I expect you to die.

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Lucas and Sami make love, John has a run in with EJ, and Hope is kidnapped!

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It snows outside as Sami and Lucas head out of town. They continue on while Sami mentions EJ, and how she thought he was her friend. Lucas reminds her that Roman and the other officers are going to be taking care of EJ. They suddenly have car trouble. They're stuck in the cold so need to walk back to a cabin that Sami saw on their way. They arrive at the abandoned cabin and Lucas lights a fire as Sami takes out their packed lunch and prepare a little feast for two! They decide to ration their food as they're not sure how long they'll be there. They take out the crackers, and sparkling cider and the two sit in front of the fire. Sami thinks about their past and they discuss how she left Austin at the altar. Lucas makes jokes about how people keep their cars running when they go see a Sami Brady wedding, and how the caterers don't even unpack the food (knowing it will not happen!). They laugh and then agree that they belong together. They start to kiss, and Lucas asks her, "Are you sure?" Sami is sure, and the two make love in front of the fire. After they make love, Sami tells Lucas she's glad they made it through all of the mistakes. He asks her if EJ is one of the mistakes and if she ever had sex with him. She's a little hurt, and tells him she never did, but how would it change things right now if she had? It wouldn't change things, Lucas promises. He admits to being insecure and then Sami tells him that she hated thinking about Carrie in bed with Lucas. Sami asks if they can promise to be open and honest to each other and not play games ever again. They kiss on it (their deal) and make love again!


In the abandoned church, Chelsea, Abby and Nick wait as the basement is searched and the soldier is brought up. Chelsea brings up her online love and says that she thinks that Lonely Splicer is holding something back. She wonders if he has trust issues or something, because can't understand why he doesn't want to meet her. Chelsea looks to Nick for answers, and demands to know why he hasn't found any information about her online love. He lies and tells her he has been helping her to find him, and Abby stands up for Nick, and tells Chelsea to give him a break. He has been busy with work and the holidays. Nick wonders if Chelsea should give up, but she can't. "He has changed my life," she admits. Chelsea goes to make a phone call while Abby tells Nick that she told him so! Nick is a little upset that he is a fake and that Chelsea likes Lonely Splicer - not him! He feels that Chelsea will be heartbroken once she finds out that he's the Lonely Splicer. Abby tries to persuade Nick to come clean. He wonders aloud if he just stops talking to her online, she'll give up on him. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea never gives up, and reminds him of how Chelsea has not given up on her parents. Chelsea comes back and Nick starts to tell the truth, but instead tells her that Lonely Splicer is in love with her. He asks her to give him some more time and that he'll eventually meet the guy. Chelsea hugs Nick happily!


The solider is brought up from the basement and the threesome is told that the skeleton is from the 19th century. They take him to the Salem Historical Museum. Chelsea leaves, satisfied after seeing the skeleton, and Abby asks Nick once again to come clean.


At Salem PD, Bo tells Roman, John and Marlena that this whole investigation is dependent on whether EJ shows up at the boathouse. They agree they need Bo to nail him as they can all use the good news. Bo feels ready to go and Roman promises that he'll back him up. "Wells is a DiMera and I'm going to take him down," Bo says. Bo is going to try to get EJ to incriminate himself. John and Marlena leave the two men, and go into the outer office, and John has reservations on how this is all going to play out. He tells Marlena, "Stefano sent EJ to kill me, Doc. This is my fight, not Bo's!" Marlena tells John that she understands but is happy he's not going to be a part of this. She agrees to pick up Will while John stays behind to see Bo and Roman off. She reminds him of their promise of honesty that they made in Rome, before she leaves.


At the Brady Pub, Patrick arrives as Hope removes the decorations from the holidays. He's there to collect on his deal and asks if she's ready to leave. She isn't going, she tells him, and brings up EJ. She wants Patrick to stay away from EJ, but Patrick lies and tells her he doesn't really know EJ. Hope doesn't believe him. She tells him, "Listen to me, he's the bad guy. Basically, I think you're a good guy." She begs him to co-operate with the police, and tells him that this may be the last chance he has to save himself and be a part of their baby's life. Patrick knows that the cops have been tailing him for days, but he has fooled them. He gets flustered and thinks that Hope wants him to be caught. She asks him to run but not to expect her to go with him, but he grabs Hope's arm, and pulls out a gun. He tells her, "I say we're leaving - now!" He tells her to get her coat and "Let's go!" He reminds her that she didn't resist him on Morgan Island and she tells him that if he forces her to go with him, she'll make his life a living hell! Caroline comes out when she hears Patrick raising his voice. She demands to know, "What's going on here?" Patrick puts the gun in his pocket and Hope gets rid of Caroline. Caroline leaves and Patrick tells Hope, "Time's up." He takes out his gun, and calls Chelsea on her cell phone. He asks her to tell and asks her to tell Bo that she saw he and Hope in a car, heading out of town. Chelsea refuses to get involved and says "I don't care about that anymore, so just get over yourself." She hangs up, and Hope takes the chance to mace Patrick. Chelsea calls her dad and tells him all about the conversation she had with Patrick and Bo is incensed. He tells Roman and John that Patrick has kidnapped Hope. Bo asks John to take his place while he goes after Lockhart. He makes a run for it as Roman tells John that Doc loves him for who he is, and this.. is who he is! John is reluctant but doesn't want to leave his friend hard up. He agrees to get wired up.

Hope gets a call from Bo when she is in an SUV with Patrick, driving out of town. She doesnt answer it, as per Patrick's orders.When they arrive at their destination, Patrick asks Hope to get out of the car. She asks him to think about the baby, and he holds his head and tells her he has his orders.


Bo goes to see Caroline at the Brady Pub. She's putting away decorations and isn't much help. She tells him that Patrick and Hope were there but didn't see them leave. Bo finds a bottle of the mace that Hope used, and sighs, saying "She must have used this to fight him off damnit!" Caroline starts to blame herself, but Bo knows it's not her fault. She tells him she knows that Patrick was in an SUV. Bo runs out.


John is at the boathouse with a gun and flashlight. He sees movement and EJ winds up behind him. EJ tells John to move, "Drop the gun, nice and easy." John drops the gun, but tells EJ it's all over for him! EJ is insulted that John would think that EJ was stupid enough to fall for this. John tells him it's inconsequential. The roads are blocked, and Roman is listening to them. EJ has bugged the system so that Roman can't hear their conversation. (A disconcerted Roman is shown. He can't hear anything.) John asks what EJ expects of him, and is told, "I expect you to die."

Patrick asks Hope to get out of the car, even when she asks him to think about the baby. He holds his head and tells her he has his orders.

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Hopes waters break. She's having the baby!

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