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July 13 Ali Sweeney (Sami) wore 'Vroom' from Nordstrom

Leann Hunley (Anna) wore Floras & Floras

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Sandy L asks "On Days of our Lives, Anna DiMera wore a pink and grayish blouse with an plain under blouse in pink. Could tell me if this blouse is available to purchase and where that would be. If I remember right it was the week of July 16th
Thank you so much"

Sandy that was a lovely blouse. Good eye! The pink and grey blouse worn by Leann Hunley (Anna) on July 12th is by Floras & Floras and can be purchased at the Robert Ellis boutique in Studio City.

Duyen T asks, "Can you tell me where I can find the blue elephant dress that Sami wore on the 7/18/07 show? Also where I can find the apricot top Sami wore on the 7/13/07 show?
I just love the way she dresses for a pregnant woman. It's so hard to find fashionable things to wear at that stage in your pregnancy."

Duyen, most of our questions are about the clothing that Sami (Ali Sweeney) wears on the show! She always looks so cute. The blue elephant maternity dress worn by Ali Sweeney on July 13th is by Vroom and can be purchased at Nordstrom.

The apricot top worn by Ali Sweeney on July 9th (not the 7th) can be found at M. Fredric in Los Angeles.

Donna P asks, "Would you kindly tell me if the black 2-piece evening pants ensemble, worn by Anna DiMera, in the scene where she has dinner with Tony DiMera, is available for purchase or available by any designer?"

Hi Donna, thanks for writing to with your question! Of course we'd be glad to tell you that the maker of the ensemble worn by Leann Hunley is Flores & Flores and it can be purchased at Robert Ellis.

This comes from the incredible wardrobe staff over at Days!

Heather L asks,"Loved the black wrap dress that Sami wore at her bridal shower. Can you tell me where it was purchased or brand name so I can try to find one?"

The wardrobe department over at Days are fantastic, aren't they? I have to say that they really know how to dress their actors and actresses! The black wrap dress worn by Sami at her bridal shower was actually by Diane von Furstenberg. Check it out online at Hope you can find one!

I believe this was the April 19th episode, but unfortunately, I have no photo!

Days of Our Lives fans sure know how to keep me, and the wonderful wardrobe staff of the show, on our toes!

Many viewers send in their wardrobe questions from each show, and although we can't always get the information you seek, we do try!

Many adored seeing Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) marry, on the 8th of May, 2007. They also had a few questions for us, regarding wardrobe and jewelry.

Stacey H asks, Stacey H asks, "Where did Chelsea get her jewelry she wore in Sami's green wedding?"

Hi Stacey, according to my amazing contact over at DOOL, jewelry worn by Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) at the Green Wedding was by Windsor Fashions. Their clothes are to die for. Check them out at, WindsorStore.

Kimberly W asks, "Where can I find a necklace like the Steve gave Kayla?"

Hey Kimberly, I found out that the necklace given to Kayla by Steve was purchased from Nordstrom. Nordstrom. A tip, as I write this, their half-yearly sale is happening! You could receive 33% off!! I'm free Sunday,if you want to go shopping!

Thelma P asks, "Please inform me of where I can purchase the dress/suit that Marlena (Dee Hall) wore to Sami's (Ali Sweeney) wedding last week."

Gladly, Thelma! My pal over at the show tells me that the suit/dress worn by Deidre Hall was by Jovani, and can be purchased from Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.

Just so you know, they tape the show a few weeks in advance, and because we don't know when it was purchased, we aren't positive you'll still be able to find it. Best of luck though. It's a classic piece!