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Salem Shenanigans from August 18 - 22:

This week “Days” was brought to you by the words b****, and s***. There were no good lines, really, just profanity. Many viewers have been complaining of the lack of excitement. Even with Kristen’s return and Will’s backstabbing article, it still feels like something is missing.

Salem’s superhero.
It’s wonderful, of course, that Daniel brought Kristen back to Salem so that she could face the music, but is this all he’s going to do? Ride in on his white horse and save Salem every few months? His perfection is getting old and I want to see some flaws again. Even Marlena has imperfections now.

Not so scandalous?
The article that has been talked up for a few weeks finally came out. All that build up and it didn’t quite live up to our expectations. The writing or otherwise. NancyNLV, one of our posters, pontificated on this line in the article: “because my mother raised me to be truthful and direct...”

“To be truthful Will you must tell the truth, tell the good people of Salem that you tried to kill someone and had your father go to jail for you. Now that would be truthful. Also tell them how your mother did everything she could to save your neck and so did EJ.”

Really good point, Nancy. Will seems to forget he’s not above reproach. Last week in Deconstructing "DOOL" I said Sami's right. Will really is going to regret this. Even EJ had to remind him of Lucas and Sami’s sacrifice for his protection. That he wrote the article in order to teach Sami a lesson doesn’t bode well for his parenting tactics with Arianna. People don’t learn by humiliation, they only change when they want to. Will should give up and get used to his mother. It’s not as though this behaviour of hers is any surprise or any different from what she has done her whole life! Dude needs to understand that playing with fire will get you burned. Even EJ was disgusted with him. It’s pretty bad when even EJ DiMera of all people calls you a snake. Do you feel bad for Will? Vote in this week's "DOOL" poll.

What’s with EJ’s need to ensure Abigail looks innocent? It’s grating and this story’s getting a little old, too. We need to move on.

Green-eyed monster.
Aiden did what any sophomoric girl would do in his situation. He attempted to make the girl jealous by dating her friend. Or in this case, Hope’s cousin Jenn. It seemed to work and sparked a bit of jealousy in Hope. It also allowed the detective and the lawyer to open up about their feelings for each other, sort of, but it didn’t fit with their usual adult banter. Hopefully this isn’t a taste at the type of writing for them to come.

The big confrontation.
In the spoilers for Monday we read, “Nicole finally gets her chance to confront Kristen.” We all thought there’d be a great cat fight but it was so tame and Nicole especially was almost nice, to Krissy. Where’s the Nicole who can give as good as she gets? What a letdown. I don't even want to touch base on what Eric's been up to with one exception. Who took the photo Eric was gazing at of him and Nicole kissing in bed? Creepy.

Case closed.
It’s almost as if the writers heard that fans didn’t much care for Eve and Jennifer’s lawsuit storyline and abruptly – and rather prematurely – ended it. I’m not complaining! But unfortunately, this means Eve’s focus will now be on breaking perfect Paige and “evil” JJ up. We just got over all the propping of Dannifer. Hopefully we’re not moving into similar territory with the writing of Jaige... PJ. According to the demographics, there aren’t many 18 year olds who watch soaps, nor are there that many viewers who even enjoy the storylines for the younger crew, so this will be a tough sell.

At least Rory was there to provide a little comical relief. It’s nice to see someone in Salem who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. He thinks every girl who walks by is hot, even horrid Mary Beth.

Anne & Jenn.
Anne got to gloat over Abigail's folly and rub it not only in Dan's nose but in Jenn's. This is the head of HR. It's so bad it's good. Anne's air violin playing and humming made the scene.

She skated?
Kristen’s return week three and the story is still lacking in excitement. We couldn’t have boiled water for an egg in the time it took the judge to listen to Eric’s case. It was all so fast. Kristen didn’t refute Eric’s claims against her and she pled not guilty to a variety of charges. Then daddy paid off the judge and five seconds later she’s standing in front of Brady. Who thinks Kristen will actually go to jail for her crimes?!

Best lines of the week:

Theresa, "If you and JJ ever get arrested or you're broke down in Tijuana, call me."

Jennifer’s use of the word ‘today’: "This deal has an expiration date. It's today. So you need to go over this document with your lawyer today and sign it today, so we can put this behind us, today. Or we're going to court."

Will, "You've been doing this knife dance for so long that you think it's normal. Apparently you think it's love. You deserve each other."

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- Christine Fix