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Philly & EJ sporting the Mafia 'do'.

Papa can you hear me?

These are the "Days" of my week for May 18-22:

Again, the show has a different feel to it this week, again, similar to Passions. There has been some show repetition, so my blog will be shorter. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said last week! These are a few of the things that have stood out for me this week. Maybe you’ve got a few different thoughts about the show and will share your interpretation of what happened this past week!


Even though the whole notion of falling for a jerk is well used in soaps, and annoys me from time to time, I did like the chemistry between Brady and Arianna, upon their first meeting - even though he was a jerk! If it were me, I’d have turned around, walked away and never looked back, but I require much more from men than most soap wenches, apparently! After Brady and Arianna moved on from the first meeting, I found I enjoyed their scenes and the chemistry was nice. It felt as if they’d been friends for a while.

Some people have posted on the message boards that they’d like to see Lindsay Hartley take over the Arianna character, because of her connection to Rafe (ex-Luis), on Passions. I like Lindsay a lot but think Felisha Terrell is doing a fine job playing Arianna and can’t see why they’d change the actress. I don’t want this show turned into Passions, for many, many reasons.


Though she hasn’t been shown much, we were treated to another bit of growth with her character, when she decided not to sell Stephanie’s earring for cash! Because it wouldn’t have been worth it to have her take it to a pawn shop, (That would require a whole new set and casting of a pawn shop owner!) but the online deal worked fine, for what it was. I got the gist of what the show wanted me to see. I doubt Melanie would have gotten a cent for one earring, but maybe I’m wrong. I suppose they could melt it down, considering it was gold, but still. She gave her blessing for Brady to move on with Arianna, which surprised me. Melanie doesn’t really take to... well, anyone! It was good to see her give Brady the thumbs up and to admit she too needs to move on from Philip, just as it’s good for Brady to move on from Nicole. Melanie’s free for a real relationship, just in time for newcomer, Nathan Horton’s appearance in Salem! (Interview on the way!)


Mia came clean to Brady, telling him she’s not a drug addict and wasn’t in rehab, but she didn’t fess up to Will. She likes him a lot and at her age, she feels he wouldn’t want to be around her if he knew the truth. I can understand that, though I’m pretty sure Will wouldn’t mind at all. I’m sure it’ll come out at some point. I’m betting that Will is going to be the one to figure out who Grace really is.

Safe sex:

Please say they used protection! I can’t take another pregnancy! I noticed a complete difference in how Sami looked at Rafe, May 19 as opposed to the episodes previous to May 19. I hope I’m not the only one who noticed this. When she opened the door to him bringing her flowers, on the May 19 episode, there was a brightness to her eyes that I hadn’t seen previously. To me, it seemed forced. I’ve never seen this before or felt that things were forced with these two before, but that moment was gone when time for their romp came. They had sex, but not before Sami whined and blathered on a little. There were no more major interruptions, which was lovely, and if you watch it on mute, it’s all very touching, romantic and sweet. If you unmute, you’ll hear Sami cry and talk, which put me off a little. I’m still not quite sold on them. Rafe, wants to adopt Grace? Weird. Weird, freaking weird. I don’t care that they’ve known each other for 9 months or how well they "think" they know each other. Sami is a cop’s daughter and let’s hope she does a background check on Mr. FBI, before she decides to hand over her child. I mean, he wasn’t even a very good FBI agent. I have a very bad feeling about this and started to wonder all sorts of crazy things like, is he really working for the DiMera’s? Did you guys feel this too, or am I paranoid? (That’s not a spoiler or tease.)

You give henchmen a bad name:

Owen, Owen, Owen. I polled you all about Owen this week - your thoughts of Owen. Most of you think it's too soon to give your thoughts on him, while 9% want Stephanie to be with him! Her kidnapper. Shocking!

I was going to say that Philip’s goons are worse than EJ’s. At least Marco sticks by Nicole, I was going to say, but throughout the week, we saw how Owen was able to capture Stephanie with the greatest of ease – in the Kiriakis’ back yard, and Owen is not even very bright (rather Bart-like). He’s totally taken by Stephanie’s beauty and his confessing this makes him vulnerable to her. She’ll use those feelings to try to get him to free her. I do like the reluctant thug, Owen, I mean, he’s easy on the eyes and his muscular arms are delicious, but he’s getting creepier by the day! I’ve no issue suspending disbelief on the morgue issues. Sure, it’s cold there, the body drawers are cold, and there is no indication of this in the story. I rolled my eyes at this a little, but still enjoy the story and where it’s headed.

We caught a glimpse of Owen’s father, Walter, who we assume owns the funeral home. That’s all it was.


I almost didn’t recognize Nicole, without the look of panic on her face, and fear of those pesky thoughts that EJ would find out about the baby switch. Did you notice that the dynamic changed a little this week, now that we’re not hearing about the baby switch every waking moment? I love that. EJ and Nicole really do appear to be made for each other this week, what with him coming clean with her about the kidnapping and her standing by her man. Now that we’ve got Nicole off the baby switch topic, I’d love to see Sami and Rafe discuss something other than Grace and the secret and yes, even Grace’s adoption. Baby storylines bore me to tears.

I may have to start counting how many times EJ talks to Stefano’s portrait. (Nobody in real life does this and it’s really stupid.) Why can’t he just have a drink and think to himself, quietly, or talk to a real person, such as Nicole? (I ask myself this knowing full well that I’m watching a soap.)

The Feud:

I’d love to see more Victor and Stefano scenes. They’ve a great chemistry. It’s interesting that Brady keeps running to Bo when he hears something’s up at the Kiriakis compound. Even though Brady’s running Titan, all by his lonesome, I wondered if he should be in Salem PD. Not that they need another cop. They don’t even show the ones they’ve got. Just where is Roman and where is Hope? Where is Abe and Lexi? I digress. The feud: Philip touched on Victor’s feelings for Caroline and noticed, as we all did, that the evening of Philly’s engagement to Steph, Victor was all over Caroline. I can’t see the show revisiting this, because Victor has not changed, but it was really nice to see their scenes and I still would like to see them together. I know… it’s silly. Stephanie is doing well, considering being locked up in a freaking body drawer with creepy Owen. I give her a lot of credit and like this stronger side of her. The families have decided to swap Stefano for Stephanie, but Stefano’s half dead from lack of insulin and Owen has told EJ there is a change in plans! He’s saving Steph for himself! Wait until EJ and Philly meet next week to do the exchange, and Philly discovers Stephanie’s not with EJ. (Ballistic?)

The last thing that caught my eye this week was Philip’s hair. He and EJ seem to be sporting that same greasy do. See the photo! That’s pretty much everything that meant anything to me this week on the show. I’d love to hear what caught your eye or what you liked or disliked about the week of DOOL. If you didn't catch my interviews with Rachel Melvin, Darin Brooks and Blake Berris regarding their Emmy nominations, click there to read!

Have a fantastic weekend. If you’re a northerner, like me, you’ll be planting flowers and opening your pool. That’s what I’ll be doing. That, and buying shoes! Catch me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll chat you up next week.

- Christine Fix