The DiMeras return to Days! (Update) image

Joe Mascolo back June 6 (CBS)

Thaao Penghlis back May 24 (NBC)

The Phoenix rises yet again! Joseph Mascolo has graciously agreed to return to the set of Days of Our Lives for a spell this summer!

Talented Joseph Mascolo originated the role in January 1982 and played Machiavellian 'Stefano' for almost 10 years, off and on. When we last saw Stefano, he was on the run from Salem's finest for baby theft! Afterward, we were shown an urn that Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis ) said contained Stefano's ashes and then later on we saw what looked to be his corpse, but we all know from experience with the show that the Phoenix always rises, so we always had faith that he would, once again! Recent scenes involving the master of misery have been played by a day player since EJ Wells sauntered on into Salem. When do we get to see Mascolo in the part? There has been no word yet on a first airdate, but we do know he's to arrive this summer! When hears anything, we'll update you!

Now that we've made all you Stefano and Days of Our Lives fans thrilled to pieces, we'll let you in on more good news! We have it on good authority that Steve Blackwood (Bart Beiderbecke) will also return, May 10th, along with (Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) and Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera) on May 24th! Looks like a family reunion is in store for EJ!

UPDATE May 3 2007

Didn't I promise I'd update you when I heard more? We've got confirmation that Joe Mascolo will return on June 6th as Stefano DiMera. We'll also see Renee Jones back portraying Lexi Carver.

Check the Days Comings and Goings, for more on who else is returning to the show!

(NEW May 18)

Thaao (Tony) is set to return May 24th and Joseph will be back on canvas June 6th when he returns to Salem. Wiliam Utay will return to the role of "Rolf." William's first airdate will be Monday, June 4th.This is the summer we'll get into why the DiMeras and the Bradys have been feuding all these years!