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These are the "DAYS" of my week from May 25-29:

This was the week of surprise confessions. The show was all over the place, and fast paced, yet not a lot really happened. Victor and Stefano’s scenes stood out for me this week and that great pier scene that Bo broke up. Victor showed he has a heart that can be hurt and Stefano opened up to Nicole about his phoenix ring. Owen went more berserk by the day while Stephanie and Mia became stronger. All in all, I found it an interesting week in Salem. A few things that stood out for me…

The phoenix rises again:
As I mentioned, for once, we heard Stefano explain exactly why his onyx phoenix ring is so important to him. All these years and I don’t think we’ve ever been treated to this, though we have all figured it out on our own. One could translate what he said about the ring holding special powers to mean that he’s sticking around an awfully long time on the show or one could argue that this is foreshadowing and that the ring will soon fail him. I think he’ll be around for a while.

Lexi faced with losing Stefano, told him she loved him. This was a really surprising scene and isn’t really how she has felt, historically. I’m willing to overlook this because I have seen the new writers going towards reconciliation lately with these two. Still, did it have to be this bloody easy? I would have preferred if she stayed true to her past a little longer. There could have been some great scenes come from Lexi’s anger. It’s as if she is now blaming EJ for everything. A little transference there? Isn’t EJ just a product of an upbringing by Stefano? Can’t really blame just him for the DiMera issues, considering they started with Papa DiMera. Perhaps losing Tony really made Lexi take a look at her relationship with her father, but it would have had to be off-screen. I’m not a fan of that.

Victor’s mouth:
"You’re ashamed of me. You think that somehow you’re morally superior so you cut me out of your life," Victor ranted to his bio son, Bo. Victor put his heart on his sleeve for once and told Bo off, which shocked me. I have never, ever heard Victor’s side of things and it was good to hear. As the saying goes, there are two or three sides to everything. It was an interesting turn of events, which probably didn’t help with his interaction with Brady, later, when Victor disowned Brady. Victor, much like his pal Kate, and like his step-son Lucas, disowns any family member who gets in his way. I like how Brady called him out on it. If you’re not a bitter, angry person, you are disowned, Brady told his grandfather. Truth hurt Victor. I think that the theme of disowning is overdone on DOOL and would like the writers to lose that word from their vocabulary. I enjoyed Victor all week long until he opened the door to Chloe and then opened his mouth, spewing vile words at her. She didn't deserve that and I wanted to slug him. I’ve had enough and so has Chloe. Why she hasn’t slapped him across his arrogant face is beyond me. Instead, she goes crying into Daniel’s arms. Not Lucas’. Of course Kate had to see that and we’ll expect a tirade from her, before she starts up a new vendetta against the duo. I’m ready for the truth to come out!

My silly thoughts about wanting Caroline and Victor together were crushed this week! I knew it wouldn’t happen, but Wednesday’s show really put me in my place. Caroline wants nothing to do with Victor and Sami sure got an earful when Caroline admitted she sometimes wishes she’d never told Bo the truth that Victor was his father.

The Good Wife:
Nicole certainly knows how to stand up for her man. I’ll give her that. Though I found her uncaring and unfeeling more than ever, I was impressed with her Mafia Princess outlook on what EJ has done to Stephanie. I can hardly blame mentally ill Owen for all of what’s transgressing at the morgue, can I? (EJ is the one who hired him.) He’s just not that smart, seemingly. Or maybe his attraction to Stephanie messes with his duty and he’s really not as dumb as I think he is. After all, he locked Brady and Melanie up in the Kiriakis crypt. Pretty good idea. Anyway, back to Nicole. Nicole pissed me off when she told Mia, "You’re dumber than I thought," because it’s not true and just because Mia likes Sami doesn’t make her dumb! Nicole’s going to have to keep her yap shut or Mia, who suddenly became assertive, will turn on her. (Go Mia!)

Melanie was about to walk out on Philly at the manse, for accusing her of kidnapping Stephanie, but her determination and stubbornness won out and she forced Philly to let her help him find Stephanie. If it wasn’t for her smart thinking, who knows what would have happened. Do you think that after Melanie and Brady get out of the crypt, she’ll turn over a new leaf? Do you want her to or do you like her a little naughty? I like naughty! Bad girls are fun!

