Days of our Lives Fan Comic Strip: The Grey Pants Chronicles image

(Red Angelus)

Pee Wee's own grey pants. (CBS)

Fan's adoration of DOOL shown in comic form! was introduced to comic, "The Grey Pants Chronicles" a few weeks ago on Twitter. "The Grey Pants Chronicles" is a comic strip about the adventures of EJ DiMera’s grey pants. You know the ones. They’re reminiscent of the ones worn by Pee Wee Herman in the 1980s. I’ve often wondered if EJ owns a pair of jeans, maybe some Dockers or a nice Italian suit... Still, without those pants, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of this humorous comic series "Red Angelus" has created for DOOL fans.

While we don’t want to spoil the series for you, we will tell you that the story starts out with EJ trying to get Stefano interested in his lovely charcoal grey pants that Samanther calls "poetry in motion." When Rafe discovers the lure of the grey pants, he makes a pass at EJ. Stefano soon realizes that there really is something intriguing about the grey pants and he must have his own… spoke with the creator, Red about how this amusing series took shape, and where she sees it going. What or who prompted you to start this comic series?

Red Angelus: EJ Dimera is a beautifully complex individual. 2009 was a rough year for EJ fans when he lost his wit and charm leaving us with not much to enjoy. Notwithstanding, James Scott’s compelling performances. Needless to say, sometimes, the show leaves us to entertain ourselves. Enter the grey pants that EJ wears so well. When you first started it, was it just for fun or were you hoping to get it out there for all soap fans to see?

Red Angelus: The baby-switch storyline was heavy emotional laden leaving us fans upset on a daily basis. I was fooling around making funny sayings under a screen-cap to make others laugh during this saga. I had no idea at the time it would snowball into a comic strip. Miss Scarlett approached me in collaborating with the comic layout. Without her, this wouldn't be possible. Now, we hope to spread the giggles to all the Days fans. Are you an EJami fan or a Safe fan?

Red Angelus: I have been a fan of most of Sami’s pairings. EJ and Sami have a special quality to them that is captivating. There is so much potential in that pairing. Those aching looks they have for one another just wreck me. I mean, a DiMera and a Brady in love? Brilliant! That’s years of sweet storyline right there. When you write them, are you poking fun at the EJami/Safe quarrels and trying to lighten up the mood?

Red Angelus: I am an equal opportunist when it comes to teasing. I am poking fun at all the characters in Salem. Although at this point, EJ is the one taking the most of my bedevilment. I am certainly trying to lighten the mood in the EJami/Safe triangle. Who do you see yourself writing about next from the show?

Red Angelus: I am working on Phathan: A Lover’s Quarrel. (Philip and Nathan) Who will be affected by the Grey Pants next?!

Red Angelus: I have some great screenshots of Wackadoodle-Hope. *giggles*

If you haven’t seen the series yet, is sure it’ll tickle your funny bone. You can find The Grey Pants Chronicles on Facebook.

- Christine Fix