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Bad brothers and sisters.

With family members like these, who needs enemies? Salem siblings can sometimes be a blessing, like Jordan and Ben who have spent years looking out for each other. But many times they are a curse, bringing a whole new level of animosity to brother and sister rivalry with spouse stealing, blackmailing and even identity theft taking the place of civil family gatherings and heartfelt chitchats.

From Sami and Carrie’s long-lasting history of backstabbing to Eric and Brady’s easily slotted good step-brother, bad step-brother roles, siblings who are at odds with each other can make for some of the most gut-wrenching, yet totally entertaining scenes on "Days of our Lives."

So of all the contentious siblings who have battled it out for everything from their parents' preference to potential partners over the years in Salem, who was your favorite pair? Vote in's "Days" poll, then let us know in the comments about any surly sibs we left out.

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- Hollie Deese