Poor Stephanie. As if she hasn’t gone through enough with Ford raping her and watching Philip getting shot, now she’s got to go through this. If she doesn’t end up going a little nuts or something, I’ll be surprised. One wonders how this will affect her relationship with Philly… Though he is doing all he can to save her, will it be enough? If it were me, I’d have to let him go to save my own life, but then I'm not a fan of a drama-filled life!

Just a few last thoughts about the morgue scenes: Wouldn't Walter have seen Philip breathing through the body bag?
Who is Owen's brother? Does it matter, considering Owen's not long for Salem?
Did you notice how completely uptight Water was when he was alone? Talk about overdone. Is he overworked? Do I care? (No, I don't. Give me my vets, please.)

Safe et al:
Sami can’t believe there is such a phenomenon as jumping fish last week and this week she can’t get over the fact that Will needed ten bucks to get coffee at Java. Yet… she goes there all the time. Boy, she’s really been dumbed down. I could see that with an older mum not being ‘hip’ or not visiting a café to find out how much a cup of java costs, possibly, but she’s young and visits Java Café all the time. So not my Sami. I detested the way Sami and Rafe teased Will this week about his friendship with Mia. I cringed so...That was spot on but horrible. Parents – please don’t do this to your kids! It's super annoying. I had flashbacks of this happening to me. Speaking of Will, he and Mia almost kissed this week, which was sweet, though I really want to see it take a lot longer for them to kiss. I enjoyed all of their scenes and would like to be treated to an old fashioned relationship for once on a soap! There’s no rush, though if this was reality, I'm sure they’d have already done all sorts of naughty deeds.

Arianna. Like her? Dislike her? Though I still want to see her and Brady get together, I am annoyed by her super overprotective vibe. Rafe’s a big boy, so I can only deduce that there’s something huge he’s hiding. Arianna alluded to it twice this week, to a past life that she didn’t want him repeating. Since everybody and her sister has blown this one spoiler in every thread imaginable, (Please note that we don't actually allow spoilers in non-spoiler threads!) I don't feel bad about discussing it! Next week, Arianna blames Sami for Rafe giving up his dream to be an FBI agent. (Yeah, like he was so good at it. If you forget how good, re-read my recaps.) So anyway, Arianna, when she does blame Sami will be placing the blame on the wrong person. There is no blame. People change jobs and careers all the time. What if she's wrong? I mean what if he's still an FBI agent? Besides, Sami doesn't hold the power to ruin Rafe's life. He makes his own decisions. Sami was disappointed that Rafe wasn’t going to be working with her father this week and seemed troubled that the ex-FBI agent will be working in construction. (Does that mean we’ll be treated to seeing some bare skin from Rafe this summer, or is he really just working on something confidential for the FBI? I really don’t know yet, but I’d prefer the latter. We need a new storyline.) This week these two bored me to tears. Sorry my lovely Safe fans! I wish that there was more excitement with them but they simply didn't do much for me this week with all of these constant baby discussions. I'd love to see them on more dates, rather than what we've been seeing lately. Rafe is doing nothing for me lately. I'd like to find out more about his past and where Arianna fits in to the Orphanage story. Now that we can see Rafe's hiding something, I am finding myself mistrusting him. Construction? Hrm... A teaser for next week: Sami tells Rafe she has everything she wants and has never been so happy. Yeah. Wait for the other shoe to drop my friend! In soapland, that isn't good.

Wardrobe malfunction:

Caroline’s outfit Wednesday… *shaking my head* Look at the photo. I know they can make her look much cuter than this. I've seen it. (What is that, a Christmas print that Will bought her two Christmases ago?)

Sami’s maternity wear: The girl is truly almost svelte by now, so I’d love to see her wearing more appealing frocks.

Looking back this week, I did enjoy the show, but I can't help but feel something is missing. That 'something' is the vets such as Marlena and John, Steve and Kayla, (I mean, their kid was just kidnapped!) and though they're still on the show, albeit seemingly in recurring roles, Bo and Hope. (As they once were.) With these vets in these storylines, I'd have cared a lot more about what happened and would have genuinely been interested much more than I was. Substitutions just don't always cut it.

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on the show this week and I'd love to know what your plans are this weekend! I'm all about family this weekend so have big plans to spend time with my family.

- Christine Fix