Blood on his hands

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

EJ threatens Patrick, Mimi and Make break free of their ropes, and Billie is crushed.

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At the Brady Pub, Billie hugs Steve close and tells him she has missed him, but he pushes her away and asks if they can be somewhere private. They go outside, where Steve tries to break things off with Billie. He doesn't get a chance when Kayla drops by the pub. Billie looks from one to the other and says, "Poor Steve. I didn't let you get to the punch line." He tells her he has his memory back and Kayla leaves the two alone, while Billie cries. She tells him this is a good thing but is angry that he didn't call to retract his words. He apologizes for hurting her, and explains why he didn't come to her sooner. (He had been getting constant flashbacks in his head and was flustered.)


At a table inside, Roman and Bo talk quietly about the break-in. Roman takes out a map and tells his little brother that he has thought of a way that he can help him find Max and Mimi. Bo wanders over to see Hope at the bar. He apologizes for breaking and entering into Victor's mansion, but she doesn't think he needs to explain. She is proud of him! "You're a cop, down to the bone," she says. She has one request: "Don't get arrested! I need you at home." Kayla drops by the bar to thank Bo and Hope for their patience. She tells them that Billie is with Steve and she is sad for her, knowing that Billie will be hurt.

At a booth, Abby feels funny about telling Chelsea her feelings for Max. Chelsea tells her, "Relax. I promised I wouldn't tell." Roman shows up at their table to explain that he thinks Victor has kidnapped Max and Mimi and asks for their help in finding abandoned places that adults don't know about. Abby and Chelsea agree to help put up flyers and ask around to find out where young adults hang out.

Roman goes over to Hope and Bo and relays the news that John told him. EJ Wells is Elvis John - Susan and Stefano's son! Bo and Hope are shocked and Bo agrees to bring him down.


Outside the pub, Billie asks Steve what she meant to him as Chelsea comes outside. He can't answer and Chelsea overhears and stops short, with a look of concern. Steve apologizes and leaves. Billie cries as her daughter comforts her, holding her in her arms. Chelsea apologizes for what happened and Chelsea offers to get a job and help out with the rent, so they can get their own place together! This cheers up Billie and they hug and agree they'd prefer to get their own place rather than see 'Bon Bon' traipse around in her bra and panties! They go home.


Inside the pub, Kayla tries to cheer Steve. She asks him to write Billie a letter to explain things. He agrees to apologize in a letter and asks Kayla to go home and get naked with him.


(In the basement of an abandoned church) Max and Mimi, sit tied up, back to back. They find a way to break free of their binds and agree to stand up and face one another. Max remembers he has a pocket knife they can use to cut the ropes. They argue and try to move face to face. They fall to the floor with Mimi winding up on top of Max, first finding his keys, then something other than his knife "Oh, that is definitely not my knife!" she says. "I feel like I'm shooting an x-rated movie!" She gets the knife out, cuts them free and he tells her she's incredible. "You probably say that to all the women who stick their hand in your pocket," she smirks. They happily free themselves and realize that they're in a church basement, when they see several religious items. Mimi knows where they are - just outside of University Hospital. They make a bed, and find a picnic basket of food. Mimi happily realizes that Victor didn't want them to go hungry. Later they wonder about their sleeping arrangements, and think it's best to discuss it before they retire to bed!


Patrick meets with EJ at a bar in Talladega Atlanta. Patrick is weary when he finds out that John Black knows the truth about EJ being Stefano's son and the perpetrator of the Black Glove crimes. Patrick asks when EJ thinks they're going to leave the country, but EJ surprises him by saying they're going back to Salem. Patrick tries to refuse, as he is concerned for his safety. EJ threatens to kill Bonnie so that Patrick will go with him. He demands that Patrick, "Shut your bloody cake hole and listen!" EJ reminds him that he got his way with Hope, and he asks that Patrick take Hope away over Christmas. Patrick refuses and tells EJ, "If you want to kill me, go ahead." He refuses to allow EJ to harm Hope. Patrick refuses to hurt hope, and EJ laughs at him. It dawns on EJ that Patrick has a thing for Hope, and calls her a 'tasty piece'. He doesn't blame him for wanting "Fancy Face Hope Brady, but tells him she's a fantasy. EJ reminds Patrick that he has been following him all over Europe, wanting to have his lifestyle. EJ feels Patrick owes him! "You'll do whatever I want you to. I'm the one taking the bigger burden here. I'm the one who winds up with blood on his hands," he says. Patrick asks, "Blood? Whose blood?" He predicts that three men are going to die. One is John Black. He threatens to 'add his body to the pile', if Patrick breathes a word. Patrick doesn't believe that EJ could kill John Black and if EJ is caught, Patrick promises he'll be cheering along with the rest of them when they string him up! EJ tells him he will get one last message on how to deal with Hope Brady, and then he'll never hear from him again. Patrick asks who the other two men he plans to kill. EJ is cryptic, and tells him that he can expect a typhoon in Salem.

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