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These are the "DAYS" of my week for April 20-24:

I’m changing format this week just to point out what interested me or what I wanted to rant about.

This week focused mostly on the wedding and the shooting. Though the show was fast paced and the twists were good, I was a little tired of seeing the same faces. I found myself wanting to see another set of characters which in turn, made me miss a few old characters. I know balance isn’t easy when there are a few writers writing the script. This week seemed to really get it together though, in other areas and I give credit where credit is due. I was shocked that EJ and Nicole actually married. (Some things are even kept from the reporters!) All those interruptions drove me mad and we went deep into the DiMera family, who are coming out more these days like they are from Port Charles, where the Mafia storylines usually come from! Though I’m not sure how I feel about the change to the family, I can’t help thinking it would be neat if there was a cross over storyline with General Hospital. I suppose I’m more used to Stefano brainwashing, rather than all out putting a hit on somebody! I’m curious about your thoughts on this change to the family.

I still want to see Daniel and Chloe and Rafe’s characters given more attention and I’d like to see the vets much more often. Bo and Hope weren’t seen at all this week. It’s difficult to stay invested in them when you rarely see them. It was nice to see Roman for a scene with Sami, and I do like the blood feud.

I read a Soap Opera Digest interview with Steve Nichols and Mary Beth Evans (Steve and Kayla) that was very telling. A few quotes:

SOD mentioned that there was no official exit scene for Stayla. (Most can agree that it was disrespectful to the characters and fans.)

Steve Nichols says, "...that is indicative of a writer who really does not want to write anything for you and a "cut-and-run" attitude that prevails. When they decide they are done with you, they don't bother to give the characters the respect of resolving story. Early on, a producer told Mary Beth and me that there would be no more second takes for acting. One day, I stood in the booth soon after that and watched two actors in a highly emotional scene do five takes because the producer thought he saw a boom shadow, which no one could identify. Five takes for a phantom boom shadow! If the acting had been off, they would have moved on. Another actor reported that this same producer had told him that he did not care so much about the acting and that the audience would understand enough about the story by simply hearing the words. Can you imagine? Yet the crew and any actor who cared about what they were doing felt a renewed energy and expressed that to us both. It turned out to be an uphill battle all the way."

Can you believe that? I care about the acting! We all care about the acting. If the acting isn’t good, people aren’t going to invest in an hour of their time, daily, to watch. I’ve issues with any soap actors who can’t emote. It hinders the believability in the scenes.

This week, I was surprised, as I said that the wedding happened. I was also surprised that Chloe was at the wedding alone. Lucas was working and I don’t recall seeing Abe in the church. Did I miss him or was I simply too busy writing, to notice? I suppose budget cuts play a part in who we’ll see in certain scenes. For this wedding, it worked. It would have been hypocritical for anyone else to show up at this ridiculous farce of a wedding! It was silly that Chloe couldn’t get a hold of Lucas to tell him Philly was shot, though. Everyone has cell phones. Did Lucas turn his off?

Chloe rushed into the hospital, after hearing that Philly was shot and I found her very wooden. I suppose she was in shock, but I didn’t feel it coming from her. She seemed blank. Stephanie, however, cried her freaking eyes out and I was touched. This is the first time I really felt how much she loved Philly, and it was a good thing, because the flashbacks with her and Philly in them did nothing for me. They’re a new couple with limited amounts of chemistry that hasn’t made it easy for me to get invested in.

I have an issue with the dialogue! The dialogue writers write the same dialogue, week after week and it’s very annoying to fans, who dedicate five hours a week to this show. At the hospital, Stephanie and Kate’s lines were verbatim from previous scenes. Stephanie cries, "I love you, Philip. Just come back to me, please!" How many times did she say those exact words last week? Give her something else to say, let her adlib. Something. Kate’s lines this week to Stefano were verbatim of what she said to Victor a few weeks ago when she told him she despised him and that he was out of her life. That’s just sheer laziness. So are we to assume that she’s not going to date Stefano or marry him? *grin* Just asking! Give her a week.
I miss the old Sami and long for some fun scenes between her and Rafe, if they can ever stop arguing for two minutes to actually enjoy each other. Don’t you guys think that Sami has feelings for both EJ and Rafe? Knowing how she finds it difficult to admit feelings, even to herself, I feel this is the case. She cares for both men. Why else would she have to tell him about Grace on his wedding day? It shouldn’t matter what day she tells him. She’s too good for the DiMera’s, anyway. She actually cared about how Philip was, after learning he was shot. Did you notice that Sami called the hospital, pretending to be Cassie, his sister? What a surprise that was that she used one of the Gemini Twins names! I did like me some Rex (Eric Winters)…

Ejole wedding:
Poor pathetic Nicole, marrying into the evil family of DiMeras, claiming she’s in love with EJ. She doesn’t know love and has no idea what she's getting herself into. I’m thinking that even Brady, who is in love with her, won’t stick around after he finds out that she swapped his own sister, Sami’s baby for Grace! Wait for Monday for Brady to get a backbone, where EJ’s concerned!

Be careful of what you wish for. I wanted EJ to be evil again, but now that he is, I find myself missing those special moments in the past that he shared with Nicole and with Sami, when he was in between being good and evil! Even EJole’s romantic scenes sicken me. He’s such a pig. EJ told Nicole that she knew when they met and when she begged him to marry her that this was the kind of lifestyle he had – the Mafioso lifestyle, but he didn’t have that lifestyle, then. Unless they just rewrote history. Nicole may be a lot of things, but she’s not anything like EJ, and I’m wondering how long it’ll take her to get away from him. Stefano was right. EJ finds it very hard to say no to Samanther and it showed when he actually let her interrupt his wedding.

Damn that Eric Martsolf (Brady) and his divine body. I didn’t snap ONE good photo of his half nude bod to post for you, during his scenes with new pal, Melanie. I was writing and yeah, staring too much to actually wake up and snap a photo. Did you see him flex, as he pulled on his shirt? At least, I think that’s what he was doing. The hospital scenes also gave us a hint that we may see Melanie and Stephanie become a little closer – possibly- in the coming weeks. After all, Melanie didn’t have to comfort Stephanie at the hospital, but she did so, unselfishly. Once Max and Chelsea are gone, Steph won’t have a pal and since Melanie’s girlfriends are back in Europe, it would make sense for them to let bygones be bygones.

Stefano took ill this week, thinking Victor had poisoned him, but is that what’s really going on? You’ll have to wait until Monday to find out, unless you have no patience and want to read my spoilers, instead!

I have to spoil something that happens Monday:
After watching Friday and Monday’s show, I started to like Dr. Baker a little. He wasn’t such a scumbag to me. He may be a baby broker, and still scummy, but unlike Nicole, he at least tried to put Mia’s concerns to rest, when she admitted to feeling like a bad person and bad parent when she held Sydney and felt no connection to her. Sure, he doesn’t want her to spill the truth about his part in this, so he’s not totally unselfish, but he didn’t need to be so kind to her, and he was. I thought it was a nice touch for this character, who was one-dimensional.

Those are just a few of my thoughts from this week. Please share yours! Agree, disagree, it’s all in fun! Speaking of fun, I’m heading into an incredible weekend filled with fun, romance and relaxation! I hope the same goes for all of you!

- Christine Fix