A Photo-Opp!

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Mimi spots someone taking photos of she and Claire, Steve gets an MRI, and Marlena stays strong.

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Max sweeps up at the garage, but he is interrupted by a banging at the door. A somber Mimi enters the garage and asks for a friendly ear. She rants and raves about Patrick's issues and how she has no money to help him out. Max comforts her and tells her that he wants to be there for her.


Marlena lies at John's side at the hospital. She tells him she's there and is staying there. "I need to know that you're staying here too?" she asks him. She asks that he give her a sign that he hears her. Belle comes in to inquire about the test results. Marlena is expecting the doctor and asks that Belle wait with her. Both of them cry as they wait, and Belle tells John that she misses him and would give anything for him to call her by her old nickname, "Tink". Dr. Tucker comes in with bad news. John is still not responding to stimuli, and this leads him to believe that John may have brain damage. Dr. Tucker notifies Marlena and Belle," He's in a coma and won't likely come out of it." Both are devastated by this news. "Even if he did wake up," Dr. Tucker goes on to say, "his cognitive functioning would be impaired." Marlena discounts his suggestion that they transfer John to a long term care facility.


In Hope's hospital room, Shawn fawns over the baby girl while Claire visits with Bo while Shawn looks at the baby's eyes and happily comments, "She has Zack's eyes!" They agree, and Shawn asks what they've named her. Bo keeps calling the baby 'Doodlebug', because they can't find a better name! They share their concerns for John, yet are thankful that it was not Bo in his place. Shawn leaves and Hope suggests to Bo that they make the naming of the baby a contest in their family. Bo likes the name 'doodlebug', but reluctantly agrees to allow the family to name the baby. They snuggle the baby while they talk sweetly to the baby.


Back at the garage, Mimi is touched that Max cares enough to listen to her woes. Max thinks that their relationship is more than just friendship and this gets them feeling romantic. They start removing their clothes while they kiss ardently. A shocked Shawn walks in with Claire. He tells them they should have locked the door first, and the two try to act innocent. Shawn shrugs off what he saw and asks them both for forgiveness for all he has done in the past few months. Mimi and Max apologize for their part as well, and Shawn admits that he was too stubborn to forgive her in the past but he forgives her now. Mimi tells Shawn that she's happy to be able to be close with her goddaughter again, and comments that she misses Belle. They ask Shawn how things are with Belle, and he tells them that they're taking it slow. Max and Mimi try to explain their relationship but Shawn stops them as he reminds them that they dont have to explain anything. Mimi takes Claire on a walk to see some kittens down the block while Max asks Shawn if he's really okay with him getting together with Mimi. He proves it by telling him that he'd like his job back. Max is thrilled that Shawn wants to come back, as he has been through three mechanics since Shawn left. They look under the roof of a car, together.


Outside, Mimi plays with Claire while some man snaps photos of her. She hears the clicking and demands to know who they are and what they're doing. The person runs away and Mimi yells for Shawn to come. The guys run outside, where she relays to them what happened. A perplexed Shawn leaves and Max and Mimi go into the office, where Max tries to get romantic with Mimi. She reminds him of their pact to take things slow but can't help herself. She starts to leave but runs back into his arms, and they feverishly kiss!


Steve and Kayla arrive at the hospital, bearing gifts for the baby. He asks Kayla to visit the baby while he checks in on John. As he turns, he sees a child wearing a t-shirt with a decal of a devil on it. He spins around and flashes back to the devil tarot card that Benjy gave him. He holds his head as if in pain, and almost collapses, while Kayla struggles to hold him up. He tells her that he hears a banging in his head and doesnt know what it is. A frightened Kayla wants to get a doctor, but Steve refuses and downplays his issues. She goes off to find a neurologist friend of hers - Dr. Dan Carlisle. Steve and the doctor go off to perform an emergency MRI with Steve joking, "Take me to your torture chamber!" Steve kisses Kayla deeply before he leaves, and says, "My brain may be on the fritz, but my lips aren't!"

Kayla goes into Hope's hospital room to give the baby gifts. She asks Bo if he fainted like he did at Shawn Douglas' birth. He laughs but informs Kayla that he didn't! Hope boasts about how great of a delivery that Bo did for them. Kayla tells the two that Steve is having an MRI and the reasons why. They are both concerned for Steve but Bo jokes that, "I always knew that he had a screw loose!" Bo leaves the ladies together while he goes to check on Steve. Kayla admits to Hope that she has concerns that she'll wake up one day to find Steve gone. Hope tries to comfort her by telling her that she knows that Steve loves her. Kayla knows that is true, but remembers how her grief over Steve's 'death' took what felt like a lifetime. She finds it hard to trust him because she doesn't think he trusts himself. She thinks he's afraid of what happened during those years he was gone. Hope thinks that Kayla should just stand by Steve no matter what. The neurologist, Dr. Dan Carlisle arrives to tell Kayla that the results of the MRI are perfect! He still thinks that Steve needs a complete physical. Hope agrees and thinks she should also ask Marlena to counsel him with hypnotherapy. Kayla agrees and goes off to find Bo and Steve.


Elsewhere in the hospital, Bo goes to Steve to ask how the MRI went. Steve is positive that they won't find anything and asks him how John is. Bo and he agree to check in on him, and Bo asks Steve what John could have meant when he said the word "killer", when Steve and Kayla previously visited him in the ER. Steve's theory is that John was not himself. He remembers working in hospice and has seen this kind of thing many times with others who thought he was someone that he was not.


Back in John's room, Marlena promises she'll take John to specialists before she puts him in long term care. She'll never give up on him, she promises herself as much as the doctor. Dr. Tucker wishes them good luck but tells them that he stands by his prognosis. Bo and Steve walk in just then and find out the prognosis. Steve apologizes to Marlena for the bad news, and John's heart monitor starts beeping wildly. Marlena rushes to his side."He's hypertensive," she yells. She comments that when Steve came into the room, John's heart rate shot up. Dr. Tucker tells Marlena that it's impossible, but Marlena demands a second EEG. Steve's head hurts once more and Bo notices as Steve grabs his head as his eyes roll back in his head. Marlena asks Belle to go be with Claire while she gets the second EEG. As they leave the room, the doctors wheel John out. Bo, Marlena and Steve talk over John's bed, and we see as John's hand moves as they talk. He reaches to the air as Steve tells Marlena that he hopes that the tests go well. Nobody sees this happen.

Shawn, Claire and Belle sit at the Hospital Chapel and pray for John. Shawn tells her that he thinks that she is right about the woman who is watching them. He thinks that someone is investigating them.


Elsewhere, the woman from Child protective services (Beverly) gets the photos of the baby from the photographer, who tells her, "You can tell Mr. Kiriakis that we're ready."


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