I'm Not A Great Mom.

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Allie comes across Sami with EJ, Jennifer has a disastrous meeting with Ben, and Rafe destroys Nicole's video evidence.

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In the loft, Rafe plans on getting the camera back from Nicole. He’ll make his move when she’s distracted with Sydney. Sami doesn’t like the idea of using Syd as a pawn. Rafe calls in a favor to Mike to get a program to stop the video from going viral and asks Mike to distract Marco for a while. He leaves and Sami lets Will know about what’s been going on. She thinks he’s entitled to be screwed up after all he has been through in life but is amazed he's wonderful and dependable. Will calls her a fighter but she worries Nicole will take Syd from her. Will tells her to trust Rafe and calls her a great mom. Sami scoffs at that. "I’m many things but I’m not a great mom." They hug and she tells him he has pretty low standards. They laugh and Will takes off for school.

EJ thinks to himself in the mansion that desperate times call for desperate actions. He’s off to Switzerland. Lexi arrives and he gives her the first pound he ever earned and wants her to give it to Theo. He wanted to buy a Star Wars action figure with it but his step-father thought it was best to save it. Lexi wonders if this is EJ saying goodbye. He tells her no, he has just been reflective as of late. Lexi receives a page and has to dash but they agree to get together later. Once she has left, EJ says, "I lied. That was goodbye." He packs up and leaves.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole flashes to making a deal with Rafe and Sami. She fixes a martini and says as long as she has the video, she can bring Sami to her knees, which is where she belongs. She drinks to Ari for giving her the smoking gun. Rafe and Syd arrive, much to Nicole’s delight and Rafe needs to set up ground rules. She can't tell EJ about this, there's to be no surprise visits and no booze. Nicole agrees and holds Sydney happily. They play and Rafe admits Nicole’s really good with Sydney. He asks if there’s another reason she didn’t go to the police with the video. Rafe suggests she hates EJ as much as Sami. Rafe wants them to trust each other but Nicole finds this funny. Rafe starts eying her laptop. Nicole reminds him he was threatening to kill her an hour ago. Rafe smirks and says he’s actually pretty easygoing when he’s not protecting Sami. He flashes to meeting with Mike who gave him a thumb drive that’ll wipe out the hard drive and ensure if the user downloads anything else it too will be destroyed. Rafe fakes a call from the foyer and plugs in the thumb drive into her laptop and deletes her files.


Jennifer and Bo sit at the pub where Jennifer admits Jack left her to follow a story. Bo thinks Jack’s a jerk and that goes along with being a guy. Jennifer is glad the kids are happy and she’s happy to be at home. Bo wonders if she’d give him another chance. Jennifer’s not sure. As much as she loves Jack, she no longer wants to be blindsided. She wonders if she was a shrew who drove him away and then asks Bo to keep this to himself. Jennifer says it was nice talking to him even though sometimes she thinks he’s a jerk too!


Before Carly is ready to leave Statesville, she tells Hope that Bo’s not doing well. "How could he be? You’re in here." Hope knows he feels guilty but Carly insists they both know it’s more than that. Carly understands Hope’s feelings about the need to be in prison. They find it ironic that Carly’s the only person who does. She knows Bo still cares for her. "Why do you think he sent me here?" Bo’s worried about her and wants her to start fighting back. Hope’s glad Carly told her that. Carly’s happy to support Bo, who is a good man, unlike the past men she has been with. Carly suggests they appear to be friendly in case she has to return. Hope thinks it’s a good idea but suggests they don’t get too friendly. Those in the clink know about her situation. Carly leaves and Hope is pulled into the infirmary. Lee puts her to work and Hope asks after Lee’s background. Lee looks at the clock and takes off, ignoring Hope’s question. Jane arrives and Hope asks what her background is and about Lee’s. Jane says she went to college and admits she forgets what Lee’s background is. After she leaves, Hope wonders why Lee’s keeping her past a secret.


EJ arrives at the loft in order to bury the hatchet. Sami doesn’t believe him. She turns away and he grabs her and chloroforms her. Allie walks up as EJ lays Sami on the sofa and screams.


Jennifer arrives at the hospital and runs into Lexi. They catch up and Lexi says she hasn’t seen Maggie. She introduces her to Dr. Ben Walters and then leaves when she’s paged. Jennifer notices a "walkabout" bracelet on Ben’s wrist and is immediately annoyed. She thinks it’s laughable that a grown man would leave everyone in his life to go find himself. She leaves Ben stunned.


Carly and Bo meet at the pub and discuss her visit with Hope. Bo leaves the table and Carly can see things aren’t over between him and Hope.


Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

Nicole warns Rafe, "You’ll never ever find what you’re looking for." He grins.

Melanie tells Victor that if Maggie left without telling anybody then something’s really wrong.

Vivian taunts Maggie. "Soon you won’t be able to remember your name."

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