I'm Worm Food.

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Hope looks to Bo for help with the prison mystery, Philip moves into the mansion, and Sami threatens Nicole.

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EJ breaks into Sami and Rafe’s loft and daydreams that Sami has caught him. They bicker and eventually Sami ends up in his arms kissing him. He snaps out of it when he hears Sami at the door. He hides. Sami forgot her diaper bag so searches for it in Sydney’s room while EJ comes out of another. He stops to tell Sydney how much he misses her and she calls out his name. He hides when Sami comes out asking if Syd called for her dad. She knows Syd misses her daddy but he can’t be around for a while. EJ rolls his eyes from behind a door and comes out of hiding when they leave. He rants about Sami keeping his daughter from him and continues the search but can find nothing.


Nicole walks the park missing Sydney. She runs into Kinsey who wants to be a TV reporter like her. She wants an intern job at Titan but Nicole wants her to work with her to see Sydney. Kinsey reminds Nicole of how crazed Caroline can be so Nicole encourages her by calling her a wuss. Kinsey doesn’t want to lose her job or to get into trouble from her parents but she lets herself get sucked in when Nicole tells her that making it in this world means she needs to have the upper hand. Kinsey demands to be paid handsomely. Nicole can only match her salary at the pub but Kinsey’s not interested. She leaves and Nicole runs after her. Kinsey asks for the intern position and Nicole says her financial situation isn’t great. When she gets more clout at her job she’ll be able to give her a position there. Kinsey mocks Caroline to Nicole, saying she was admonished for allowing Nicole to see Syd that day. Sami comes into the park with Syd and overhears. She starts hyperventilating and Kinsey explains she made a mistake and is sorry. Kinsey says she just finished turning down a bribe from Nicole who wanted to give her money in exchange for letting her see Syd. Nicole yells, "That’s a lie," and Kinsey takes off while Sami tells Nicole she’s never going near her daughter again. She’s planning on filing a restraining order. Nicole tells her to back off. She has no cause to worry. Nicole won’t hold Syd again. She just wants Sydney to be happy. Sami nods. Nicole tells Sami she has it made and hopes she doesn’t mess it up. Sami thinks of shooting EJ and Ari’s proof and tells Nicole she won’t.


Hope finds a file in the infirmary and is surprised that a patient died after surgery on a broken leg. Gasping, she quickly closes the filing cabinet when Jane and Lee return. Hope asks if she could see Bo again to discuss their daughter about some issues she’s having. Jane is accommodating and makes the call for her.


Bo bumps into Kayla coming out of the pub and she flashes to Caroline telling her she switched the paternity results. She needs to discuss something but when Carly comes up, Kayla clams up. Bo asks for Kayla to respect that he’s with Carly. Kayla tells him it’s not what he thinks and she apologizes for unfairly judging Carly. Carly’s accepting. They head inside and Kayla wants Caroline to tell Bo the truth. Stephanie and Nathan come tromping in and Stephanie sticks out her hand. They’re looking at the future Doctor and Mrs. Nathan Horton, she boasts! Everyone congratulates them and there are hugs all around. Caroline thinks they deserve happiness and looks at Kayla. "Right?" Stephanie can see something is up. Caroline takes Kayla aside and tells her everyone’s happy. Why does Kayla want to mess with that? Kayla could say the same about her. Stephanie interrupts their bickering and Kayla refuses to leave town until she gets this mess straightened out. Nathan and Stephanie canoodle nearby and Nathan takes off while Stephanie tries to figure out why her mom and grandmother are arguing. Kayla needs to tell Stephanie but Caroline forbids it. Kayla tells Stephanie there has been a terrible mistake in the paternity results.


Philip moves a box into the mansion when he comes upon Victor, who tells him there’s a problem with him and Melanie moving in. Philip goes ballistic. His stuff is packed on a truck. Victor tells him the renovations aren’t finished and Philip realizes Victor’s keeping him away for another reason. Later, he looks for his father but Henderson says he’s at the mausoleum again. Philip scoffs when Henderson suggests it gives Victor comfort. On the Kiriakis property, inside the sarcophagus, Vivian worries she’ll die in there. She thinks the fumes from the paint are finally attacking her brain. She looks down and sees maggots on her skin and starts yelling that she’s worm food but Victor pokes his head in and turns on the feed. He tells her unfortunately she’s still alive! Philip turns up and Vivian hopes this means she’s saved. Victor and Philip discuss the renovations and Victor says he doesn’t want to be around Melanie and Nicole, who don’t get along. Philip says there won’t be tension. The men leave with Vivian yelling that she gave Philip life and asks that he do the same for her.


Bo arrives at the prison and Hope tells him that something is going on at the prison that has to stop.


Sami arrives home and sees Arianna’s ghost playing the recording of Sami’s admission. Ari tells Sami somebody will find her camera. Sami tells her to go away and leave her alone.


EJ finds himself on the pier. He yells into the phone that he needs to find this proof.


Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

Kayla tells Stephanie, "Daniel's not the baby's father."

"I won't let you down again," Bo promises Hope.

"I can fix this for you Elvis," Stefano says to EJ.

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