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These are the "Days" of my week for July 13 - 17:

It's been a busy week and a busy day today, so we'll get right to it!

I don’t really want to talk about Kate this week as there is nothing new to discuss but her assistant, Chris was cute all darned week long! He’s getting some good one liners and is suddenly one of my favourite characters. This wasn’t always the case. When he first came to Salem, I really loved him in his scenes with Sami at the gym, but after that, his –this will sound strange- energy irritated me. He spoke too quickly, he jumped around and I couldn’t write what he was saying in my recaps. Not any longer. So the fact that he remembered Kate had the purple scarf on the morning she dropped off the poison at Daniel’s place wasn’t lost on him. Will this come back to haunt her?

Here’s the thing. I really adore their chemistry. I’d love to see more of them hanging out together, but not always for Brady to dispense advice. Brady’s always dispensing advice to others and I’d rather see him embroiled in a storyline. He has been in Salem for months; everyone digs him, so why not give him more screen time? Maybe if Brady and Ari get together and Chloe gets with Daniel, we’ll see some double dates. I say this because the show doesn’t seem to want Lucas around these days. Is it just me or is he seen less and less, and when he does, he’s not very likeable at all. Now he’s off to Asia. I really would have liked to see more scenes with him and Sami. He’ll find out about Chloe’s affair soon and thank freaking goodness for that, and then I hope he goes to his old pal Sami for a shoulder to cry on.

Bope gives Ciara a party:
I got my invitation, but I didn’t have fun until the stranger, who will be somebody named "Dean," gave Ciara candy. Who is this guy and what’s his deal? The party itself left me missing some past characters more than ever, but I won’t dwell on that.

Continuity issues?
Daniel told Lucas and Chloe that he had 6 patients to see before he did the show with Chloe, leaving him absolutely no time to pick up his own clothes at his apartment, which were lying out on his bed. So then, we saw Chloe and Lucas picking them up for him, complaining that their production assistant wasn’t available or something, and in the next scene, we saw Daniel jogging leisurely, chatting with Brady about his problems. Why wasn’t he at the hospital still? I assume that it wasn’t a continuity issue but that he was lying to Lucas and Chloe in order to try to get out of doing the show. No idea if I’m right, but that’s how I choose to perceive it!

Chloe the Waffler:
Why did Chloe have to go into Daniel’s apartment with him to get Daniel’s clothing? Talk about wasting time. I found it an annoying scene and very forced. I’m excited for the end of this storyline and interested in moving forth. The scene was supposed to have Chloe find the scarf, smell Kate’s perfume and then possibly remember it for a later date, when Daniel is arrested for her attempted murder. I get it, but the idea that Chloe would think a woman was hiding in a closet was ludicrous and worse that she’d consider opening the door to find out. Was this supposed to show how jealous she is that Daniel may have a woman, or to have us worried that she and Lucas would catch Kate? Either way, it was lame.

I like Chloe and Nicole’s scenes as friends and would like to see them hanging out more often, much like Brady and Daniel, not just when there is a crisis. Where is Nicole this week when her so called BFF is lying delirious in the hospital? And why isn't Chloe coming out if it yet? Will something worse happen to her?

EJ is his father’s son:
I may be too harsh on EJ lately. After all, he’s a man who lost his daughter, even though he never knew her. "Someday, somebody’s going to pay,” he told Nicole, when he reluctantly agreed to stop the custody hearing. Who? Nicole? When? Maybe the secret room will become available and he’ll put her away as his mother once did to Marlena! That’d be fun. Arianna is said to be going on maternity leave around December, so this baby storyline should finally wrap by then. One hopes.

Nicole was able to talk EJ out of the custody suit, but that doesn’t mean Sami’s home free. We can see the wheels turning and EJ hasn’t let go of his anger for what she has done yet.

Arianna the culprit?:
I have a theory that she was the one who caused the death of Rafe’s fiancée. Accidental or not, it fits. She could have been drunk driving. It’s possible! Just a thought, not a spoiler.

I can see this is not going to simply go away. Star crossed lovers? Here’s what I see happening: They’ll go back and forth like this, one of them will move on and then they’ll get back together and a secret (Melanie’s involvement!) will threaten to keep them apart. We all know soaps! At least Philly’s nicer to Steph for the time being. It must have something to do with the new hairstyle he’s sporting. I like his hair both ways, but this softer style is much more carefree and it makes him seem more relaxed. He was wound up when he had the greasy hairstyle. Will it change when he becomes uptight again? This reminds me of Tonks, from Harry Potter! (Have you seen the new one yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s fantastic!) Back to Stephanie. Could she be better off with Nathan, of all people or is Melanie going to make him hers? I see Nathan and Stephanie getting closer.

They moved in together. I don’t think it’s rushed, and thought their banter over putting up that horrible so called piece of art was funny. Sami found Emily’s engagement ring and Rafe let her know she’s the only duck in his pond, which I believe, but still… something is off for me and I’m not a big Rafe fan. Let’s talk about how unkempt Sami was this week. I’d like to see a happy medium with the way the characters look. No set of double eyelashes in the hospital room (coughChloecough) and for goodness sake, Sami needs to run a brush through her hair while she’s at home. Her bedraggled look this week with the revolting hairstyle and oversized men’s t-shirt made me shake my head and tut. Okay, I didn’t tut but it wasn’t pleasant. Luckily, she cleans up well and Tuesday we’ll see her looking smart at a romantic picnic with Rafe. That being said, I can’t handle the tears anymore. I realize that she’s in mourning and all but we’ve been watching Sami cry for an entire year and it’s enough. Monday, we’re treated to a special crying scene and though it’s understandable that she’s upset, don’t get me wrong, I just can’t take the crying anymore.

Who made my week once more? Melanie. Now then, she passed this exam, but tell me this doesn’t mean she’s a nurse, already? If she is, there’s classic soap for you!

I’ll leave you with a little teaser for next week. Daniel tells Chloe there’s no other woman for him. The thing is, they’ve never even been out of the bedroom, so while we get there’s an attraction, how the heck does he know she’s the one for him if the little time they’ve spent together hasn’t even been in a relationship? Just saying…

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you here and on Twitter next week.

- Christine Fix