Fans outrage over bed sheets! image

Kayla and Steve (Mary Beth and Stephen)

Sounds gossipy, and maybe even a little silly but this is no laughing matter!
Loyal DOOL and John and Marlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall) fans campaigned to get the duo back on canvas, and give their boudoir a new look by sending in a new set of linens to the studio. Problem is, Days set design department used the set of linens to make up the bed used in a scene for long lost lovers, Kayla and Steve!

The fans who sent the sheets in were insulted and let the show know! Production Designer, Dan Olexiewicz admits, "When items are particularly attractive, we like to find other ways to incorporate them. Certainly, no disrespect was meant. The comforter being used again is actually a compliment to the buyers on selecting such a visually enhancing item!" Let's hope that the fans who sent in the lovely item feel better about their purchase!

In the past few years we've seen Marlena and John pulled apart as Marlena became the "Salem Stalker", they've had to watch as Roman and Marlena turned to each other as they were forced to watch John and Kate make love. Fans then had to sit through months of torture, watching Marlena lose her memory and turn to the unhinged ex-husband, Alex North. If that wasn't bad enough, just as fans thought the craziness was over, they had to watch while Marlena was kidnapped yet once again and then wait while Marlena separated from John to 'find herself'. Fans are weary of all of the storylines breaking their favorite couple up. They just want John and Marlena back together.
For those of you not watching, John hasn't been seen on canvas since February 24th. Marlena has had little airtime, however fan email is pouring in asking us when John (Drake Hogestyn) is set to return to the show! Co-Executive Producer, Stephen Wyman says that "John Black is an important character and the audience has not seen the last of him. Patience."


Drake returned to work Friday March 23rd and will be seen on canvas at April's end, as reported a month back!! Here's hoping this makes our 'John' fans happy!!