Trouble at Max's Garage.

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Bonnie meets with Lauren, Kate agrees - mum's the word, about Philip, and Max and Mimi are in danger!

Trouble at Max's Garage. image

At the Brady home, Hope sleeps on the sofa while Bo traces her face with his hand. She wakes up and asks him what he's doing up. He woke up because he wanted to make sure that this wasn't a dream. The two kiss and agree to take things slow. Bo asks if she has heard anything from Lockhart, but she hasn't. She tells him that Patrick isn't going to come between them. A call from Roman interrupts the two. Roman asks Bo about Nancy Everett (the red-haired kidnapper). He asks Bo if he thinks there could be a link between Nancy and Philip. They agree to meet.


At the Lockhart home, Bonnie and Patrick argue about his money. Bonnie lies to Patrick that EJ gave her money, but Patrick knows she's lying because EJ admitted that Bonnie blackmailed him. He goes on to tell her that she also stole his money and if he doesn't get it back, he's going to call the cops! Mimi grabs a wad of money from Bonnie's pocket and throws it to Patrick, telling him 'Merry Christmas, now I don't have to buy you any socks!" Bonnie reminds Mimi that she too siphoned off some of the cash and invites her to tell Patrick what she did with it. Patrick is hurt that Mimi would steal from him and after Mimi comes clean, he walks out on the two.

Max meets with Roman at Chez Rouge to tell the cop what he knows about Philip going back into the military, his injury and eventual transfer to the veterans' hospital in Atlanta. Roman is surprised, and Max goes on to say that he has since then disappeared from the military hospital. He and Mimi think that Victor is involved. Roman wonders where he comes in. Max tells him that if something should happen to he and Mimi, he figures it is best that Roman know ahead of time! Roman tells Max to leave the rest up to him.


At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate continues to cry as Victor shares the news about Philip's face transplant. She asks him why he didn't tell her about Philip, and he tells her it was because "I knew you would be slighted!" Kate is amazed. She tells him that not being greeted by a friend at the grocery store is being slighted! She grabs the phone and starts to make a call to the hospital to get Philip 'round the clock' care, and then says she's going to make a call to Roman to find out how many laws Victor broke when he 'stole' Phil from the veterans' hospital! Philip taps his cane hard and reaches for Kate. It appears that he doesn't want her to make the calls. She puts the phone down and Victor fixes Kate a drink and agrees to tell her everything. He shares the news that Philip told Victor that leaving Claire broke his heart. When Victor heard this, it broke his heart, too. He shares the news that he is suing Belle and Shawn for custody of Claire. Kate has trouble taking all of this in but she agrees to stand by Philip - as always. Kate tells him that he has underestimated her, Mimi and Max. She explains her part in working with Max and Mimi to get information about Philip. She tells him it's touching; they really care about him! Victor tells Kate "Max and Mimi need to be kept on ice." He reassures her that Max and Mimi will not be harmed.


At the Brady house, Bo leaves to see Roman. Patrick shows up with two first class tickets for them to go away together - to Cabo San Lucas! Hope is surprised that the wants to take her all the way to Mexico and tells him this is just a business transaction. She has no interest in him. "From here on out, the only thing you and I will be sharing is custody of our child," Hope promises. He isn't discouraged, and tells her he thinks she'll change her mind about him!


Roman and Bo meet at Chez Rouge. They discuss the connection between Philip, and Nancy Everett. Roman thinks that Victor paid Nancy off to kidnap Claire but he can't figure out why. Bo shows him the mug shots of Nancy, and Roman sees that the plot is thickening! Bo asks Roman if he can help with the investigation, but Roman balks at the thought. He knows that the PD is in trouble as it is, because of the way things went down with EJ Wells investigation. Bo doesn't care. He wants to get to the bottom of this!


Max arrives at his garage to find a frantic Abby. He finds out that she's nervous after watching a black van sitting outside, watching the garage. He tells her he'll drive her home, and Abby asks, "Are you sure Mimi would mind?" A confused Max tells Abby that she's not his girlfriend so he doesn't need to answer to her. She shows her feelings for him, but he doesn't notice. He admits that he likes Mimi, much to her chagrin, and a crushed Abby leaves. He takes a call from Kate, who asks to meet Mimi and Max to discuss Philip. He asks her to come to the garage, and then continues to look outside at the car.

Back at the Lockhart house, Mimi asks her mom to come clean with the reason why she is stealing from Patrick. Bonnie has nothing to day, so when her back is turned, Mimi looks through her ledgers. She's shocked to find that Bonnie took a second mortgage on the house and worries that her mom is in over her head. Bonnie tells a partial truth. She says that she has invested in something and in three months it will pay off - big! Mimi doesn't believe her but has to leave after she takes a call from Max. She promises her mom, "This conversation is not over!"


Mimi arrives back at the garage to find Max paranoid! He tells her about how the black van has been circling the garage. Mimi says, "Now you're starting to freak me out." She picks up the phone to call the Salem PD, but the line is dead! They hear a crash; the lights go out, and Max grabs a (crowbar?), and then heads out into the darkness. A frightened Mimi peers out from the office as she hears another crash.


Bo arrives home to an amorous Hope. They kiss and she takes him upstairs to make love!


Bonnie watches as Lauren dines on lobster at Chez Rouge. Lauren wants more money. Bonnie pleads with the pregnant girl to be patient. The big pay-off is coming soon, she promises. Lauren agrees to let her off the hook, but warns her that she'd better come through or her "little gold mine" will disappear - permanently!

With music playing in the background, ('When everything seems wrong', by Ari Hest, from their album, "Someone to tell") Kate and Victor spend time with Philip. Victor holds out his hand to Kate and she agrees to a dance.

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