Chelsea disagrees. She says that she knows men and thinks that Stephanie could learn a thing or two from her. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she's spontaneous and full of life and isn't interested in taking Steph's advice until she gets a man of her own. A hurt and annoyed Stephanie leaves. Chelsea messages Lonely Splicer.

Later, Chelsea arrives at the garage to see Abby and Nick. She asks, "Nick? I need you to stop being a jerk." She reminds him of his promise to find Dr. Shane Patton. She calls him 'Nicky' and tries to sweetly beg him for help. Nick tells Chelsea to stop calling him 'Nicky' and tells her starting now, I dont' do anything for you!" Chelsea is shocked! He tells her, "Find some other poodle to kick. I'm over it and I'm over you!" He uses her words when he tells her that he doesn't want to be her "lap dog" any longer.


Bo and Hope take the baby for a visit with Caroline, at the Pub. Shawn and Belle burst into the Brady Pub to share their devastating news that Child Protective Services took Claire away from them. Hope and Bo are shocked when Kayla tells the two what happened. Belle cries that she can't handle the thought of Claire not being with them. An angry Bo comforts his son and daughter- in- law and takes Steve with him as they go over to see Beverly Healey. Shawn promises that they'll get through this. Caroline brings the baby over and Belle's tears turn to smiles when she holds 'doodlebug'. Victor arrives at the pub to an angry family. He asks to make peace. They refuse and remind him that Philip isn't Claire's father. Victor says that if they fight him on this, they'll lose what little access they'll have to Claire. He threatens Shawn when he tells him that he has enough dirt on Shawn to ensure that Philip gets custody. He claims that he is trying to protect his family but Belle sees things differently and yells, "You don't deserve a family." Philip asks to be named as Claire's primary parent, and this further angers Belle. Hope tells Victor that all of his money can't make a good parent and he comes back with, "We're giving you a fair offer." He thinks that they need to be selfless about this and lets them know that they're allowed to visit Claire when they like." Shawn calmly tells Victor, "Take your 'very fair offer' and shove it, and get the hell out of my face." He holds the Pub door open. Victor tries to make Caroline see things his way but she yells at him "This is my pub, and my property and I want you out!" "I'll see you in court," he promises. The family stares at Belle as she bitterly points out, "That man doesn't deserve to live, does he?" Hope and Kayla comfort her and then a man comes in with a subpoena to appear in court tomorrow.


Bo and Steve arrive at Protective Services. Beverly tells the two that they received disturbing reports about how Claire's lifestyle was detrimental. Bo tells her that she has been played by Victor Kiriakis. Claire is going to be with foster care, and this angers Bo and Steve further. Steve tries to reason with Beverly and Bo asks if he can see Claire for two minutes to let her know that everything is alright. Steve sits down to wait for Bo and a bright light shines in his face, by another agent (accidentally) He has another episode. This time he hears voices telling him to, "Say it say it" He sees two blurry men in front of him. As Bo demands to see Claire, Steve gets up, runs over to Beverly's desk and throws everything off of it. He yells a guttural sound from his throat and scares the ladies.

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