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Salem Shenanigans from August 11 - 15:

This week the show was all about threats and foreshadowing. Nicole threatened to kill Sami, the stage was set for Kristen to ruin EJ, and EJ warned Kate that she and Sami are prime targets for one of Stefano's hitmen.

Will-style revenge?
It doesn’t really fit that Will would write this article about the private goings on in his mother’s life over one argument. Albeit it was a big one but in general, they’ve a good solid relationship and Will’s never been written anything like Sami. In last week's Deconstructing "DOOL" I said, What Will’s doing is deplorable and unforgiveable yet...very intriguing. Sure Will explained he was trying to teach Sami a lesson but it also could be that the writers are transitioning Will into a bad boy. Many have always thought he should be naughty considering his upbringing. This could be fun if that's the road they're going with this story.

It was a surprise that Zoe Browning went to Sami with Will’s tell-all. At first it looked as though it wouldn't go to print considering how powerful Sami is now. As we saw, the only change now is that Abigail's going to be named. Sami's right. Will really is going to regret this. Her reaction to Will writing that article was surprising. From the spoilers it appeared as though she would raise hell but she was more subdued and hurt than anything. Great writing.

Nosy old hag.
Theresa called her sister a nosy old hag and moments later the same name could have applied to Adrienne who showed up on Alice Horton’s doorstep just to butt into JJ’s relationship with Paige. So random. She mustn’t have much to do now that the kids are adults and she doesn’t work. What do they say about idle hands? At least she apologized to Abigail for butting into whatever was going on between Abby and EJ in the early stages of their relationship. It might be a good thing she doesn’t work for TBD or Mandalay as a waitress. She could overhear everyone’s conversations and really go to town!

“I’d make a good beard.” – Jennifer Horton
HRH might make a good beard if she had any gaydar to see that Aiden's straight. Why did Aiden ask her out? Just to make Hope jealous so she’d face her feelings for him? It is nice to have a slow build with Hope and Aiden but I’m starting to want this story to go just a little faster.

Dan ‘n’ Jenn.
It’s good to see the writers showing the viewers how difficult it can be for a couple to stay away once they’ve broken up, especially when life-threatening situations crop up. I’m finding it easier to feel for Jenn who it’s easy to see really misses Daniel.

Kristen’s return.
It’s great to have Kristen return. Love her or hate her, she livens things up in Salem, though this time there were many grumbles from folks finding the return boring these past two weeks. It wasn’t any fun to watch her recap the events from her last foray on Salem. We didn’t need the recap. We haven’t forgotten what she did or how she feels. Who is buying that she’s returning for no other reason than to “help” her ex? She sure is deluded about Brady’s feelings for her, not that it’s a surprise. He’s her new John. Luckily things perked up once she returned to the Salem Police Department, especially since all the players in her storyline were there for different issues.

Marlena was spot on to tell Brady not to let Kristen draw him into her world again. It’s best if he doesn’t acknowledge her presence in town. Uh...have you noticed Brady’s doing just peachy for someone who a moment ago was addicted to booze and coke...

Vote to weigh in with your thoughts on Kristen's return to Salem.

Clandestine meetings.
Clyde sidled up to Jeremiah again in a private spot and though not much was said, it’s becoming more apparent that the yokels are drug runners and fixin’ to start sellin’ in a new territory - Salem. This is coinciding with EJ getting himself back into the underbelly of Salem’s drug world because he’s penniless. Since Theresa, Rory, and Bev are into drugs will EJ or Clyde get them caught up in this? Is Clyde going to offer one to Abigail? What about Kate? Now that Clyde has the material for blackmail it could be interesting to see what comes next.

Abigail met Clyde for two whole minutes and Ben has known him most of his life, yet she's already telling Ben how to feel and what to do about Clyde. Not good. She should stay out of it!

Speaking of Abigail... "Days" just cast Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera. We’ll miss Casey Deidrick’s portrayal but with EJ and Kristen leaving and Stefano never around, we do need a DiMera presence on the show.

Rafe's apologies.
Jordan continued to look constipated all week because she's confused about what to do in an adult relationship. Rafe continued apologizing for cheating but he's right. Words only mean so much. She needs time alone to think. She should also consider hiring a PI to figure out why her father's in town while she's at it.

Best lines of the week:

Sami, "Yeah, but that was before you took a ride on Abby Deveraux."

Rafe, "Kristen DiMera behind bars? That's two DiMeras in one month. It's like Christmas in August."

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- Christine Fix