A shooting in Salem!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

John is shot, Sami is held at gunpoint by EJ, and Hope goes into labor.

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Lexi calls Abe from her cell phone in her car. She asks about his test results but Abe is still awaiting news to find out if he has rejected Zack's cornea transplant. She agrees not to tell Theo about Abe's sight issues and hangs up. She jumps as Tek enters her car. "I have to talk to you," he says. She reminds him of the restraining order she has out on him, and he presses her for five minutes alone. Eventually she gives in, and they drive somewhere secluded.


In the abandoned cabin, Lucas and Sami awake - freezing! The fire has gone out, so after he promises to pay back the owners for the loss of their books, he burns them. Lucas brings up EJ again and tells her that he's thankful that, "He's being taken care of now." He promises that he'll take care of her from now on and with a grin, he tells her he'll make love to her all night long once the fire is on. She hears a noise on the roof, and yells as the snow caves in the roof, making a bed over Lucas. His legs are pinned down, by wood and Sami can't get a signal on her cell phone when she tries to call for help. Lucas passes out and Sami cries and yells for him to wake up. He wakes up and she asks him to focus on Will, and their future together. She leaves him crackers and water, while she goes out for help. She dashes out side and tries once again to start the car. The car doesn't turn over, and she starts to cry, "Lucas, what am I going to do?"


Bo finds Patrick's SUV, and Hope's keys.

Inside an abandoned warehouse, Hope tries to get Patrick to save himself. He tells her he has no choice but to complete his last assignment; to get Hope away from Bo, and then kill her! Hope is in shock and begs him not to go through with it. She pleads with him to save their baby, if anything. She uses her cell phone to call Bo and when Bo is calling her name, Patrick struggles with her and throws her phone down. He doesn't realize that Bo is listening from the other side. She gives Bo hints by talking about the warehouse that they're at, and tells Patrick that Bo will find them. She doesn't think that the Patrick she knows would want to hurt their child and asks him to feel the baby moving inside her. He yells at her to stop it, but she presses on. "You're stronger than EJ. You don't have to do what he says. We will find a way out of this together," she promises. Patrick wants no part of her plan, and tells her, "You don't care about me!" She apologizes that she doesn't care for him the way he wants her to but she does care. She reminds him that he helped her through the toughest days of her life. He tries to tell her it was just an act, and that he was paid to do it. She doesn't buy it. She thinks that this was the real him. The two hear Bo calling from outside the door.


At the boathouse, EJ has his gun on John. [Roman and another cop are outside, concerned that they no longer have contact with John.] EJ thinks that John must be wishing he would have worked for Stefano by now, but John tells EJ that he was Stefano's pawn. He was imprisoned and brainwashed and was never interested in working for Stefano. EJ tells him he won't have to worry about that much longer. John taunts EJ, and says he wonders why Stefano gave the reins to EJ, of all people. In the background we hear police sirens. John talks about Stefano's failing health, but EJ tells him that although his father's health may be fading, his power isn't. EJ forces John to call Roman to explain that he hasn't seen EJ yet.


While they drive, Lexi tells Tek that she loves Abe and doesn't want to see him anymore. Tek tries to convince her that she wants him as much as he wants her, but she denies it. They stop outside the boathouse, and Lexi tries to get rid of him. He leaves once Abe calls, and wanders around the boathouse. He hears EJ and John's voices and watches to see what's going on.


In his car, Roman cuts off John's call to take a call from Bo. Roman and the other cop leave to back Bo up at the warehouse. Once John hangs up, EJ toys with him. "Finally, alone at last," he says. EJ tells John, "You're either with us or against us." John asks EJ to tell him who else is on his hit list, and EJ shares the bad news - Bo and Steve. He spills to John that he has a secret assassin in place, and gives him a name. We don't hear it, but John does. He doesn't believe him and asks, "Why Bo and Steve?" EJ tells him that they're Bradys', and he needs to settle an old score. Suddenly, John goes to make a move and EJ shoots him. Tek witnesses the shooting, and makes a run for it then comes back when EJ leaves, and tells John not to worry, "I'll get help." He swears. He goes to get Lexi.


In her car, Lexi talks to Abe once again. He tells her that he just found out that he has rejected the cornea transplant. "I'm going blind and my life will be changed," he declares. She tells him that no matter what, they all have each other. She promises to be home soon, and hangs up then starts to cry. Tek interrupts her sorrow as he pounds on her door and tells her to come quickly. "John Black has been shot," he yells. They run into the warehouse as EJ watches. EJ steals Lexi's car.

Inside the boathouse, Lexi examines John. She is worried Abe will find them together and think that she's cheating on him again so she tries to usher Tek out. Tek tells her he can't go and explains that he's a witness! "I saw who shot John," he reveals. Although he didn't see EJ's face, he knows it was him. He saw him from behind. Lexi convinces Tek to leave but he tells her that if he does, she'll have to act as a witness. He leaves.


Still crying, Sami sits in the car. She hears a car approaching and runs out into the road to wave it down. She jumps in the car, begging for help, only to see EJ. She gasps and then tries to run, but he grabs her. He tells her that he knows about her attempts to dupe him and has found her to be amusing. She tries to make light of it, and then begs him to help Lucas. "You lied to me," he yells. She begs him to help her, but he tells her she'll help him get through the roadblock first. She tries to make a deal with him, but he holds a gun to her head and tells him they'll do things his way.


Back at the warehouse, Roman and the Salem PD arrive and ask Bo to talk Patrick down. He makes a call to Patrick, who requests a helicopter and $100,000 dollars. Bo tells him he can't do it, and then we hear a gunshot! BO screams, "HOPE!" Hope yells to Bo that she's okay and Patrick allows her to talk to Bo. She tells him, "I love you Brady," and advises him to listen to Patrick, because he's not bluffing. Patrick takes the phone and again demands that he get money and the helicopter. Suddenly, Hope's water breaks. She's going into labor. He throws his gun away. "Hope, I'm so sorry..." he says as he paces.

Roman gets a call from the warehouse, where John has been gunned down. He leaves Bo to take care of things.


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