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These are the "DAYS" of my week for September 21-25:

This week was full of themes and laughs, drama and overall, was very enjoyable to watch. We had three arrests in Lucas, Nathan and Melanie and two marriage proposals in Stefano and Kate and Daniel and Chloe. One even lead to a wedding! Let’s break it all down!

Speaking of break-ups, the week started out with Bope breaking up. I really felt for Bo and realize more and more that I am on his side. I understand where Hope is coming from, and I don’t want to discount her feelings. Bo did go rogue, and for that, I would have been very upset but I feel their issues could be worked on and resolved, especially for two people who love one another and who have been together for many years. Some would argue that in the past they’ve cheated on each other and haven’t had a good marriage. I’m not sure I agree. They’ve overall had a good marriage. Breaking them up could provide an interesting storyline but my big issue with it is that it seems to be written as an easy way to open the canvas up for Carly’s reentry into Salem and into Bo’s life. Bo jumped to a wild conclusion that Hope and Justin are seeing one another, which was absolutely ludicrous and his lack of trust for Hope really didn’t make sense to me. It left me puzzled more than upset, though seeing Bo standing alone on the porch after Hope and Ciara left made me feel a great sadness for him.

Melanie and Nathan helped Daniel to save Chloe’s life and ended up in jail for their troubles. While Nathan was released, Mel had to come up with $10,000 bail, because of her little issue in Paris, a year prior. Nathan wanted to pawn all sorts of goodies to get her out, thus telling us he cares a lot more about her than we thought, and Philly, who must have money saved, because he’s jobless and for a while, was homeless, wanted to bail her out, as did Maggie. It wasn’t clear to me which did, though I thought it was Philly. Melanie’s enjoying the attention of two hotties after her and who could blame a girl? My problem with Melanie this week – first time ever – is that not only does she want to sue the Salem PD, which is absolutely ridiculous, but through Philly, she also gave Kate kudos for her diligence in trying to kill Chloe. I didn’t understand that entire conversation at the pier and I find it odd that so many are taking this attempted murder so lightly. Is Melanie’s motivation because she wants to be Philly’s ‘everything’?

Lucas struggled to maintain his cool with Chloe, Daniel, Maggie and Kate this week. His stress level got way out of control and before anybody could notice, it was too late. He went to his old haunt, Cheatin’ Heart, and was haunted by a mirage of Daniel and Chloe, taunting him. This lead him to order a double scotch, and then the mirage made room for the addition of Maggie poking fun at him with his soon-to-be-ex and her new fiancé. I was left puzzled again. Was I supposed to laugh (because I did!) or was I supposed to feel bad for him and yell at him not to take that drink? I felt torn about his trip to Maggie’s place as well. I again wasn’t certain why the writers decided to ignore the fact that alcoholism isn’t something to be laughed at. Non-alcoholics getting drunk is funny but somebody who struggles with this very serious disease? Not so funny in reality. I had a very difficult time with finding any of this believable and found myself wondering what I was supposed to be feeling. I'd like to know how others felt.

Chloe and Daniel got Father Matt’s very strange blessing to be together, which was a little unorthodox to say the least. Chloe sure has a lot of growing to do. I’d like to see some growth and less of a dense quality coming from her in the future. Though they’re pretty hot when they’re in the sack together, I don’t see any love there. Just lust. It feels as though they’ve both mistaken lust for love and considering all they’ve ever done together is have sex or kiss, I don’t see how they’ll last. They’ll need a little more in common than that. Another beef with these two is that I’d like to see Daniel kiss Chloe with a little more tenderness. He devours her when he kisses her and suddenly I’m seeing the ‘ick’ factor that some other fans have been talking about. Chloe decided she wasn’t going to have sex with Daniel. She made out with him, got him all hot and bothered and then sent him to the sofa. That’s not romantic to me. That’s pathetic. She left Lucas. Waiting to have sex after they’ve already gotten this far just reeks of old cheese.

The wedding was the highlight of the week. It was the highlight of the month. What great writing! Kate tried to prepare for her nuptials with a rack full of Vegas creations while interrupted by naysayers Philly and Victor, and Stefano was in rare form when he decided to allow his arch enemy to stick around and watch the entertainment… I mean, wedding! Digressing a little, when Kate and Victor had their little tête-à-tête, I was surprised when Victor refused to pay Kate's bills anymore. Why would he have to pay them at all, considering she has her own company and can pay her own damned bills? For once, it would be nice for soaps to put women in a better light than they do. I make more than enough money to pay for my own house and lifestyle, without my husband’s financial input and I don’t own my own business, so if I can, so can Kate, who owns Hearth and Home. Philip’s visit before the wedding amazed me. Philip told the truth to his mother for once. He thinks she belongs in a mental health facility. He wasn’t joking around and I agreed with him. I think Kate, too, knows she’s gone around the bend. She’s marrying the man who tried to murder Philly! How absolutely painful it must be for him. On the other hand, I put myself in Kate’s shoes and think marrying Stefano is likely better than jail or going on the run. I thought that Kate was going to cancel the wedding but that call from Stefano reminded her that this marriage is an arrangement and if she tries to get out of it, she will be in jail – even years down the road. That put her right back in her place and those who hate Kate should have been applauding. I felt a little elated, knowing their marriage will give us great storyline fodder, but a little sad that Kate’s going to be all alone. I realize she did this to herself, yet I still feel for her! Damned that Lauren Koslow for doing such a great job acting! Overall, the bedroom scenes were fantastic. The acting of Lauren, John and Jay was brilliant.

The wedding itself was brilliant from Theo pleading with his mummy to be a part of the wedding, and grouchy ‘ol Abe ranting about wanting to take both Stefano and Kate down to Victor’s constant taunts… so much fun!

I’ve very little to say about the younger crowd again. I like all of the players. I thought their scene was lacking. The storyline has got to move beyond this silly egg experiment. Perhaps a little more research on what teens really do these days would benefit. I didn’t see one text message and didn’t understand the discussion about Tiffany or Stephanie. No wonder the fans are hating the teens. It’s not their fault though. A huge issue is the naming of Chad. They already had a Tad and now they’ve a Chad. Maybe they need to give Tad a real nickname instead of 'T'?

Ari tried again to make a drug connection with Troy but Brady interrupted. They sparred and it was exciting and I giggled and hoped they’d get back together. She spilled that Nicole’s secret is out and he in turn spilled to the honeymooners in Paris. Nicole’s in a lot of hot water! Soon EJ will learn 90% of the truth and dump her.

We saw Meredith this week, take Rafe away from Sami. She wants to entomb him. Carly’s on her way back and the show wants us to remember her and Vivian? Doesn’t sit well with me. And, it won’t bring back her dead sister. She should join Kate in a mental health facility and get the help she so greatly needs. Sami, because she didn’t hear back from Rafe for a day, decided he was in hiding from her and whined to Brady, who told her to "shutty" and give him a break. She tried that but soon she’ll be thinking she needs to move on. Sami does nothing for me. Wake me up when Rafe wakes up.

Those are my thoughts for the week. Agree or disagree, it’s all in fun and the most important thing is that it’s Friday and the weekend is almost upon us! While I’m hosting a BBQ for friends and helping my dad paint, what’ll you be up to?! If you’re not doing so already, we welcome you to follow us on Twitter @soapoperafan and then we’ll meet back here next Friday to dish on DOOL!

- Christine Fix