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Sami being Sami. (

We've got to stop bumping into each other like this.

These are the “Days” of my week from June 29 – July 3:

This was a three day week, due to Wimbledon finals, which air Thursday and Friday, so my blog is up earlier than the norm. Strangely, I’ve still a lot to say! Maybe after you read you’ll have a lot to say, too.

Nicole’s guilt:
This week, Nicole brought Johnny to see Sami, out of guilt. The kid can talk, so isn’t Nic concerned that he’ll mention seeing his mummy when he’s home with his dad? EJ could have started to wonder what was up when Nicole reminded Johnny to keep their secret! This doesn’t bode well for Nicole and we won’t see this storyline explode until closer to December. After all, this is the summer of the younger crowd! It’ll be that much worse for Sami when she learns Nicole wasn’t on her side at all but letting her see Johnny out of guilt for the whole baby switch and Grace’s death.

Mel and Philly:
Melanie is still learning how to keep her yap shut tight. She let on that she was concerned about Stephanie, and when Philip asked what she was concerned about, she clammed up. I don’t think this was done on purpose. I think Melanie is getting used to being a good girl, but she has to learn she won’t make any friends if she keeps blabbing that way. She was really sweet to play matchmaker with Bradianna this week, which I found adorable. Them? Not so adorable. I’ll explain more about that in a bit, after we chat about Philly more. Philip met Daniel, after he spoke with Mel about Stephanie, and asked the doctor why Stephanie was taking the prescription drugs. How presumptuous. Not only is this up to Stephanie to tell him but Daniel’s her doctor and can’t discuss this with Phil. Daniel’s not even the original doctor who prescribed them. Boy, Philly’s got a lot to learn about women. Good luck. As I eluded in the past blogs, Steph dumped Philip and it’s a good thing, all around. Don’t you agree that Melanie – I’ve said this before, I know- makes a better woman for Philly, considering they feel the same about so many things? Sure, Nathan is cute and more her age, but I can’t help but hold out for a Mellip – Phelanie pairing. It didn’t work out last time but things have changed and it’s a possibility.

I do want to see them date, and I do like Mel’s matchmaking but I’m really, really tired of the bumping into each other. This week, they bumped into each other …. A G A I N. This is no longer cute. It was cute once, maybe twice but now it’s annoying and redundant. I’d like us to move on from the boy meets girl, boy bumps into girl, girl gets mad, their hands touch while they pick up the contents of her handbag and fall deeply in love while they think they hate each other Hallmark format.

Wicked Witch:
Who? Kate, of course. She is even more unstable. It was Gay Pride Week last week here in Toronto and their motto was ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’. I believe they got it from the fact that they’re aiding in the search for a cure for HIV/AIDS and won’t stop until they find one. Their motto was fantastic and I’m going to borrow it for Kate. Her new motto, ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ (trying to kill Chloe) still isn’t working for me. Kate needs a life, needs a sexy young man at her side (think pool boy) and to be wheeling and dealing. That’s how I see Kate. It was fun to see her when she and EJ worked and played together. Very sexy. Why can’t they do that again? He could cheat on Nicole with Kate. It’d be fun, no? Not that I’m promoting cheating, but we all know Ejole aren’t going to be together forever. I’m not sure it would work out, but anything’s better than watching Kate inject food with poison.

Sami and Safe:
Were you surprised that Sami went to Philly for help in taking down EJ? Do these two know each other? It’s cool to see them in scenes together, and I can’t recall them even being in the same room together much less talk! Anyway… Lots of arguing this week over Rafe’s past between Sami and Rafe, after Sami found Rafe at Emily Hudson’s gravesite and he refused to tell her who Emily is. On one hand, he was caught in the act, and could have just spilled the story to her there. Painful or not, when faced with the woman you profess to L O V E, you should be able to trust them and tell them anything. But. Big but. This is a soap opera – thank goodness this is not reality - so he decided to keep his dirty little secret! His discomfort means it must be a very painful subject. Sami probably never should have asked Arianna about Emily, but considering Sami saw Rafe at the grave, and we all know Sami, we know she's not going to rest until she finds out the truth. Instead of waiting for him to spill on his own, she asked around. She can’t help herself, really, but it takes years to get to know somebody and since I don’t think that we need to disclose every little thing in our history or thoughts right away, I grudgingly think Rafe probably does have a right to privacy. If Sami had waited, he may have came clean on his own. Instead, she reacted as she always does - immaturely- and started her own sleuthing. Perhaps if she had a J O B to keep her occupied, she wouldn’t feel the need to act on those pesky impulses of yesteryear. This set her back a few Sami years and made us see how ignorant that she is. She has not learned anything out of her past mistakes. I admit to finding this odd, considering her mother is a Psychiatrist and always open to discussion. This is where Rafe comes in and he’s good for her. I was thankful to Rafe for telling Sami that just because couples fight, doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to break up. Will she listen to him? Doubtful. She could lose him if she doesn’t stop being…well… Sami!

Safe sex. Let’s hope it was! In her townhouse, Safe argued then professed their love for each other and then tore into each other for some hot make-up sex – but… what happened afterwards? Where was the afterglow? There was none. She looked so forlorn after and when they got out of bed and wandered about picking up their clothes, she looked extremely distant and sad. It reminded me of how she looked after she and EJ had sex when they created Grace. Er. Sydney. This struck me as very strange.

EJ and Stefano had a pow wow with Judge Fitzpatrick about the case with Sami being an ‘unfit mother’. The judge is a fair one, so I’m not sure EJ’s attempts at bribery will jive with her. In fact, I’m thinking this whole court case will blow away and EJ will clue in that he’s making a mistake. From his standpoint, what Sami did was wrong, but does that make her a bad mother concerning Johnny? Perhaps he thinks she’ll steal Johnny from him. Who knows?

Bo had another vision of Zack about Ciara losing her bear. This lead Bo to believe that if Ciara loses the bear something will happen to her. Since Carly Manning’s coming to the show, people have wondered if this has anything to do with her. She won’t be seen until October and at the rate this storyline is progressing, that’s a possibility.

Who is this mysterious person circling Hope’s photo in the paper? Do they have anything to do with the Ciara storyline? Do you have any thoughts?

Afterthought: Poor Roman… Recurring more than ever, suddenly poor Roman is a babysitter, babysitting for Allie, and we rarely see him. I miss him. I miss Jarlena this week, too. *mopes*

Enough moping! The weekend is just around the corner and I don't know about you, but I plan to make the most of it. Enjoy!

- Christine Fix