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Murder he wrote?

In this week's Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1996 when "Days of our Lives'" John Black was being tried for the murder of Tony DiMera...

Kristen DiMera is currently on trial in Salem, but back then John Black faced the death sentence in Aremid for allegedly murdering Tony DiMera. Stefano, who was in love with Marlena at the time, saw John's trial as the perfect way to get rid of him, since he regarded him as the only obstacle to a future with Marlena.

During the trial, Peter Blake put Kristen on the stand and she testified that she believed John had killed her husband Tony. Stefano blackmailed the judge and as a result, John was given the death sentence. He was ordered to die in the gas chamber.

On the night of John's execution, Jack Deveraux acquired a journal that exonerated John just in time to save him, as the gas had already started rising in the chamber. Do you remember what it said in the journal? Vote in our "Days" poll:

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- Candace Young