Gruesome Twosome.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The wedding begins, somebody is rushed to the hospital and Melanie attempts to stop the wedding.

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At the Safe loft, Sami cries because she’s touched that Rafe quit his job for her. He launches into discussing protecting Will who he thinks attempted to kill EJ but Sami finally admits she is the one who tried to murder EJ. "What are you going to do about it?" she challenges. He kisses her, professes his love and then accuses her of lying. She tries to prove it by showing him her cell phone, saying Kate called to warn her about EJ taking the kids. She explains the events leading up to the shooting as she flashes back. Will arrives and Rafe says he’s heading to the office. Sami smiles in wonderment.


Victor arrives to Maggie’s to apply for the position of Knight in Shining Armor. Maggie squints. She tells him she’s still grieving her husband and can’t spend any time with Victor. She feels it’s disloyal to Mickey. Victor knows her loss is devastating and just wants her happiness, so he offers her a no strings attached lift to the wedding and promises to keep his distance afterward. That works for Maggie so they take off.


Nicole and Brady kiss at the park, before the wedding. Arianna stumbles upon them, sickened. She wants to know why they’re together. Brady says he doesn’t owe her an explanation, and simply says he and Nicole are together. He leaves to get the rings and Arianna wonders what Nicole did to him to turn him into an arse. Nicole taunts the other woman before Ari runs off. Maggie and Victor arrive and Maggie reports that Lexi and Abe can’t attend because of a crisis and Victor shares that Justin’s running late.


Philip and Chloe discuss Carly’s failed attempt to get Melanie to keep silent. He leaves and as Chloe’s back is turned, suddenly Carly silently appears in the room. Chloe apologizes for throwing her under the bus by telling Melanie her part in keeping the secret. Carly understands and hugs her friend. Chloe calls herself a coward. She prepares to face the truth.


Melanie runs into the Kiriakis living room and tells Daniel he can’t marry Chloe. He hugs her and comforts her. She’s confused and asks if he ‘knows’. He says he does, but he’s talking about the lie Nicole told and asks Melanie to forgive Chloe. Mel starts to cry when he tells her how much this means to him. He tells her how lost and lonely he was until he met Chloe but Melanie loves him too much to support the wedding. Suddenly, a jumpy Henderson rushes in after having burned his wrist with scalding water. He calls for help so Daniel rushes him to the hospital. Melanie realizes she must do this in public.


From her sarcophagus home, Vivian calls to Gus and admits she has made awful mistakes and needs him. He thinks she has gotten what she deserved. This is what the universe wanted. Vivian complains about the gruesome twosome.

Brady arrives at his room at the mansion to get the rings and checks on Vivian. He hears her talk to Gus and asks who she’s talking with. Gus listens as Vivian says she’s talking to herself and turning over a new leaf. Brady doesn’t buy it and leaves and Vivian plays on Gus’ sympathies. Brady heads downstairs for a drink where he finds Melanie. She notices he has changed his behavior and brings up how Chloe doesn’t deserve Daniel. Brady says Daniel will be fine and sips his booze as he tells her to mosey along to the wedding. She says she’s not going but leaves the mansion.


Philip arrives to the park and Nicole asks if there’s going to be a wedding. He doesn’t know. Carly arrives and can’t find Bo. Chloe turns up a bundle of nerves.

Nicole answers a call from Daniel who tells her he’ll be there within minutes and assumes Melanie will be as well.

Daniel shows up at the park looking for Melanie. Nobody has heard from her. He sees Chloe and she apologizes immediately. He’s taken by her beauty and says they’ve got to find Melanie and make this right. Nicole says the JP is there. Chloe says their flight leaves in a few hours to New York, where they’ll visit with her family. They’ve got to marry now. Daniel refuses to marry without his daughter. Brady appears. He tells Daniel he saw Melanie, who isn’t going to show up. Chloe is apologetic but wants to get the show on the road. Victor gazes at Chloe, thoughtfully and Daniel calls Melanie again. Chloe thinks Melanie’s overreacting and will come around. As the JP starts the wedding, a disheveled Melanie runs over ready to tell the truth about Chloe.


Rafe makes it official at the FBI, when he quits. He tells his co-worker he has never been so sure of anything.


Arianna is horrified when at the pier she overhears Will and Sami discussing how she shot EJ.


Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

EJ worries to Stefano about seeing his children.

"I really wrecked our lives, didn’t I?" Sami says to Rafe.

Melanie stops the wedding. "I need to talk to Chloe, alone."

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