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These are the "DAYS" of my week from September 14-18:


I’ve found EJ to be underused and lately, I found myself missing EJ of old, before he and Kate set up that business - Mythic. He had a lot more canvas time and was involved in a lot more plots. He’s a lead actor, not a supporting, so I wonder why the show is treating him as such. I didn’t like him much in his scene in the park Monday, with Brady. Classic EJ overreacting. He doesn’t like Brady that much but Brady was being nice to his kid. What’s the problem? Nothing! He’s always got to cause drama. My aunt and I were having a conversation about life recently and it’s like she said. "See life is clear isn’t it. It is simple and we keep making it hard." She’s so right! EJ needs to know this. I guess I would have enjoyed EJ’s scene more with Will if it wasn’t so forced and obvious. Still, it’s nice to see him interacting with others.


Kate and Daniel went to the Valentine Motel, which has seen a lot of action as of late, and of course, the first thing Kate does is to order Daniel to remove his shirt. Her reason? She wants to see if he’s wearing a wire. Sure… then five minutes into their yelling at one another, they’re making out again. Really bizarre scene. She’s criminally insane. She actually still thought Daniel wanted her, when he was manipulating her Wednesday! "You repulse me. You are a mentally ill, homicidal maniac," he told her but Kate still didn’t believe him! The funniest part of that scene for me was after Kate bashed his head in. Kate leans over him. "Daniel, are you dead?" I laughed aloud. Not sure I was supposed to, but it couldn’t be helped. She left him there to get help from old pal, Stefano, and when Stefano agreed to help her with her little problem (he knew all along – not surprisingly!) he and Kate returned to the scene of the crime and Dr. Jonas was gone! I know what’s going to happen and who will take the blame for the attempted murder and I’m going to keep it under my hat!

Sex Video:

I can’t believe how fast the news of Melanie and Philly’s sex video has taken over Salem and how quick people are to point fingers at my Melanie for this while Philly remains white and pure as a lily. Lucas heard about the video or saw it and didn’t want her near Chloe! As if that has anything to do with her work ethics. It’s just a sex tape, for heaven’s sake. Like Lucas hasn’t watched porn…. Okay, I won’t go there but you were all thinking it. Good for Melanie for pointing out that she’s only there to help, unlike Lucas, who seems to want to knock Chloe off. Lucas is getting on my last nerve right now. I realize he’s angry and he has every right to be but I miss happy Lucas, playful Lucas.


Why are all the younger guys so broody? Can’t they have a little fun and a little life beyond Mia? Is she all there is to "do" in Salem for them? The writing of all of this is getting disappointing with how often it is on the backburner.


Boy she made me laugh with the comment "Men never lie." Such sarcasm! So believable. Love that, though she was a jerk to yell at my Mia about wanting to tell the truth. I wish Mia could tell somebody the truth, even Father Matt. Poor thing.
I guess Nicole got her way and she and EJ are headed to Paris. It doesn’t mean much, though. It’s not as though they’ve a future and EJ’s only agreeing to it to shut her up. Oh, sorry - his phrasing was to see her smile. Same thing. I guess it pays to be a DiMera. They were off to Paris within the hour! Sign me up!


I’m thanking the writers for giving Rafe his own storyline so to speak. He has really been great lately, snooping his arse off to find out the goods on Nicole in order to give his beloved some peace. It’s very believable and for anyone who thinks it’s snooping, I disagree! After this all goes down, I want him on the force or at least always into some adventure. That’s his niche. He should be running the show at Salem PD, not Bo or Hope or even Roman. He blows them all away. Loving Rafe right now! Loving those scenes with him and Sarah, Dr. Baker's ex-nurse. Can't she stay?


She went to the convent to get some rest and respite from her own life in order to gain some perspective, but then gave in after her dream about Rafe and called him. Strangely, I thought it was really sweet and made perfect sense to me. Really good writing. It was fitting that she started to think of getting back together with him just as insane Meredith was smashing his head in with a poker. Oy!


So funny! Chloe woke up and was telling Lucas that she found him dead, after the explosion and did the only thing she could do. Pray. Uh. So she couldn’t have given him CPR? I hear that works pretty good. They spent her waking hours arguing and though I knew Lucas had been waiting a long time to release his anger, I couldn’t help wishing Chloe had somebody there who cares about her to comfort her, like say, her father, Craig, who left her to die. That’s got to be hard on her to listen to, moments out of a coma! Mag Mags is too busy with Nathan and Mel in the hospital, but I hope we’ll see her running over to see Chloe as soon as she can.

Odd happenings in Salem:

I was impressed that comatose Chloe had no makeup on and her hair was a bloody mess this week. It was very realistic to me and she hasn’t moved a muscle! Then she woke up and the thick make-up was back. Oy.

What’s with the silly pink and purple silk PJs EJ wore Wednesday? He was naked in bed (saw his arms bare) and then got up and put on - not a robe, but those!! My eyes didn’t need to see those. He’s a good looking man. Let’s see him in some trendier/classic clothes, already. Just because he's British doesn't mean he should be wearing goofy clothes. My friends in England dress perfectly lovely! I think it’s fitting for EJ to go to bed with boxers on, or at least the bottom half of some cotton PJs, not this outfit that my grandmother might wear! Dr. Dan and Brady get to show their half nekkedness, so why not him?

Nicole is always nibbling. Every time she walks into the great room, she’s nibbling. She nibbled at Java Café but we never see what it is she’s eating. I bet it's Cheerios and I bet it’s to stave off that dreaded pregnancy sickness.

To sum things up for the week, I found it to be a decent one, all around, and I’ve been thinking a lot about Halloween lately. It’s as big as Christmas for me and I find myself remembering some of the past DOOL Halloween episodes. Go have a look at them at’s YouTube Channel. Do you hope the show will write in a story for ‘Ole Hallow’s Eve? I'm doubtful. What could they do? I’m seeing a Halloween/masquerade party at Salem High where the parents of the kids enrolled could chaperon. Anything could happen!

Speaking of anything happening, I’ve got a great weekend planned and trust that you do as well. Please feel free to post your comments below on the show and we’ll meet again next week, unless you follow me on Twitter @soapoperafan or say hello on Facebook!

- Christine Fix