Break His Heart For A Box Of Popcorn.

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Rafe stops the wedding just in time, and somebody switches the paternity test.

Break His Heart For A Box Of Popcorn. image

When Judge Kilpatrick asks if anybody can show just cause why Sami and EJ shouldn’t be joined together, someone bangs at the door. Kate finds Roman at the door. He barges in, about to arrest Sami in order to stop her from making a mistake. He cuffs her and Will smirks. Roman plans to figure out what the charges are on the way to the station and Judge Kilpatrick decides to go into the garden and give them time. Sami doesn’t want or need her father’s protection. She tells him they’re in love and both have changed and begs him to let them be happy. He agrees not to stand in her way and they head into the foyer where Roman reminds her she was about to make up with Rafe only yesterday. Sami says she had a stupid naive thought they’d get back together. She loves EJ and he’s great to her and the children.

Inside the great room, Lexi assures everyone that Roman will change his mind about the wedding. She goes to check on the kids and Stefano whispers to EJ that he was worried Roman knew that EJ was the Sydnapper. Lexi, Sami and Roman return. The judge goes on with the vows, skipping ahead. EJ says his vows and tells Sami she taught him how to love. He can’t imagine not having her in his life. Sami is happy that EJ has changed. He loves and respects her and she’ll trust him always.


Rafe and Nicole listen to the CD again in her room and Rafe tells Nicole this is everything he needs. Nicole wonders if he’s planning on taking the CD to EJ’s place to cut his throat with it. Rafe would love to. EJ’s in for a rude awakening. Nicole says Sami would break his heart for a box of popcorn, causing Rafe to tell her to shut up. She started this whole mess, he reminds her. Nicole has concerns that the DiMera’s will come after her but Rafe says 24 hour protection starts now, but she doesn’t think it’s good enough and runs out of the room in her nightie.


At Chloe and Daniel’s place, Chloe stresses over waiting for the paternity results. Melanie makes a toast and Chloe looks like she’s about to throw up. Daniel makes a speech about the future that sets Philip on edge and tells everyone he has a conference call. They leave. Once they leave, Daniel says he finds that strange and notices how tense Chloe is. He tells her both of their lives are about to change and he understands her stress. Later, in bed, Chloe sleeps while Daniel says he’d do anything for her. Anything. He gets a call and takes off. Chloe awakens.


At St. Mary’s the nun is surprised Carly came to pick up the test results in person. She can’t give the results to Carly, since she’s not on staff at St. Mary’s so she goes off to check for the agreement Chloe signed giving Carly access to the results.

Later, the nun returns saying that the nurse didn’t file the confidentiality agreement properly but she found it. She logs in and allows Carly access to the results, leaving her alone.


From her apartment, Stephanie is in tears about the results of the paternity test naming Philip as the father. She explains to Ian who Dana Scott really is and how Nathan fits into the story. She thinks Melanie will leave Philip for Nathan and runs off in tears.


Ian finds Stephanie at the pier, sobbing. He tries to comfort her but it doesn’t work. She’s prepared for the worst. They head back to her apartment and she asks him to change the test results in order to pay him back for what she did for him in college.

Melanie ends up at the pub and calls Carly and fills her in on the party, saying Daniel was excited but Chloe was hormonal. Philip interrupts the call. Melanie can see he’s on edge. He checks his cell phone and has to leave again. Once he’s done, he says his problems are over and he’s all hers.


Daniel wanders the pier looking pensive. He takes out his cell phone and says to himself, "Do it."

Meanwhile, outside the pub, Philip makes a call. "Yes or no. Can you do it? If you can do this, it’d mean the world to me."

At home, Melanie is on St. Mary’s website.

At her place, Chloe is on her computer on St. Mary’s website.

Back at Stephanie’s place, Ian goes into St. Mary’s website to change the results but they’ve already been changed.
At the pier, Daniel turns off his cell and says, "Done."

Philip is still outside the pub, thanking somebody on his cell.

We see Melanie saying, "That’s that," as she closes her lap top.

Chloe is at home, closing her own lap top.

Carly stands outside Chloe’s door waiting to knock.


Rafe drags Nicole into the FBI offices and offers her to stay in witness protection but until then, she’s in his custody. Nicole wonders how he’ll get Sami back after he blows EJ out of the water. Agent Cooper arrives to help protect Nicole. Rafe talks to Gabi who tips him off that Sami’s marrying EJ right now so he runs out the door with Nicole following.


Sami and EJ continue their vows but they’re interrupted by Rafe before they’re married.


Next on Days of our Lives:

Nathan says, "Now you can stop playing games with me cause I think I just figured out why that clown Ian was here."

Daniel tells Chloe and Carly, "There is something I would like to say."

Sami tells Rafe they have nothing to say to each other.

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