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James Reynolds (Abe) (NBC)

Originally posted May 28

Updated at the end of the article.

Soaps.com just got word that James Reynolds (Abe Carver, Days of Our Lives), has had open heart surgery recently and is recovering nicely with his lovely wife, Lissa and his son Jed, at his side.

Liisa's cousin Eric and friend Devon, have set up a website on the web for family, friends and fans to stop by to read daily updates regarding James' recovery. Liisa has called the fan support, "Powerful medicine, indeed," and says, "Jim has always been my hero but never more than now. His attitude through this whole unexpected turn of events has been amazing. He never expressed any worry for himself- only for me and Jed- trying to get everything in order before going into surgery for a faulty heart valve, he was evidently born with."

She thanks the fans for all of their support and Soaps.com asks that you please lend your support to one of our favorite Salemites and actors by leaving a message here JR Recovery.

We all wish you the very best and a speedy recovery, James!


James has posted a few times on his blog at JR Recovery. Surgery went great, and he's healing well. The stitches were removed and he is not only up and walking, but he's walking 2 miles per day! Click the link above to read more.

Glad he's doing well and we hope to see him at some point, back on the show.


Recuperated James Reynolds (Abe Carver) is back from heart surgery on August 7!