I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR Contestants Announced! image

Premieres August 14, 8pm ET/PT (ABC)


Originally posted June 26 2007

Updated: Please note the photo of the attractive cast of I Wanna Be A Soapstar!

Top: Monica Thomas, Bo Gorman, Travis Wood, Jimena Hoyos, Yves Bright, Joyce Liu and Corey Shelton. Bottom: Justin Paul Kahn, Ashlee Holland and Patricia Mizen.

SOAPnet has just announced the contestants on season four of "I WANNA BE A SOAPSTAR", and Soaps.com is happy to fill you in!

Remember, actors are fighting for the coveted 13- week contract role on NBC's Days of Our Lives. Ten optimistic actors will be seen in the premiere August 14th at 8pm ET/PT. Cameras are to follow the contestants as they compete to win.

Just who are the contestants?

Ashlee Holland from Roanoke, VA is a domestic diva, and daughter of a former MLB pitcher.
Jimena Hoyos, from Bogota Columbia is one of the more seasoned actresses trying to break into the industry.

Joyce Liu from San Francisco, CA is said to be a strong Asian American who hopes to 'diversify daytime television'!!

Patricia Mizen from Fayetteville, NC is an active soul who loves dancing, horseback and reading inspirational books.

Monica Thomas from Topeka, KS is a girly girl, ex-cheer leader and gymnast!

Yves Bright from Los Angeles CA is a Californian surfer dude, ready to pour his soul into the competition.

Bo Gorman from Gaisthersburg, MD is a juggler, dancer who plays a mere ten musical instruments!
Justin Paul Kahn from Kendall Park, NJ has worked in a tavern, and learned a lot about human behavior as a result. He hopes to apply this to his career.

Corey Shelton from Camden, NJ is a huge Martin Lawrence fan with a dream of becoming a soap star!
Travis Wood from Ottawa, KS is another seasoned actor with a few daytime recurring roles to help him in the competition. He's also a carpenter!

Host Cameron Matheson (Ryan Lavery, AMC) will guide these ten contestants through various acting challenges. We hear that they've already tackled a few other challenges, namely cat fights, strip teases, drunken bar scenes and ball room dancing to start with! You'll just have to watch to find out the rest!

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady, Days of Our Lives) and Hogan Sheffer (Head Writer for Days and Michael Bruno (Talent Manager in Daytime Television) were on hand to judge this year to help viewers decide who is to become the newest soap star!

Viewers will get to see a live season finale on October 16th and voting begins shortly before that on October 9!