Request: Mary Beth Evans hairstyle! image

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) hairstyle

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) with Stephen Nichols answers a request from a reader:

Sherry S writes, "I love Mary Beth Evans' (Kayla's) hair on Days of Our Lives and would like a picture so I can show my hair dresser. Could you please provide us with one that shows the front and back? Perhaps the stylist could give some insight as well.

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for writing in to with your request. We do get a lot of these types of requests! I hope that posting these photos will help anyone who is looking to get their hair cut in the sassy, sexy style that Mary Beth has.

I should make mention that Mary Beth's cut is a dry cut, and is not a regular cut. She has mentioned that her stylist is very creative. I hope that your hair type is right for the cut!