DOOL's Darin Brooks Emmy Reaction Interview! image

Brooks (Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

Darin Brooks chatted up with his reaction to his Daytime Emmy nod today, and after congratulating him, he thanked us and said, "Well we'll see what happens! I'm just super stoked for the whole show! Hell, 13 nominations this year total!!!" When asked for his thoughts on the other nominees, Brooks excitedly gave everyone a shout out. "Way to go everybody who works on Days - from the cast to the crew to everybody [else], way to go! And I'm proud to say I'm on Days of Our Lives! And good luck to everybody!" Darin says he found out he was nominated while on his way to Nashville, at Burbank airport! He received a text message from Stephanie Sloan from Soap Opera Digest. "And I just had to call her and said "Are you messin' with me?" (laughs) "But it was just great! I submitted some of my scenes with Max's father (played by the amazing and talented Roscoe Borne) and I guess we'll see if it's good enough to win!" We recall those very powerful scenes and thought they were some of his most powerful work as well! No wonder he got a nod! He sent out congratulations to Blake Berris who is up against Darin in the same category, and gracefully says, "He had some really good stuff this year so I also wish him the best of luck and if I don't take it home, I hope he does! Way to go brother!"

We wish both nominees all the best and will be on hand to congratulate one of the two on the big night! To read what Blake Berris' reaction was, Read on, here. To hear Rachel Melvin's reaction, read here!

- Christine Fix