Days of our Lives Q&A:  Adrienne's Hairstyle image

Judi's cute new hairstyle. (

Judi's cute hairstyle reinvention. received a letter from soap opera fan Suzanne L, today about the beautiful Judi Evans.

Suzanne: "I love Judi Evans' hair style on
Days of Our Lives as Adrienne. I cannot find a picture of her with her new hairstyle anywhere. Would you, please, send me a picture of her, front & back views, so I can give to my hair stylist?

Much appreciated! Suzanne, we like the new hairstyle as well. It suits Judi and is very sophisticated. Because of this, we took both shots from the front and the back, anticipating that fans might request these! We hope your new coif looks just as good on you as it does on Judi!